So, you’re looking for certified eBay dropshipping suppliers but have no idea where to start, right? You’re not alone.

When it comes to eBay dropshipping, the winning strategy is to team up with authorized wholesale dropshipping suppliers for eBay. These suppliers can handle product sourcing, quality checking, packing, packaging, shipping, and even brand building. However, most eBay sellers, especially beginners, consider it hard to find eBay dropship suppliers that are both certified and capable wholesalers.

Fret not. We have covered some top wholesale suppliers for eBay dropshipping along with details of their features. Before looking at the eBay wholesale dropshippers list, let’s navigate through this marketplace’s dropshipping policy first.

eBay dropshipping suppliers

Learn eBay Dropshipping Policy first

Like dropshipping on Shopify, eBay now also has its own set of laws and regulations for the eBay dropshipping suppliers the sellers work with. According to the eBay dropshipping policy, the sellers who run dropshipping stores must work with eBay wholesale suppliers to sell items to buyers. It means that only wholesale dropshipping suppliers for eBay are approved.

dropshipping suppliers for eBay

If your dropshipping store sells an item by purchasing it from another retailer or supplier like Amazon or Walmart, you’re against the terms of service. The penalty for policy violations stated clearly by eBay include:

  • End or cancel the listings administratively
  • Conceal or downgrade all listings from search results
  • Decrease seller rating
  • Suspend your eBay account
  • Ban or restrict the seller from buying or selling

Is eBay Dropshipping Legal?

With the restriction set on eBay dropshipping suppliers, you may be confused that is dropshipping allowed on eBay? Where should eBay sellers dropship from?

First, of course, you’re allowed to dropship on eBay, as long as you abide by its rules to choose the certified eBay dropship suppliers. In other words, eBay is OK with dropshipping provided you list the products in your store and sell them to the buyers directly from wholesale suppliers. Meanwhile, when you sell items via dropshipping, it’s your obligation to deliver items punctually and safely and assure that eBay shoppers are satisfied with the purchase.

Then, all that’s left to do is to pick wholesale dropshipping suppliers for eBay. If you have no clue how to find dropshippers on eBay, move to the next section.

9 Best eBay Dropshipping Suppliers

Now, we’ve explained what kind of eBay product suppliers you should work with to run your dropshipping store. Then, we can proceed with listing the best wholesale suppliers for eBay dropshipping. In the past, wholesalers act as bulk suppliers where re-sellers need to buy a big amount of items at once. But now, with the rising popularity of the dropshipping model, wholesale distributors or manufacturers have lowered the minimum quantity.

In the following, we’ll name some eBay dropshipping suppliers that are willing to sell small amounts of products or even a single item. Rest assured that all the eBay wholesale suppliers below are certified and legitimate to use for growing your dropshipping store.

1. EPROLO – No handling fee for dropshipping

We’ll kick off this list of dropshipping suppliers for eBay with EPROLO. It’s a free and fully automated dropshipping platform that’s trusted by over 300 thousand users. Not only is it an eBay dropship supplier, but it also offers dropshipping services in other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or ShopLazza.

eBay dropship suppliers

This legitimate drop shipper provides eBay sellers with millions of authentic products from real wholesale suppliers or manufacturers. After connecting your eBay store to the platform, you can directly upload and sell clothing, jewelry, sports items, shoes & bags, and more on the store. Furthermore, EPROLO also allows you to sell printed items on demand easily like T-shirts, hoodies, bags, towels, etc.

Meanwhile, it has big warehouses both in China and USA. Once you pay for the dropshipping order, it’ll quickly source the product, check the quality, pack the item and deliver it to the eBay buyer within 5 – 15 days safely. By joining EPROLO’s branding project, you can build a brand by putting your logo on the packaging boxes, labels, and so on. With that, you can build your brand to stand out from competitors and boost sales.

2. Doba

If you’re finding certified eBay dropship suppliers skilled at discovering trendy items, Doba is a nice option. It partners with hundreds of wholesale suppliers worldwide and supplies over 2 million products to dropship. Better still, it boasts a user-friendly platform for sellers to find out what they think is the best dropshipping on eBay.

It also has one-click integration solutions for eBay sellers to add preferred products to the dropshipping store. This also makes it convenient to sync the dropshipping order to the suppliers for eBay dropshipping to fulfill.

One more benefit Doba offers is providing products at wholesale prices. It also works with some eBay dropshipping suppliers USA. With that, it can promise a short delivery time to send the items to your USA customers.

3. Salehoo

Finding dropshipping products is easy with Salehoo. It’s a dropshipper on eBay that comes with a wholesale directory. It bridges you to more than 8,000 legitimate suppliers and 2.5 million products across healthy & beauty, books & magazines, etc.

eBay dropshipping suppliers

It makes it easy for sellers to search for what they want and compare with other existing suppliers. From the detailed listing for each supplier, you’ll learn the product range, goods quality, shipping time-frame, and more. If you need a product that’s not included in its directory, you can apply a product sourcing request and they’ll find what you want for you.

Furthermore, the shipping time could vary depending on the suppliers you choose.

4. Costway

Plan to start your dropshipping online store and target the USA market? Working with a US-certified wholesale distributor is the best. And Costway is exactly one of the eBay dropship suppliers you need.

It features over 8,000 products covered in different categories like furniture, outdoor, kitchen, baby & toddler, and so on. From its warehouse based in the US, it only takes 2-5 business days to deliver the product to your customers throughout the US.

Additionally, you can get the reselling agreement to sell all its products under your brand on eBay or other eCommerce websites. Best of all, all its dropshipping partners can enjoy a 90-day return service.

5. The Wholesaler UK

If you need eBay UK dropshipping suppliers, you’ll be well-suited with The Wholesaler UK. It only teams up with trustworthy wholesale suppliers and provides millions of premium items.

From its comprehensive product portfolio, the hottest category is the clothing category. Aside from dropshipping wholesale clothing, it also enables you to sell home & garden, toys & games, gifts, and much more. Same as Salehoo, if its directory can’t satisfy your needs, you can feel free to contact the company to source the products you’re after.

Depending on the suppliers you choose to dropship on eBay, the shipping time can be varied. As it cooperates with UK suppliers owning local warehouses, you can expect a fast shipping service to the UK countries.

6. Mirage pet products

As the name suggested, Mirage pet products targets the pet industry and sells almost everything related to pet. Therefore, if you are into the best dropship suppliers for eBay to sell pet products, you should check Mirage pet products.

dropshipping suppliers for eBay

This supplier empowers you to start dropshipping any pet products without any dropshipping or subscription fee. You can freely access around 100,000 original and fashionable pet supplies. Its trendy offerings include collars, apparel, shirts, leashes, magnets, beds, and other items for cats & dogs. In addition, it also embraces custom design and helps make printed pet products on demand in a few steps.

Best of all, it guarantees free shipping service for US continental wholesale orders over $250.

7. BigBuy

BigBuy is one of the best suppliers for dropshipping on eBay that are headquartered in Europe. This dropshipping wholesaler offers wholesale prices for all dropshipping products like home, kitchen, cosmetics, toys, computers, and more.

Additionally, its partnered suppliers will stock the numerous listing products safely on its worldwide warehouse. You’re not required to pay for the products in advance to list them in your eBay store. At the same time, it reduces your spending on the stock.

Its logistics service also highlights itself from other eBay wholesale suppliers in Europe. It delivers products across France, Italy, and other European countries using UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, GLS, Seur DPD, and other delivery services. Certainly, all the orders are shipped under your brands.

The only drawback is that its integration with eBay is not free. You’ll need to pay €599 for connecting your eBay store to start selling its products there.

8. Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B goes well with both wholesalers and dropshippers for eBay. It has a wide-ranging assortment of over 1 million products. The sellers can buy items in bulk or dropship single product only with low competition and at wholesale prices.

To be clear, it works with more than 100 certified wholesale suppliers worldwide. You can choose to dropship from suppliers based in Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, and other countries.

However, if you’re into dropshippers for eBay that offer free integration with eBay, it’s not right for you. It charges you $37.99 every month to import dropshipping products to eBay and handle the order fulfillment.

9. Worldwide Brands

We’ll conclude the list of the best dropshippers for eBay with Worldwide Brands. It regards itself as the authorized supply chain wholesaler to offer dropshipping products to sell on eBay, Amazon, eStore, and more. On top of that, its dropship directory contains numerous certified wholesale suppliers. All of them are willing to sell products to both individuals and businesses in light bulk quantities.

suppliers for eBay dropshipping

The downside, however, is that you’ll have to spend $299 on the membership fee. You’re only to contact its wholesale supplier directory after paying the required upfront fee. To start dropshipping for free, consider EPROLO.

Related Questions on Dropshipping Suppliers for eBay

How do I find a dropshipping supplier on eBay?

You have a few options when it comes to where to find wholesale suppliers for the eBay dropshipping business. The easiest way is to search on Google and Google Images. Another common way is to rely on drop shipping companies for eBay. They will connect you to the wholesalers for eBay business. In addition, you can also join trade associations to find the best eBay suppliers.

How profitable is eBay Dropshipping?

Actually, it depends. The average profit for each dropshipping order is $2.67. Some sellers also claim that they can make more than $1,000 revenue monthly. If you can find wholesale suppliers that can offer lower prices, you can earn more.

Can you dropship products from eBay?

Sure. You can specialize in eBay clothing categories, pet products, electronics, home improvement, and more. In conclusion, you can sell everything allowed by eBay provided that you list and purchase items from wholesaler suppliers.