An Ultimate Guide of Pet Supplies Dropshipping | Dropship Pet Products

Which niche do you choose to start dropshipping business? There are many popular dropshipping niches, for example, baby products, home decors, T-shirts, and so on. For now, pet supplies dropshipping business has also been one of the most trending choices.

pet supplies dropshipping

Why choose to dropship pet products?

The pet industry is constantly expanding. In 2020, the pet care market size was valued at more than $232.3 billion. And it’s estimated that it will reach $350 billion by 2027 with 6% compounded annual growth rate.

This is the Google Trends result of “Pet Products”. As we can see, the search volume is stable and sustainable over time.

dropship pet products

Also, there are other pet industry statistics we can pay attention to. They may help with your product marketing strategy. For example, cat and dog owners spend about $300 on pet food and treats each year. And 43% of dog owners and 41% of cat owners buy premium pet food. If you are not sure of what products to sell online, try them. Besides, more than 50% of cat and dog owners buy a Christmas gift for their pets. So you can engage in some promotional activities in your online retail store at Christmas.

How to dropship pet products?

1. Choose pet dropshipping products

There are many factors you need to consider when choose products to sell online.

  • Search volume. As mentioned above, we have known that there is a big market for pet supplies. But not all products in the pet industry are suitable for online retailers. At the very beginning, you should check the search volume of the dropshipping product you want to sell. Use keyword search tools like Google trends, semrush, Moz, ahrefs, or others.
  • Market competition. If you just start selling pet products online and don’t have enough experience, a small competitive market is suggested. Because selling high competitive products online is hard to succeed, especially for beginners. Online marketing methods include SEO, social media promotion, advertising, etc. SEO works better for keywords with high volume and low competition in websites with long domain age. Whether you post ads on Google or social media like Facebook, it needs more investment to get exposure for high competitive products.
  • 6 trending pet dropshipping products to sell online

    To make success when dropshipping pet supplies, you can choose these trending product niches.

    Car seat cover

    If pet owners want to drive their car and take pets out, the car seat cover is a must. It can make pets safe and comfortable, and keep the car clean.

    This cushion protector is in the list of Top 100 Dropshipping Products. It surrounds all four sides and pets sit in the middle. And there are belts, which prevent the risk that dogs extend out of the window. Using environmentally friendly non-slip particles, no matter you suddenly start the car or brake, pets will not be affected.

    Besides, this high quality pet dropshipping product is durable and uses waterproof material. Even dog owners take their pets to outdoor camping, there is no worry about water, mud, grass, etc. It’s easy to install, disassemble and clean.

    dropship pet products

    Pet hair remover

    With the companion of pets, it adds a lot of fun to the dull life. They are our friends, some pet owners bring them everywhere, even on the bed. In the world, the two most popular pets are cats and dogs. However, these furry friends can also cause annoyances, especially during shedding times. They are like walking hair shedding machines. No matter where they go, hair is everywhere, on the ground, sofa, bed sheet and clothes. So, fur remover pet niche is marketable.

    To remove fur from clothes, a sticky roller brush is recommended. But it can’t be reused. The following pet dropshipping product has a wide application. It can remove fur from sofa, bed, carpet and other furniture. And it can be reused. When pet owners use it to clean, hair will be stored in it. Pour out the fur and use it again.

    dropship pet products

    Dog chew toy toothbrush

    This high quality dropshipping pet niche product has two main functions.

    On the one hand, it can be a toy, bringing fun for pets. Especially during teething time, if the dog owner doesn’t offer a chew toy, it will ruin everything else in the house. On the other hand, it has a special design which can help clean dogs’ teeth. The dog’s teeth are like a human teeth, and it is easy to hide bacteria. After the dog eats, if you don’t help to clean the food residue, as time flows, it will ferment and produce odor. When there is an odor in people’s mouth, they will feel embarrassed. And if it happens in a dog’s mouth, the dog owner will not want to be close to it.

    pet supplies dropshipping

    Pet bed

    East or west, home is best. Not only people, pets also need their own house to stay comfortable. For large dogs, pet owners usually build a nest for them. Because of the huge body compared with other pets, they also need a larger living space. For small cat and dog, buying a bed is the first choice.

    This pet niche product can be used during cold season. Originally, it’s a cushion; do up the button, it becomes a nest. You can click the below image to start selling.

    pet supplies dropshipping

    Pet jacket

    For healthy pets, especially those who have long hair, they don’t need clothes. But for weak, old pets or puppies, when the weather is cold, it’s better to put on some warm jacket. Because of their poor body resistance, if the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too great, they may catch a cold. For many girls, they like to dress up their furry friends. So, beautiful or handsome jackets with unique design are easy to sell.

    pet supplies dropshipping

    Dog retractable leash

    Taking the dog for a walk is the thing that dog owners do every day. And they will use a pet retractable leash in this case. Every dog is born to be active. If the dog owner doesn’t bring a leash, it’s easy to lose. Besides, even if it is a red dog, it definitely has a little temper. It’s hard to tell when it will break out. If it happens when going out, they may bite the passerby or other dogs. Then, cute furry friends will bring trouble to the owner.

    pet dropshipping

    2. Build an online retail store

    After choosing product niches, it’s time to set up an online store and start selling.

  • Select a business name. The first consideration of a business name is easy to remember.
  • Register a domain name. It’s closely related to the business name.
  • Design a store logo. Don’t forget the logo. Online retailers will never regret building brand awareness from the very beginning.
  • Edit home, about, contact, refund policy pages.
  • 3. Find pet dropshipping suppliers

    There are many factors that drop shipping store owners must consider. For example, product quality and price, shipping time and cost, etc. So, how to choose a reliable pet dropshipping supplier? Here lists some that online retailers can take for reference.

    9 best pet dropshipping suppliers in 2021

    Subscription Plan
    Wholesale2bMonthly price from $37.99 to $49.99USA
    Mirage Pet ProductsFreeUSA
    Paws Pet SuppliesFreeUK
    Worldwide brandsOne-Time Payment $299USA
    TopDawgMonthly price from $10 to $195USA
    Pet Supply UKMonthly price from £4.95 to £12.95UK
    Essential Pet ProductsFreeUSA
    Wholesale CentralFreeUK


    EPROLO is a free dropshipping platform. It provides pet niche products including pet feeding, grooming, pet toys, clothes, nests, etc. With warehouses located in China, USA and UK, they can deliver pet products all over the world.

    EPROLO is in charge of order fulfillment, and make quality inspection before shipping. They cooperate with long term trustworthy suppliers which offer competitive prices. After registering an EPROLO account, you can find all items they offer and import products to your pet stores with one click. Besides, drop shipping store owners can check all shipping methods and costs before importing and selling pet products online.

    Custom branding package is available for all EPROLO users. In general, they can deliver packages to most countries in 5-15 days. With a shipping guarantee, EPROLO supports refunds for packages that take longer than 30 days to ship.


    Wholesale2b provides drop shipping service that connects online retailers and dropshippers/wholesale suppliers. And it was founded in the United States in 2004.

    Wholesale2b has many subscription plans depending on your online marketplace. And the monthly fee ranges from $37.99 to $49.99. Besides, if you choose to place orders with Wholesale2b, it charges 3% of the total order amount to cover the fee with PayPal or Credit Card. If you don’t want to pay 3% fee, it can be complex. Because you need to register a reseller account with each supplier, import products and process orders manually. And they will not handle any return and order tracking.

    pet dropshipping suppliers

    Mirage Pet Products

    Mirage Pet Products is a family-owned factory with over 100 years of experience in the United States. They focus on supplying products including pet toys, dog and cat collars, clothes, and more. Besides, this pet supplies dropshipping supplier supports custom pet products. Of course, MOQ and one-time setup costs are required.

    Located in the United States, Mirage Pet Products also only delivers items to the USA. It provides fast shipping, most orders ship within one business day. For wholesale orders over $250, free shipping is offered. So, it’s suitable for online pet store owners whose target audience is American.

    Paws Pet Supplies

    Paws locates in the United Kingdom, does wholesale and pet supplies dropshipping. They focus on supplying products and pet accessories for cats and dogs. Stores owners can get wholesale prices for wholesale pet supplies orders. And when the total amount is over £150, Paws offers free shipping. For dropshipping pet supplies, it doesn’t charge extra fees, only product price and shipping cost. You can download Paws product information in either XLS or CSV format. Then, download pictures and use them to build product pages on your pet stores.

    Paws can fulfill orders worldwide. Shipping costs depend on destination countries and package weight. For UK orders, the shipping time ranges from 1-5 days.

    Worldwide brands

    Worldwide Brands is a directory of dropshipping suppliers, almost including all industries. It’s founded in the United States in 1999.

    It has two subscription plans. Online retailers can choose a one-time payment of $299. Also, it can be separated into 3 months: $99, $110 and $110. After becoming a member, you can find pet dropshipping suppliers on it.

    Worldwide Brands is not responsible for supplying products or order fulfillment. It’s a service provider, making sure their verified suppliers are qualified, offer high quality products and wholesale prices.


    TopDawg is an e-commerce company that helps to build a network between online retailers and wholesale suppliers in the United States. It verifies and vets wholesale providers, and charges online retailers from $10 to $195 per month. Then, you can import products from TopDawg and start dropshipping with wholesale prices. After receiving orders, wholesalers will fulfill and ship them within a couple of business days of being processed.

    pet dropshipping suppliers

    Pet Supply UK

    Pet Supply UK is a wholesale supplier of pet toys, foods/treats, shampoos, cages, pet accessories, etc. It provides almost all kinds of pet supplies and supports product sourcing services. After placing orders on it, they will deliver products to your end customers and you can keep tracking.

    Pet Supply UK charges site fees ranging from £4.95 to £12.95 per month.

    Essential Pet Products

    Essential Pet Products is a pet supplies dropshipping supplier located in the United States. It has been in the pet industry for over 20 years. To start dropshipping, you need to get all their product information and upload it to your pet stores. Cooperating with Essential Pet Products, there are no startup fees. Only after receiving orders, you need to pay product wholesale price and shipping cost.

    However, they only accept online retailers from the United States and Canada. Or their companies locate in these two countries.

    Wholesale Central

    Wholesale Central is a dropshipping supplier directory that helps ecommerce store owners find wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, and manufacturers. It’s free to use. There are hundreds of thousands of items from different suppliers, which cover almost all industries. You can find pet dropshipping suppliers on it and directly contact them for cooperation.