Best Items to Dropship on eBay for High Profit & How to Find (2023 Guide)
Whether you want to start a side hustle from home or be a full-time jobber, finding the best items to dropship on eBay can be a game changer. As long as you understand the product sourcing techniques, it’s a breeze to find items to sell on eBay when dropshipping on eBay. Wholesaling high-profit products from suppliers is the common way that most eBay dropship sellers could adopt at the beginning. Indeed, when it comes to how to find items to dropship on eBay, there are still other methods available. Equally significant is to spot the right trending dropshipping product in high demand for maximum revenue. For that, product research is the shortcut to success. On this page, we’ll show you how to find the winning products in eBay dropshipping niches. If you feel a bit behind on the trends of eBay dropshipping products, fret not! This page will also take you through a comprehensive list of good things to dropship on eBay, along with where to get them to your eBay dropshipping store. best items to dropship on ebay

How to find items to dropship on eBay?

“What are the best products to sell on eBay” is usually the first question asked by eBay dropshipping store owners. In fact, trends come and go. There’s no standard answer of what are the best items to dropship on eBay. Therefore, it’s more vital to identify the trending dropshipping product. And the way to that is to spend time conducting product research.

As reported, it’s bad judgment to make your own guesses at what are the best things to dropship on eBay. It’s hard to spot potentially profitable products and target a specific group of customers. There’s where product research comes into play. Here are the benefits:

  • Simple to find the best dropshipping products in huge demand
  • Understand target audience needs and pain points
  • Easy & fast to start selling on eBay for a profit
  • Good for branding products in the long run

To find good things to dropship on eBay, here are four product research tactics you need :

1. Find top selling items to dropship on eBay from suppliers

eBay approved dropshipping suppliers are the first route to find lucrative product ideas. A completely free product research platform, EPROLO, is a good place to start finding trending products for eBay dropshipping. It sources hot-selling products from eBay certified wholesale suppliers and sells them at affordable prices.

Here’s how to find top-selling products for eBay drop shipping in EPROLO. First of all, sign up EPROLO for free. Once logged in, click on Find Products tab from the left-hand sidebar. On the right, you can see a list of dropshipping items hand-picked by professional product sourcing experts. Furthermore, you can also use the drop-down menu behind Top 100 Dropship Products from to explore profitable eBay niches you need.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

You can also check EPROLO’s list of new products that are updated weekly.

2. Search the best category from eBay Export

eBay knows sellers’ pains to decide what to sell on eBay online store for a profit. To ease sellers’ workload, it has recorded the best-selling products on eBay based on the purchase rate for various items in eBay Export. Plus, eBay is continuously updating the list, giving you product ideas that are skyrocketing in trends currently.

good things to dropship on ebay

You can pick one of the best trending dropshipping product categories for eBay here. Good eBay dropshipping niches include Automotives, Clothing & Accessories, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Watches, and so on.

3. Get the best things to dropship on eBay from competitors

Another best place to look for inspiration of what to sell on eBay dropship is your competitors. If you’ve identified your rivals, go to their online stores and walk through the most trending categories or the list of eBay’s best-selling items. Aside from that, you can also directly go to Choose dropshipping niche you’re into. Then, select a subcategory you’re interested in and go through the product saying that it’s sold multiple times.

best items to dropship on ebay

When you find the best dropshipping products to start selling on eBay, go to EPROLO platform to source the products. It’s built with an effective eBay drop shipping Once found the items, EPROLO allows you to directly connect your online store and upload products to there for sales.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

4. Find trending products from other eCommerce marketplaces

It’s also wise to get eBay dropshipping product ideas from other popular eCommerce marketplaces. For instance, Amazon Best Sellers section displays the most trending products. You can switch varied subcategories and choose the products that achieve high ratings and good seller reputations.

good things to dropship on ebay

AliExpress Popular also lists tons of hot-selling categories, which gives you access to find winning products for dropshipping. Additionally, you can discover hot things to dropship on eBay from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

What are the best items to dropship on eBay?

Start selling products that are in great demand can help you earn a considerable sum of money via your eBay drop shipping business. To save your efforts on research, we’ve also made a thorough research of eBay profitable products. Then, we wrap up the findings and distill them down to a list. This results of what are the best products to sell on eBay dropshipping can be subdivided into five types:

  • Evergreen eBay dropshipping products
  • Easy stuff to sell on eBay (for beginners)
  • Most searched items on eBay
  • High ticket items to sell on eBay for high profit
  • Best items to sell fast on eBay dropship

The list contains both medium-priced and high-ticket eBay niches and products. Best items to sell on eBay dropship for beginner sellers are also covered. Therefore, it’s advised to go through all these eBay dropshipping best-selling products till the end.

Additionally, don’t feel that you have to go with only one or two hot eBay dropshipping items here. It’s best to record all the product ideas you render that can attract potential customers to buy and generate a profit on an Excel tablet. Just be sure to choose what to sell on eBay dropship for a profit that best fits your online eBay store. Now, let’s explore the list.

1. Evergreen eBay dropshipping products

Speaking of good things to dropship on eBay, evergreen products are always ideal choices. Products that can be seen as evergreen stuff are items always in demand and unaffected by seasons and other external changes. Such products are good for dropshipping on eBay thanks to that they can promise stable and predictable sales throughout a whole year.

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise with online stores, finding evergreen products is always a good product research strategy for stable revenue.

Here are the top picks of products that sell all year round in your eBay dropshipping store.

Video Game Consoles

Statistics show that the revenue of the game industry has reached $44 billion and counting. The video game consoles, like PlayStation and Xbox, are the most successful niche among other products. One key reason for the skyrocketing sales is that video game consoles are evergreen products. Gamers always stay passionate about new releases and there are always new gamers enter into the market.

best items to dropship on ebay

Fitness Tools

Another drop shipping category that is in huge demand and brings everlasting profits is fitness. Last year, the market size of the fitness industry in the United States amounted to over $33 billion. Besides, most fitness tools are medium-priced, so you don’t have to invest a lot to get started.

Let’s look at some best items to dropship on eBay:

  • Jump Rope
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mats
  • Dumbbell clip

how to find items to dropship on ebay

Pet Toys

In recent years, pet supply is one of the industries with the highest growth rate. A majority of pet owners are willing to spend a lot of money buying things for their pets. And pet toys are the most popular items. Various pet niche ideas are available, including eBay dropship products for dogs, cats, birds, and so on.

good things to dropship on ebay

Music Headband

Next on the list of evergreen products for dropshipping on eBay is the music headband. Such products are not only in high demand for sports lovers but also attractive to workers who want to listen to music and podcast when working out.

best items to dropship on ebay

LED Desk Lamp

A LED desk lamp is a must for everyone to improve productivity in working, studying, and reading. For that, it’s good enough to be considered as a winning product to sell on eBay for a profit.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

2. Easy stuff to sell on eBay

For dropshipping beginners, it’s recommended to sell products that are easy to sell. In other words, you need to find products that are frequently used in daily life or other necessities on a regular basis.

Here are some of the easy things to sell online on eBay:


The trend of wearing graphic tees and custom t-shirts still continues. And choosing t-shirts as the winning products for eBay dropshipping eases the trip to build your own apparel brand.

good things to dropship on ebay

Bath Bombs

Thanks to the low costs and lightweight, selling bath bombs can bring a good profit margin in pricing and the opportunity to scale up instantly.

best items to dropship on ebay


Pillows are a super popular pick with eBay shoppers because of the low prices and variable styles. You can also develop a niche market for selling customized pillows

how to find items to dropship on ebay

Art And Prints

Compared to the original works, art prints sell better given that they’re affordable and come in multiple shapes, patterns, and sizes. Plus, with correct marketing techniques, it’s easy to make paintings more sellable and get more earnings.

good things to dropship on ebay

Coffee Machine

Coffee machines are also easy and good things to dropship on eBay. Till now, more than 70 billion units of coffee machines have been sold online all over the world.

best items to dropship on ebay

3. Most searched items on eBay

Most searched items on eBay are the types of products that are in great demand and sell well on eBay. When you find profitable items to dropship on eBay, knowing the top searches will help point you toward opportunities you had not even considered. Furthermore, this way helps you keep up with the fast-changing trends simply at any time.

So, how do you find the winning products that most buyers search for? There are mainly three ways to reach such hot things to sell on eBay. One is to take a look at the list of eBay trending deals. The list is created based on eBay customers’ purchase activities, which vary in different periods. The second way is to use eBay suggestions to figure out good things to dropship on eBay. The third way is to search trending topics on Google Trends.

Some of the most searched items on eBay for dropshipping are:

Phone cases

One of the top-selling categories on eBay is Mobile phones and accessories. Among loads of products in this category, phone cases are in high demand. iPhones and Samsung smartphone models are two big target markets in the Phone case niche. Besides, it’s also profitable to sell print on demand phone cases as they appeal to more buyers who want to develop personalities.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

Handmade jewelry

The popularity and demand for handmade jewelry products show an upward tendency in 2021 and will keep increasing in the future. More and more fashion enthusiasts are longing for well-crafted handmade necklaces, rings, bracelets, and so on. Therefore, you can take Handmade jewelry into account to dropship on eBay for a profit.

good things to dropship on ebay

Skincare and anti-aging products

As reported, over 60% online shoppers are consisted of women. Therefore, it’s no surprise that skincare and anti-aging products are on the list of most searched items on eBay. To embrace the trends, you can meet various needs like health-promoting products, anti-aging products, and other beauty products.

best items to dropship on ebay

Digital Cameras

Recording life and sharing it on social channels is a trending habit for most people nowadays. To ensure high-quality images or videos, a digital camera is a must for that. Gradually, digital cameras have become the hottest consumer items in the online eCommerce market.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

Hair accessories for women

Don’t miss the hair trends when spotting the best items to dropship on eBay. Hair clips are always in fashion regardless of seasons or occasions. For example, the unexpected claw clip hairstyle has turned into the most fashionable trend in TikTok since 2020.

good things to dropship on ebay

4. High ticket items to sell on eBay for high profit

Note: If you’re a beginner on eBay dropshipping and own a tight budget, it’s not suggested to choose high-ticket dropshipping products at the first stage.

Consider moving your eBay dropshipping business to a higher level and getting maximum revenue? Then, selling high ticket products is a good way to go with. On one hand, high-ticket dropshipping comes with bigger profit margins thanks to the flexibility in pricing. On the other hand, choosing high ticket items to sell on eBay brings faster returns.

In a word, the five categories below cover the best-selling items on eBay for high profits:

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry & watches
  • Electronics
  • Home appliances
  • Car accessories

Let’s explore what the specific high profit margin products are in each category.


When it comes to the products that are the most profitable for dropshipping eBay, the Furniture category should be on the list. Furniture products are often high-priced and they’re worth it because they offer buyers a high value.

Some trending furniture items to sell on eBay for high profit are:

  • Adjustable Folding Table

best items to dropship on ebay

  • Waterproof Sofa Cover

how to find items to dropship on ebay

  • Workout Chair

good things to dropship on ebay

Jewelry & watches

Jewelry items and watches are also ideal products to dropship on the eBay platform to achieve a high revenue. When the rich look for jewelry accessories, they’re more willing to pay higher prices for high-value products. Moreover, jewelry products are always lightweight, which greatly reduces the shipping fee.

Some best items to sell on eBay dropship in the Jewelry category are:

  • Rose Gold Women Watch

best items to dropship on ebay

  • Silver Bracelet

how to find items to dropship on ebay

  • Necklaces & EarringsSets

good things to dropship on ebay


One of the best niches dropshipping from eBay that could generate high profits is Electronics. There are multiple subcategories you can dive in to seek high-ticket products to dropship eBay. Smartphones, Laptop & Desktop, Tablets, Headphones, and so on. The winning products for eBay dropshipping in the Electronics category are:
  • Power Bank Charger

best items to dropship on ebay

  • Phone camera Lens Kit

how to find items to dropship on ebay

  • External 10 Port USB Splitter

good things to dropship on ebay

Home appliances

Home appliances are regarded as a profitable niche for any dropshipping store owners on eBay, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms. You can choose varied eBay dropshipping trending products in a sub-niche like kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, and much more. Find products to dropship on eBay in the Home appliances category:
  • Portable Household Dehumidifier

best items to dropship on ebay

  • Handmade Decorative Pillows

how to find items to dropship on ebay

  • Blankets

good things to dropship on ebay

Car accessories

The final eBay high-ticket dropshipping niche is Car accessories. As reported by eBay, there are 3 car parts or accessories are sold per second on eBay. Furthermore, there are a wealth of products you can sell at higher prices on eBay.

Some trendy eBay products in the Car accessories category are:

  • Car Steering Wheel Shift Paddle

best items to dropship on ebay

  • Car Air Purifier

how to find items to dropship on ebay

  • Power Bank Jump Starter for car

good things to dropship on ebay

5. Best items to sell fast on eBay dropship

If you are the one who invests in eBay dropshipping products for quick returns, identifying what things sell fast on eBay is vital. An opportunity to sell your products via eBay dropshipping store for quick cash is to find products around home life, kids, and working. All these items are often regarded as high-demand products, which makes them easy to sell quickly and in large quantities.

In search of inspiration for what items sell fast on eBay, one more way to go is to go to the eBay shopping platform. Pick any subcategory, for example, toys. Then, browse the product list it displays and keep eyes on the products that have been traded numerous times.

best items to dropship on ebay

Now, let’s see what are the fastest-selling items on eBay:

Web Camera

Due to the coronavirus issue, people spend a long time staying at home. This greatly increases the sales of Web Camera, which are still growing now.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

Painting supplies

If your target audience is kids, painting supplies are the most popular items on eBay for dropshipping.

good things to dropship on ebay


Puzzles are also one of the most popular items on eBay that are easy to sell to both adults and kids.

best items to dropship on ebay

VR Headsets

VR headset is one of the best items to dropship on eBay in the tech industry. It has the potential to act as a significant role in learning and working in the future.

how to find items to dropship on ebay

Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are in high favor among consumers on eBay as they are economical and bring much convenience to people’s lives.

good things to dropship on ebay

Where to get good things to dropship on eBay?

Now, you’ve got trending product ideas to sell on the eBay dropship store. However, where and how do you source items to dropship on eBay. Generally, you can make your own products yourselves. If you work from home, a better way is to find profitable items to sell on eBay from wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers, and more.

best items to dropship on ebay

As eBay dropshipping policy claims, dropship sellers need to source items from eBay wholesale and dropshipping suppliers. Without certain experience, it’s difficult to judge a supplier in terms of its reliability and performance. Though, it won’t be a problem if you work with an officially recognized partner for eBay dropshipping. And EPROLO is a top choice. It sources millions of products from trusted wholesale suppliers and offers you free access to pick any profitable product. Moreover, it supplies all eBay sellers with automated integration to connect eBay stores, upload products, and fulfill orders in just a few clicks.

What not to dropship on eBay: prohibited products

Over the years, eBay has set strict rules or regulations on listing products to sell on the marketplace. Some sellers fall victim due to not understanding the rules. To avoid getting banned by eBay, it’s necessary to learn what is not allowed to sell on eBay dropship. It’s the same whether you find the best items to dropship on eBay UK, US, Australia, or other countries.

The reason why the products are not allowed to dropship on eBay can be varied. Some products are prohibited because they are forbidden by law. Some products are restricted due to that they could be unsafe or have questionable legality, which can only be sold on eBay under certain conditions. Plus, eBay won’t empower sellers to sell potentially infringing products.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a short overview of what is illegal to dropship on eBay.

Prohibited products on eBay

  • Lock-picking devices
  • Mailing lists and personal information
  • Medicine and healthcare products policy
  • Offensive material
  • Police-related items
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prohibited services
  • Stolen property

Restricted products on eBay

  • Alcohol
  • Animals and wildlife products
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps
  • Credit cards
  • Football tickets
  • Gaming (slot/fruit) machines
  • Human parts and remains
  • Plants and seeds
  • Postage meters
  • Property
  • Tobacco

Infringing products on eBay

  • Enabling duplication of copy protected material
  • Mod chips, game enhancers, and boot disks
  • Perfume and cosmetics
  • Recordable media
  • Replica, counterfeit and unauthorized copies
  • Software policies

If you plan to list a product but you can’t tell if it’s allowed on eBay, review eBay prohibited item list and check if it belongs to any category there.

You find products to dropship eBay. What’s next?

Till now, this page has given you ideas of how to find items to dropship on eBay and specific hot-selling product examples. Make sure to apply the methods here to keep generating winning product ideas to sell on eBay. Plus, to be well on your way to building a successful dropshipping business on eBay, you’ll need to find a reliable wholesale supplier for eBay. Also, with the development of your business, a time will come when you need to turn your eBay dropshipping products into a brand. At that time, you can team up with a trusted branding company to meet the objective.