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Need an idea to sell products? Dropship toys can be a good one. If you’re thinking about the feasibility, find the answer right here. In this article, you will learn if toys dropshipping is profitable and a list of toy suppliers.
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Is Toys Dropshipping Profitable?

Numberless product categories may have dazzled you. When you come to decisions, profitability is always the first thing to consider. So, is toys dropshipping profitable?

Sure! Why so? Because it has a stable market need.

Let’s look at the popularity of “buy toy” on Google Trends. The line graph shows how people are interested in buying the product. As the chart demonstrates, it maintained a high position in the past five years. Even during the epidemic, the trend does not change violently. You can tell from the chart that the toy, as a dropshipping product, has stable demand.

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You may have also noticed that there are peaks every year. Those peaks appear around the beginning of December. And they are highly matched with seasonal sales like the holiday season, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Why did this happen? It’s probably because people buy toys in promotional activities. You can see that toys are ideal products to sell due to the need. An article of NBCNews also proves that. NBCNews has reported the Google Shopping Gift Guide, a list of 100 trending gift ideas in 2020. According to the article, there is a 12% increase that people search for toys as the perfect gift.

Board market niche is another reason to make toys dropshipping profitable.

Toys industry covers varied age groups. You can find toys for babies, kids, teenagers and adults. Moreover, toy types can also be divided based on gender and purpose. The Toy Association has classified twenty-one toy product categories, for example, action figures, dolls, educational, games & puzzles, etc. The wide range of products in toys industry makes it easy to find a niche. In this way, you can avoid fierce competition and make your store distinctive.

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Low shipping cost is also an advantage. Due to the small size and lightweight, toys are allowed to choose economical shipping methods. And of course, you have more options for logistics companies. If you choose to dropship toys, it is beneficial to reduce costs and earn more profit margins.

9 Best Suppliers to Dropship Toys

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of toys. Lego construction toys, teddy bear gifts, educational toys, and baby toys are popular among those categories. You may already have a favorite niche. Then, what’s the next step? That’s to find a dropshipping supplier for your product.

Here, we list the nine best toys dropshipping suppliers for you.

Toys Suppliers
Products Categories
EPROLO All kinds China
Toy UniverseLego and other kids toys Australia
The Brick Bank Lego Bricks United States
Kole Imports Educational toys and others United States
Liberty House Toys Educational toys United Kingdom
Minisko Educational toys Turkey
TEDCO Toys Educational toys United States
Toucan Toys Baby toys Norway
Giftable World Teddy bear gifts and others United States


If you want different toys products to sell, EPROLO will be a perfect choice.

EPROLO is a powerful dropshipping tool that serves global merchants from varied platforms. Online store owners of Shopify, WooCoomerce, AliExpress, eBay, Shoplazza and others can use it as their toy drop shipper.

There are over 300 thousand high quality products on the platform. And you can easily push them to your store and start selling. EPROLO toys products cover diverse categories, like animals, figures, arts and crafts, building sets, dolls, educational toys, puzzles, and so on.

It’s likely that you can’t find a specific product you want on EPROLO. Don’t worry about that. EPROLO can help and source for you.

EPROLO is the official partner of AliExpress, a marketplace with over one hundred million SKU. A large number of drop shippers find products and buy from Ali dropshipping suppliers. EPROLO, as a free tool, can make work easy. You can use it to source toys from AliExpress and earn more profit margins.

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EPROLO provides two methods for toys sourcing. One is to import products in its dashboard; another one is to use its Chrome extension. When you get online sales, EPROLO will auto-sync the order info to its platform. All you have to do is to submit a quote inquiry and pay. The team is responsible to source, package and ship to your customers.

Another point worth noting is that the sourcing service is not limited to AliExpress. Other e-commerce platforms are also available.

Toy Universe

Have you ever heard of Lego Republic dropship set or Lego Star Wars dropship set? Being a popular toy category, Lego products are hot in toys dropshipping. If you are looking for a supplier, here is one.

Toy Universe is an Australian kid toy store founded in 2011. Their products orient customers from birth to teenage. There are over 1000 items from well-known brands and Lego is a highlight. You can choose Toy Universe as your Lego dropship supplier.

Toy Universe is available to ship to Australia, the USA, and New Zealand in general. To ship to other countries you need to submit a shipping quote. The company provides three shipping options: Standard Shipping, Express Shipping and Bulky Shipping. And as for the delivery time, packages will take about 2 to 10 days to arrive.

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The Brick Bank

The Brick Bank is another Lego dropship supplier that is often mentioned. The company was established in 2014 and aims at Lego Bricks supply. It ships more than 1000 pounds of bulk Bricks globally every month. The Brick Bank classifies products by prices, colors, and components. You can find a great number of collections and choose according to your startup capital conveniently.

If you want lower prices and are a large scale Lego wholesale dropshipper, the company offers a customized solution. Just contact the customer support team and tell them about your sourcing needs.

lego dropship supplier

Kole Imports

Kole Import is one of dropship wholesalers based in the United States and has a history of over thirty years. You can find twenty product categories on the website and toy is the main one. There are more than twenty subcategories in toy product collection, such as vehicles, dolls, building toys, educational toys, etc.

It has launched a Drop Shipping Program. It is free to signup and gives convenient access for online business owners. After you register an account, you can download a product data feed and use it on your store. Details info like item description, picture and quantity are included. And the inventory data is updated daily. This feed is customizable. You can just list the high quality products you want to sell. Kole Imports provides UPS and FedEx for shipping methods.

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Liberty House Toys

Dropship educational products are a big part of the toy niche market. If you want an educational toys supplier, you can try Liberty House Toys. It is a UK company that focuses on baby toys and children’s furniture. It runs a warehouse with 60,000 square feet to support product sourcing and designs. In Liberty House Toys, you can find eight toy categories.

Price match is an attractive feature of the website. This feature works in this way. If you find the item with a better price outside this baby toys dropshipper, you can fill in some details, like the price and which platform you found. The team will verify your request. Once they accept it, you will receive a unique discount code. Then you can buy the item at a lower price.

The website is available to drop shipping. However, there are some requirements. You should pay attention to its prices for VAT will be added. And you may not be notified in advance if the price changes. As for shipping, there is a two-day delivery when packages leave the warehouse. This shipping time only applies to the UK mainland.

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Minisko is another educational toys supplier for dropshipping. It’s a Turkey company that sells educational products only. On its website, you can view nine kinds of toys products including loops, cards, watches, puzzles, impellers, find-plug, etc. For the shipping time, packages will be shipped within five working days.

There is a big selling point of Minisko toy products. That’s the company produces their own products. It is stated in the introduction that products are made according to Montessori philosophy. If you want to sell educational toys, this can be a major feature.

The company has posted a lot of product pictures on Instagram. If you want to dropship their products, you need to contact their customer service. The communication window is listed at the bottom of its home page.

dropship educational products


TEDCO Toys is a company with a long history. In the beginning, it was established as a research & development company but expanded the toy line in 1982. It’s not surprising that the website places “Science” in the first collection. You can find twenty subcategories, like science kits, educational geography toys, educational physics & engineering toys, etc.

If you want to dropship TEDCO toys, you can contact their customer support based on the U.S. regions. International online sales are also possible. You can submit an inquiry with your info and message. Remember to tick your form as “retailer” rather than “consumer”.

Toucan Toys

Many online business owners now dropship baby products and the baby toy is one of the subdivisions. If you are looking for baby toys dropshippers, then you can try Toucan Toys.

Toucan Toys is a Norway supplier that found in 2016. It lists fourteen collections on the website and you can browse by age or functionality. You can find products for newborn babies and kids aged from one to six. Here are some detailed categories of toy products: car toys, musical toys, dolls, arts, and decoration. Submit a cooperation request then you can dropship baby products. You need to fill in your personal and company details in the form and wait for a reply. Products are usually packed on the next day after Toucan Toys receiving the order. And the delivery is about 3 to 10 days.

baby toys dropshippers

Giftable World

Looking for Teddy bear dropshippers? Check Giftable World. It has been supplying plush toys for more than ten years. Giftable World is a direct manufacturer. You can find over 250 items that contain crane plush, plush backpack, plush pillows, dolls, pet toys, etc. And Teddy bear is one of its main product categories. Giftable World provides classic style teddy bears. People always buy them as Christmas gift. In the collection, you can search dropshipping teddy bear gifts by fur length, fur style, eye color, pose style, and scale.

There is a big plus of this toy supplier. That’s the customization service. No minimum order quantity and you can bring your design to life. What you need to do is to complete an online quote form. Tell the company about your design and provide drawings and photos. Then the customer service team will contact you and quote your project. If you want to order a prototype of the custom design, you need to pay $395.

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