Dropship Custom Clothing: 10 High-Rated Print on Demand Suppliers

Once upon a time, selling custom clothing online goes along with a lot of chores. You’ll need to meet the minimum order quantities, buy or rent expensive clothing printing machines, manage stock & logistics, and so on. Now, the new model to dropship custom clothing with print on demand (POD) companies is changing all of that.

So, what is print on demand clothing dropshipping? It means to design white-label clothing and sell online by working with print on demand dropshipping services. Then, the suppliers will only make, print, and directly ship the custom clothing to your customers under your brand when they place orders.

print on demand clothing

In other words, no warehousing or MOQ is required to start your own clothing line. The print on demand apparel dropshipping suppliers will store, print, pack, and deliver the custom clothing products to customers. Meanwhile, you can brand your apparel products with custom labels and packaging with minimum upfront fees.

Now, scroll down to learn more about dropshipping custom apparel and print on demand companies!

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Why Choose to Dropship Custom Clothing

Everyone has different reasons to start dropshipping print to order apparel. Here’s an overview of the benefits regarding print on demand clothing dropshipping. Check them out if you’re still wondering whether to sell your unique design clothing and build your fashion brand via POD companies.

  • Large market opportunities

It’s reported that the market value of the custom apparel industry worldwide totals up to $1.13 billion. Meanwhile, the demand for various kinds of customized apparel products has been increasing over the years. Aside from the print on demand t-shirts, you can also design and sell custom or private label dresses, hoodies, jeans, and more.

  • Easy to start

Print on demand apparel companies often support eCommerce store integration. Therefore, it’s easy to dropship private label clothing and manage order fulfillment.

  • Low investment of starting a clothing brand

Most print-on-demand sites for dropshipping will not require any payment in advance. It only asks you to pay for the design clothing products when ordered. What’s more, POD services also give you a way to build your clothing brand with custom labels and packaging at affordable prices.

dropship custom clothing

  • No leftover stock

No more leftover inventory! The white-label drop shipping and print on demand companies will undertake the job of storing clothing items. On-demand production is only triggered when custom printing clothing orders are placed. Thereafter, POD suppliers will ship the custom apparel directly to the customer with your company’s logo or brand on the packaging.

  • Boost brand awareness

Both printing logo on the clothes and adding your brand on the packaging make sense to  boost brand awareness.

Best-Selling Print on Demand Custom Clothing Products

Print on demand clothing products are made-to-order apparel items that the store owners add custom designs on and sell on the store or marketplace. The POD companies will offer you white-label products and let you customize the items with built-in design tools.

When it comes to dropshipping print on demand apparel, there are so many fashion products you can customize and sell online. For example, you can dropship print on demand:

  • T-shirts
  • Dresses
  • Shirts & tank tops
  • Hoodies & sweatshirts
  • Activewear
  • Pocket tees
  • All-over shirts
  • Joggers
  • Leggings
  • Sports bra
  • Swimwear

print on demand apparel

Intend to design and dropship other custom products rather than dropship custom clothing? Check out this article to find more print on demand services .

How to Dropship Print-On-Demand Clothing

Next, we’ll show you how print on demand dropshipping works. The process of how to dropship custom clothing is basically the same no matter which print on demand service you choose.

1. Build your dropshipping store using Shopify, eBay, Wix, BigCommerce, etc.

2. Choose reliable print-on-demand companies and connect your dropship printing store to it.

3. Add your custom designs to white-label clothing products.

print on demand clothing4. Upload custom apparel to your print on demand stores.

dropship custom clothing

5. Customers purchase custom-made clothes and the orders will be synced to the print on demand websites.

6. You pay for the products and shipping fees. Then, POD suppliers will source, do custom printing, check, pack, and deliver items straight to your customers.

Additionally, making a private label dropship clothing brand is indispensable when building a unique clothing line. To do that, check if the print on demand apparel dropshippers supply branded packaging services. If they do, you can put your logo or brand to customize the labels, packing bags, hangtags,  scotch tape, inside gift cards, and more. As a result, the custom clothing products will arrive to your customers with packages showing your customized brand or logo.

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Top 10 Print-On-Demand Apparel Dropshipping Suppliers

We’ve surveyed thousands of print on demand companies and compared the features and services they offer to dropship custom clothing. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Subscription fee
  • Dropship custom products catalog
  • Design tools
  • Printing methods
  • Brand building services
  • Time to process and ship custom clothing order

Finally, we narrow down the print on demand companies list to 10 tested suppliers. Before getting a rounded view of the print on demand clothing companies below, you can go through this table to preview the basics first.

Printing time
Shipping time
Branded package
US-made items: 2-3 days
AU-made items: 2-3 days
China-made items:3-4 days
From US: 3-5 days (Free)
From AU: 3-5 days (Free)
From China: 5-12 days
1-6 business days
1-6 business days
2-3 working days
4–15 days
48 hours
3-8 business days
Rush Order Tees
5-6 days
9-10 business days
Art of Where
24-48 hours
USA & Canada: 2-6 days
Others: 10-30 dyas
3-6 business days
US, Canada & UK: 2 days
2-7 business days
3-20 working days
Canadian Custom Apparel
5 business days
3 weeks
7 – 15 business days
7 – 15 business days

Supplier 1 – EPROLO

EPROLO is our top pick for apparel print on demand dropshipping. More than 300 thousand online shop owners have traded with this FREE dropshipping supplier. For POD business, it boasts an all-in-one platform for custom products designing, uploading, custom printing, and shipping management. Furthermore, it also devotes itself to building your brands. It enables you to brand all clothing products with custom labels, hangtags and packaging easily and economically.

print on demand clothing

Additionally, there are diverse white-label clothing products in its portfolio of customizable items. You can design and sell print on demand t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, underwear, kids’ clothing, and so on. On top of that, it has direct integration with Shopify and WooCommerce print on demand stores. Once connected to the store, you can create custom clothing items with a simple mockup generator and import them to the store in a few minutes.

More features on custom dropshipping clothing:

Price: You need to pay for the custom clothing products cost and shipping fees, only when orders are placed.

Printing methods: Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology.

Time to process and ship orders: This depends on where the custom printed clothing dropshipping products are manufactured and the destinations.

  • US-made products: 2-3 days for production; 3-5 days for free delivery; only ship to U.S. continental.
  • AU-made products: 2-3 days for production; 3-5 days for free delivery; only ship to Australia and New Zealand.
  • China-made products: 3-4 days for production; 4-7 days on average for worldwide delivery.

Supplier 2 – Gooten

When it comes to running print on demand fashion businesses, Gooten offers multiple products and printing options. You can dropship print on demand dresses, zip hoodies, t-shirts, legwear, streetwear, tank tops, and much more. After creating the personalized clothes to order, this supplier will print your design on the apparel products using DTG, dye-sublimation, cut & sew, and embroidery printing.

More features to dropship custom printed clothes:

Price: The only costs you will pay are the clothing items and shipping costs from the products you order.

Time to produce and ship custom apparel: 1-6 business days.

Supplier 3 – CustomCat

When finding print on demand clothing companies, the product catalog is a vital factor for consideration. If you’re long for a large customizable clothing portfolio, CustomCat is a great print on demand clothing provider. It is worth noting that even a novice can easily use its product designer to make custom apparel like an expert. Moreover, it also supports embroidery services to customize print-on-demand products including apparel.

dropship custom clothing

In addition, CustomCat delivers more customization services for startups and entrepreneurs who want to make a fashion brand. Sellers can add branded labels and print logos on packaging bags with low subscription fees.

Price: Free to dropship print on demand custom clothing. You can also pay $30 a month for enjoying the lowest prices for some items.

Printing methods: Direct-to-garment, 3D dye diffusion, embroidery printing, and sublimation.

Order processing time: Orders manufactured in the US will be shipped within 2 – 3 working days.

Shipping time: For domestic regions in the USA, the arrival time is 1-7 business days. For international countries, the print on demand custom clothing order will take 4 – 15 days to arrive.

Supplier 4 – SPOD

SPOD is one of the print-on-demand providers headquartered in the US. It features large apparel offerings, easy-to-use product customization tools, and quick integration services to sell. In a word, it claims to offer everything in need to create, build, and expand your print on demand apparel store under your brand.

More features to customize clothes dropship:

Price: Free to create clothes with your designs online.

Products catalog: Fitness apparel, men’s clothing, women’s boutique, and kids’ wearing.

Printing methods: Digital direct, thermal sublimation, digital or laser transfer, and special flex.

Producing and shipping: Custom apparel orders are manufactured within 48 hours from the US and the average arrival time is 3 – 8 business days.

Supplier 5 – Rush Order Tees

Rush Order Tees doesn’t charge you for designing and selling custom clothing products. You can add your logo or brand on hundreds of products and sell on demand without a cent unless your customers order the items. It’ll print your designs on the clothing item via screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, and tackle twill.

More features on clothing brand dropshipping:

Production: The average custom clothing production time is 5 – 6 days.

Shipping: The orders will be delivered to your customers worldwide in 9 to 10 business days.

Supplier 6 – Art of Where

Art of Where makes it easy to start a custom clothing dropshipping company even if you’re new to print on demand. You can customize and dropship everything from apparel, homeware, to travel accessories and phone cases. Best of all, it’ll ship the custom dropshipping products within packages containing your branding items like inside labels, tags, and more.

print on demand apparel

More features on this dropshipping supplier for customized clothing:

Price: Free of charge.

Printing methods: Cut-and-sew.

Producing: Around 24 – 48 hours.

Shipping: Free to ship within USA and Canada in 2 – 6 days. However, international orders will take 10-30 business days.

Supplier 7 – Teelaunch

Teelaunch is a good Shopify print on demand partner to design and dropship clothing. It works with multiple print providers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, and United Kingdom. You can choose the closest printing partner to make and ship the personalized apparel to the customers in specific countries or regions.

Using its product personalization tool, you can add your company’s name or upload images to the white-label apparel products. Along with custom dropship clothing items, it also dropships canvas sets, mugs, handbags, running shoes, jewelry, iPhone cases, and so on. 

Price: Free to access and design all kinds of apparel items.

Printing methods: It prints custom apparel by using direct-to-garment printing, cut and sew, and all-over-print option.

Order processing time: It takes 3 – 6 business days to manufacture fashion on demand.

Shipping time: From the warehouses in the US, Canada, or the UK, the arrival time of custom design drop shipping orders is within 2 days.

Supplier 8 – Printful

Printful has earned a good reputation in print on demand industry for the wide product selection. Aside from dropshipping clothing with your designs, it also sells customizable tote bags and backpacks, mugs, framed posters, and prints. Plus, branded packaging the custom apparel is also easy with Printful. It allows you to put tear-away tags, inserts, and stickers inside the packaging if needed.

More features on dropshipping custom online clothing:

Price: No upfront fees.

Printing methods: Direct-to-garment, embroidery, cut and sew, and sublimation printing.

Order processing time: It takes 2–7 business days to print your custom clothing products.

Shipping time: Depending on the destination, the arrival time will range from 3 days (US, Mexico, etc.) to 20 days.

Supplier 9 – Canadian Custom Apparel

Canadian Custom Apparel, as the name suggests, is a clothing print-on-demand company based in Canada. This supplier also features a wide range of fashion items to customize. You can create and sell tees & tanks, women’s clothing, fleece, uniforms, youth clothes, headwear, bags, and much more with your own design.

print on demand clothing

In its Design Lab, there are hundreds of make-to-order garments to choose from based on different sizes and colors. Plus, it’s embedded designer tools for customizing the apparel items and provides you with a real-time preview of how your design looks like. On top of that, it embraces custom branding services by putting your logo into the interior back yoke of the apparel.

More features on custom clothing for dropshipping:

Price: It doesn’t ask for any set-up fee to dropship custom print clothing.

Printing methods: Screen printing, embroidery, direct to garment, sublimation, vinyl printing, and live printing.

Order processing time: All POD orders will be prepared to ship within 5 business days.

Shipping time: Take around 3 weeks to ship from Canada to worldwide.

Supplier 10 – Teespring

The last print on demand company for personalized dropshipping apparel is Teespring. No upfront cost is required unless the custom clothing items are ordered. Once the orders are paid, this POD company will package custom dropship apparel with your logo and directly ship it to the shoppers.

More features on custom design drop shipping:

Printing methods: Screen printing and direct to garment printing.

Producing and shipping time:

  • US: 9 – 12 business days.
  • Canada: 12 – 15 business days.
  • European countries: 7 – 12 business days within UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden.
  • Dropshipping South Africa: 9 – 6 working days via standard shipping method.

Extra Tips on Custom Dropshipping

Is it profitable to dropship custom clothing?

Yes. As reported, the standard dropship margins are 20%. If you run a print on demand business by dropshipping and selling custom clothing or other products, the margins will reach 45%. Besides, you can earn much more if you can set reasonable prices to dropship custom clothes and do marketing right.

Is it legal to dropship clothing under your brand?

Yes. It’s legal and safe to partner with print on demand clothing companies to customize and sell custom products under your company’s brand.

Can you dropship other customized products?

Of course! Aside from clothing, you can also dropship custom hats, necklaces, mugs, notebooks, stickers, watches, journals, and so on.