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The average dropshipping profit margin is situated between 15% – 20%. Does it make your eyes glow with interest? Believe it or not, quite a few ecommerce business owners earn much more than this. They make it because they find and sell high profit dropship items.

You can be one of the successful sellers. In this article, EPROLO picks out twenty-one high profit margin products to dropship in 2023. You should not miss it when start a dropshipping business model!

high profit margin products

21 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship

To be successful in sales, it’s important to focus on finding profitable products to sell online. Dropshipping store owners can calculate the gross profit by subtracting the product cost from the selling price. The larger the margin, the more profit can be earned. Therefore, it is crucial to find trending products with high profit margins. Here are 21 high profit dropship items to consider selling online (update 2023).

1. Women’s Boutique Clothing

The revenue of women apparel industry is forecast estimated with a growing by 4.81% per year in 2022 – 2026. Making profits of $804,035 million this year, the rising catch dropshipping store owners’ breath. The large earning illustrates that women’s clothing is a high profit margin market. Among those niches of the market, women’s boutique clothing performs remarkably.

If you want to dropship women’s boutique clothing, choose suppliers such as EPROLO and Wholesale Textile. They allow you to find trending products with wholesale prices. It is noteworthy that EPROLO is more than a dropshipping supplier. Its branding services are available for custom clothing, labels and packages. You can build your own brand with the dropshipping platform and get control of pricing your products when selling online.

2. Sports Shoes

As the design gets fashionable, dropshipping sports shoes become a new route to success. Its dropshipping profit margin is not as small as you think. Sometimes even up to 48%. There is a large margin between the online retail price and the cost (including product fee and shipping fee). You can make good profits by working with the shoe wholesalers.

3. Skincare Makeup Products

Though the beauty industry is a platitude, it does not get out of the road of being a huge market. Makeup has been popular for years according to google trends. These days, people pay attention to less harmful products. It’s not surprising that skincare makeup products dominate this high return field. Categories are various. You can do market research on social media and choose dropship products you sell.

4. Coffee

Dropshipping coffee is popular today. You can find many wholesale coffee suppliers for small businesses. Some online sellers explore an approach to winners. They maximize their profits by selling private label coffee. With an individual coffee brand, online retailers can enjoy the right of pricing products. What’s more, the selling price rises along with the brand’s success. Because of this, coffee becomes one of the popular dropshipping products with high profit margins.

If you want to find coffee suppliers, Blessed Bean Coffee and Rumble Coffee Roasters are good choices.

5. Pet Toys

According to google trends, pet industry has been ecommerce business owners’ favorite for many years. This standing is no exception in 2023. Niches are various in the pet industry. So, what’s the most profitable one? According to the survey of the American Pet Products Association, more than half of pet owners are willing to pay for sustainable products. Pet toys come out of the top therein. After doing the market research on ecommerce platforms and social media, you will find durable pet toys such as recycled ripple rugs and tough tug toys are the best dropshipping items to sell online. With a wide product list range, you can easily find low-cost pet toy products.

6. Hair Care Products

Hair care products are outstanding profitable dropshipping products to sell online. If you know a bottle of shampoo consists of 90% water, you will be clear about it. The haircare market is largely formed by shampoos, sprays and conditioners. They are ideal products to dropship, and you can find hair dropshipping suppliers here.


Don’t underestimate those brick sets. As the most famous building toy, LEGO is sold in more than one hundred countries. The good news is that online stores that feature legos do not seem a lot. There is a large room for selling the high profit dropship items! Partnering with Lego wholesalers, you’re able to join the potential market and become a successful seller.

8. Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys

Whether kids or grow-up cannot reject the cute stuffed animals and plush toys. They are well-liked products and have been positive rating gift ideas for years. Dropship stuffed and plush toys, you concern nothing about the sale market. What you need is a reliable toy dropshipping supplier, such as Giftable World.

9. Jewelry

Jewelry is a primary dropshipping niche to many successful store owners. Products are small and do not require large packages. They can reduce a lot of shipping costs. As we all know, the gross profit equals revenues minus costs of selling products, which include shipping fees. The less shipping costs, the more profit margins. So it turns jewelry into a dropshipping niche with high profits. There is a wide selection of subcategories, such as earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, brooches, etc.

10. Lights

Lightings have many usage scenarios, such as a house, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. This determines that the ecommerce market will not be a small one. People not only use lights for illumination but also decoration. Those home decor lights are small products with high profit margin. It’s effortless if you drop ship lights.

11. Wall Decor

People immerse themselves in home decor during the epidemic. Valued at $13.12 billion, the US wall decor market will keep rising in 2023. There is still a chance to enter the profitable field. You can achieve sales success via drop shipping wall decor. There are many profitable dropshipping products for online store owners to choose from, like wallpaper, wall art, wall decal, and wall frames.

If you’re looking for home decor dropshipping suppliers, EPROLO has listed some and their product categories.

12. Scented Candles

The global scented candles market is reported will grow with a CAGR of 1.14% in 2022 and the next five years. Regardless of the growing market size, candle products are easy to source. Dropshipping scented candles is a nice try to increase profitability. You can start a high-margin candle business model with ease!

13. Baby Care Products

Do you know the expected revenue of the baby care market in 2022? It’s $73.83 billion according to Statista. Amazing, right? Dropshipping baby care products has a great probability to earn money. You can find massive high profit margin products from different niches. For example, you can dropship baby bathing care, baby health care, baby nursery, and baby safety products.

14. Kitchenware Products

Kitchenware includes tools, utensils, cookware, dishes and appliances. With the diverse dropshipping niches, it’s a breeze to find high margin items. Mini waffle maker, storage container, jar set, and knife are profitable products to sell online.

15. Socks

Socks are daily necessities and consumables. It’s an evergreen niche. Another benefit to making socks the best high profit dropship items is that ecommerce merchants can find competitive prices effortlessly.

16. High Fashion Sunglasses

How can you miss sunglasses if you’re running a fashion online business? They are the icing on the cake! Partner with a sunglasses dropship supplier like EPROLO, you can add the large margin products to your dropshipping store easily.

17. Phone Accessories

The prosperity of mobile phones mushrooms the accessories market. Now, it is a giant. Many small business owners dropship phone accessories as profitable products. The dropshipping profit margin can reach 160%. It’s easy to find wholesale price items. Take phone cases for instance. Prices are varied based on materials and designs. Further, it’s easy to source white label dropshipping items and make creative phone cases. There are potential profits for sellers.

18. Home Office Products

Remote work mode will remain in 2023. Over 26% of U.S. workers will do office work at home. To improve efficiency, people need home office products. And you can meet the high demand by your ecommerce store. There are a lot of high ROI items you can sell, for example, adhesive cable clips, cushions, hanging wall organizers, desk shelves, and others. You can find them on multiple ecommerce platforms.

19. Tabletop Role-playing Games

A party with tabletop role-playing games (tabletop RPGs) wins claps. Tabletop role-playing games are high profit dropship items with enduring appeal. So you don’t have to worry about sales due to the high demand. Those games are easy to find low-cost items and resell them at a higher price. Here are some trending tabletop RPGs for reference: Blades in the Dark, MÖRK Borg, Star Wars The Roleplaying Game, Arkham Horror The Card Game, and Mouse Guard.

20. Fitness Tracker

Sports lovers use a fitness tracker to optimize workouts. But the product list does not belong to sports lovers only. People who care about health also have demand. Due to the large need, drop shipping fitness tracker is possible to earn good profits.

21. At-home Exercise Equipment

At-home exercise market grows remarkably these years. A great number of online sellers seize the point and become successful in the ecommerce trade. There is still an opportunity in 2023. As a high dropshipping profit margin niche, products you sell could be Yoga mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, etc.

How to Identify High Profit Margin Products

Identifying high margin products is critical to a successful dropshipping business model. There must be some factors to consider. Here are four considerations to help recognize the best profitable products.

  • Profitability
  • To find out a good profit-making product, profitability is a decisive factor. It means that how well you can make money from the product. For evaluation, you can compare the online retail price and wholesale price of the item. It will be great if you can find the lowest wholesale price. Then you can calculate the largest difference between them. Now, you can figure out whether the items have high profit margins. And when the margin is certain, products with higher price point is usually recommended.

  • Marketability
  • Marketability is the attractiveness to potential customers. You can also understand it as product selling points. If a product is full of selling points, online sellers can promote it with no difficulty. As a result, sales rocket and so do profits. Thus, products with large margins must carry with marketability.

  • Sustainability
  • Profit not only bases on margin but also the time. If a product can be sold all the time, you can earn good profits. Moreover, the yield will increase like a snowball. Sustainable products keep bringing you money. So, you should take sustainability into consideration when finding high profit margin products.

  • Competitiveness
  • More often than not, higher margins follow with higher competition. Ecommerce store owners are driven by earnings and share the market together. It makes competitiveness a factor to assess profitable products. But don’t get it wrong. It does not mean that the market must be highly competitive. You should not forget the difficulty of being one upon opponents when conduct market research. Thus, competitiveness can only be used to judge if it’s a profitable product. If you want to get more sales, the best way is to find a less competitive niche.