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EPROLO Print On Demand Drop Shipping

Print on demand drop shipping (POD) is a business model that allows online store owners to focus on selling, print on demand company processes orders and delivers them to customers.

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1. Register on print on demand sites and connect your online store

Go to EPROLO print on demand site, and register an account on it. When log in, you can look through all features and high quality products listed. Also, there is dedicated customer service. Any question about EPROLO print on demand company, first check this POD guide. If you don’t find the answer, contact the dedicated customer service, have a live chat or send an email to him/her.

Then, click “Connect your Shopify”, you will see the Shopify app we developed. “Add app” and log in to your Shopify store. Besides, you can also go to the Shopify app store, search “EPROLO POD”, and connect it with online stores.

Print on demand drop shipping

2. Create custom products

There is an impressive product catalog with more than 400 items. And it includes print on demand t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, bags, home decors, shoes, accessories and more. Go to “Custom Feature”, choose the one you like and start designing products. Let’s take t-shirt designs as an example.

2.1 Add texts or upload your designs

First of all, select the colors and sizes of the white label product you want to import to online shops. In the design area, add texts like proverbs, brand slogans, or popular words that suit the customer’s taste. Change the text size, color, outline, and shadow to make it more beautiful. In addition, you can rotate it and make it look more personalized.

If you are a graphic designer or there is a graphic design you like, EPROLO print on demand company can make it come true. Of course, you must own it and provide us with a high quality picture. As we all know, the low resolution graphic design can’t be printed; it will be blurry. So, you will be unsatisfied with these customized t-shirts, let alone your customers.

Once you finish and upload your designs, they will be automatically saved in different colors and sizes print on demand products.


2.2 Change product details

There are title and description of print on demand products written by EPROLO.

You can use them and directly import them to online shops. Also, you can change them and adopt more attractive words to encourage customers to place orders. For example, if you use a graphic design on print on demand t-shirts, tell people a story about the design. People may be attracted by the story, which increases the possibility of placing orders.

All products listed on EPROLO print on demand sites are made in the USA, Australia or China. Please notice that custom products made in the USA can only be shipped to the USA. Those made in Australia can be delivered to Australia and New Zealand. And print on demand products made in China can be shipped all over the world. By the way, the printing method EPROLO adopts is DTG, like many other print on demand companies.


2.3 Set the retail price on ecommerce stores

After confirming details of the product to sell, continue to the price section. Now you can check the base price and shipping rates. For print on demand products made in the USA and Australia, EPROLO provides free shipping. If you choose products made in China, there are different shipping options for each country. You can also see details of each shipping option, such as shipping company, cost and estimated delivery time. It must be mentioned that the logistics information of each order can be tracked. You can check it on the EPROLO platform or in online shops.

EPROLO print on demand drop shipping platform is always free, without any premium plan. The items we charge are only the base price and shipping costs. After confirming these, add your profit margins and set the retail price. By default, it’s twice your cost. Of course, you can change it to any value you want in the pricing rule. Besides, you can set different profit margins for different products after designing them.


3. Import products to online stores

After adding your personalized design to white label products, it’s time to start a dropshipping business. Choose the product to sell online and click “Import to Shopify”. With this one simple click, all details you set on the EPROLO print on demand site will be automatically synced to your Shopify store. Custom design products you have imported will be marked as “Added”. For those in the “Not Added” product catalog, delete them or add them to the store at any time you want.


4. Sell print on demand products

If you are a graphic designer, print on demand drop shipping is perfectly suitable. This business model allows you to focus on the creation and start selling. Print on demand companies take charge of order fulfillment, including printing and shipping products. To make online businesses a success, try to make as many sales as possible. Using some social media like Facebook to make promotions will help a lot. Make a short video to show your product from multiple angles. It would be better if you can show your design ideas in it to attract customers.

When receiving orders, they will be automatically synced in the EPROLO platform. You get paid with the base price, shipping costs and profit margin. Then, check the details and place orders with us. Now, you pay the base price and shipping rates. So EPROLO processes orders and provides tracking information.

print on demand fulfillment

5. Order fulfillment

EPROLO provides print on demand services, including purchasing products from factories, quality control, package, and shipping. So how long is the order fulfillment time?

Manufacturing products in the USA and Australia may take about 2-5 workdays. Shipping times are generally seven workdays. While, production in China needs 3-5 days. And shipping times are average 4-7 days, depending on your shipping option. Notice that the order fulfillment time may be longer during peak season or in large quantities.

6. Print on demand drop shipping advantages

6.1 Low cost to start selling

First of all, there is no need to buy any printing equipment or hire a technician. Just ask the print on demand company to make high quality custom print. Secondly, it’s totally free to use before you make sales. Also, there is no minimum order quantity; you can order only one. EPROLO will process the order and ship it to your customers on time.

6.2 Easy to experiment with custom designs

Print on demand services allow you to make custom products and test if they are popular. For example, draw a picture of a cute cat, upload it to t-shirt designs and sell online. If they are favored by cut lovers, this may lead a trend. However, if not, you can easily remove it from the ecommerce business.

6.3 Easy to establish your brand

All items that are available for print on demand services are white label. Designing products with your store logo, making custom packages are as easy as pie. So customers will never receive the product with any third-party signs. Besides, you can also create custom designs for different product series. They are unique, only made and sold on your ecommerce business.

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