It’s no secret: eBay hits more than 187 million monthly active users. With such a huge customer base, to get started dropshipping on eBay and make money have never been difficult. Besides, low initial capital that’s required and straightforward process also make it attractive to start eBay dropshipping with minimum risks.

If you are also keen to start a dropshipping business on eBay, wait no further! To do it right, it’s necessary – especially for novices – to have an overall understanding of eBay drop shipping before jumping in instantly. To help, we’ve explained the dropshipping policy set by eBay to give you some clarity and illuminated the positives and negatives of dropshipping.

Then, our steps of how to dropship on eBay at the very beginning, including how to find a reliable eBay dropshipper, will help iron out your own empire.

ebay dropshipping

Does eBay allow dropshipping?

What is eBay dropshipping? It’s a low-risk business model where eBay sellers run their businesses without the need for warehousing inventory of products they’re selling. After launching an eBay store, you just need to source products from wholesalers or eBay dropshippers to sell online. When you receive an order from an eBay buyer, the only step to take is purchasing the item from the suppliers. Then, notify them to pack the products and directly deliver them to shoppers.

Most people render that dropshipping on eBay is dead because plentiful dropship stores got banned from eBay in previous years. Honestly, there’s no fault with the dropshipping model itself. Instead, the banning is related to the overhigh prices and that dropshipping eBay sellers buy products from other marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, etc.

Since early 2019, eBay has officially claimed that dropshipping is allowed for anyone. The primary premise is to correctly obey the released eBay dropshipping policy. The regulations include listing items on drop shipping eBay stores that are allowed, buying products from a verified wholesale supplier to dropship eBay, and much more.

To dive deeper into the dropshipping eBay rules, keep reading.

What can you learn from eBay dropshipping policy?

As said above, eBay has issued guidelines about dropshipping. For the sellers, they have the standards to keep in mind how to act fairly and reasonably to dropship on eBay. For shoppers, these rules can promise a safe and harmonious buying experience. Below is a screenshot of the official rules on dropshipping with eBay.

dropshipping on eBay

To help you better understand the regulations, we’ll explain the dos and don’ts that have been mentioned one by one in the following.

1. Do purchase items from wholesalers

First, eBay drop shipping is allowed provided that you source products from a wholesale supplier and let the vendor deliver the items straight to buyers.

This regulation in eBay policy for dropshippers requires you to find and list products on eBay online stores from wholesalers or manufacturers. Once customers place orders, you need to work with them to fulfill orders by packing, checking, and sending items to the final buyers directly.

To avoid making mistakes and getting banned, work with EPROLO, a reliable partner to dropship on eBay that meets all eBay’s requirements. It sells dropship products sourced from trusted wholesalers at affordable prices and is well compatible with connecting any eBay store for FREE.

2. Do be in charge of on-time and safe delivery

The second agreement in eBay dropshipping policy that needs your special attention is to guarantee the delivery time.

First, the eBay rule dictates you to process and ship orders on the date of delivery you specify in the eBay listings. Second, if you don’t promise an earlier delivery time, any sellers, including dropshipping stores on eBay, need to send the products within 30 days after receiving the orders.

dropship on ebay

Additionally, whether items are delivered by the guaranteed delivery date and time also lies with the supplier. Therefore, it’s necessary to check the delivery time when wholesalers or dropshippers will ship the products.

3. Do satisfy buyers with the purchases

Third, eBay’s policies spell out that it’s sellers’ duty to make customers satisfied with the transactions. To get a higher customer satisfaction level, it’s advisable to:

  • Use REAL images to display your products to eBay customers
  • Sell items on eBay that correctly match the description in the listings
  • Deliver products within the agreed timeframe
  • Provide good product replacement or refund services

Want a supplier that offers high-quality items, appealing product images, and great customer services? Click here.

4. Don’t buy items from another retailer or marketplace

Aside from mentioning what to do, eBay’s policy on dropshipping also informs what sellers must not do. It doesn’t permit dropshipping stores on eBay to sell items that are bought and delivered straight from other retailers or marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, and so on. If eBay finds you breaking the dropshipping policy, you may face one or all the following penalties:

  • Suspending your eBay seller account.
  • Delisting your products from eBay.
  • Decreasing seller rating.
  • No seller protection.
  • Removal of listings from search results.
  • eBay may hold your payments.

All in all, to comply with eBay’s terms of policies and guidelines, a verified supplier matters. No ideas currently? EPROLO is worth a shot. It’s forged a solid relationship with eBay, offering millions of dropshipping products sourced from verified wholesale suppliers. Plus, it also supplies quick integration to dropship on eBay conveniently.

ebay drop shipping

How to dropship on eBay?

Sellers who choose eBay dropship gain access to over 187 billion monthly visitors to get their goods in front of. And a trustworthy drop shipping supplier will help store, pack, and ship the products for you so that you have more time on growing your business.

In this 7-step guide, we’ll show you how to dropship products legally by complying with eBay’s dropshipping policy with no experience required! A completely free and productive dropship supplier is covered. So, you’ll be soon on dropshipping to eBay like a veteran.

1. Register your eBay seller account

The very first step to drop ship on eBay is to sign up for an eBay seller account with an email address. Remarkably, it’s recommended to sign up for your target country. For example, if you intend to drop ship eBay UK, you should register as a seller on eBay UK.

ebay dropshipping

Then, continue to fill in your information and add payment methods

2. Do product research

Maybe you’ve already had an idea about what to dropship on eBay. Maybe you’re not. Whatever the case is, it’s necessary to do product research before listing items on your dropshipping stores on eBay immediately. And thus, you can easily figure out what is profitable to sell on eBay. Useful product research tactics include identifying your competitors, understanding the trends, what sells fast or easily, etc.

3. Determine products to sell on eBay and target audience

After the research, you should compile a list of the trending and profitable product ideas for drop shipping with eBay. Now, it’s time to evaluate all the products based on competition, profit margin, demand, return speed, and much more. That way, achieving success in dropship selling on eBay will be a cinch.

When selecting what to sell online, it’s also needed to identify your target audience. Knowing what your potential customers care about most always comes in handy for success.

4. Pick a dropshipping supplier

The next is sourcing products. As stated in the requirements, you can purchase products from wholesale dropshipping suppliers.

Most wholesalers will require you to buy in bulk, but EPROLO will not. It allows you to dropship only one item or multiple products on eBay as per your liking. Most importantly, it offers you forever free access to wholesale products, which you can directly upload to your online store with built-in eBay integration. On top of that, it promises quick and safe delivery, and labels your own store name on the packages.

dropshipping on eBay

5. Edit products’ information

Once found profitable items from the catalog, EPROLO enables you to edit the product details on the platform easily. This eBay dropshipper has embedded attractive product pictures and descriptions. You can apply them directly, or upload your own images and optimize the eBay listing by adding more selling points, quick delivery promises, and so on. Furthermore, you can set up reasonable prices for maximum profit margins.

dropship on ebay

6. Upload products to make a sale

Now, all that’s left to do is to upload products to sell online. To make your dropshipping store on eBay stand out from other competitors, it’s a wise move to build a marketing plan and do product branding.

7. Ship orders to eBay buyers

With all the steps above done right, you’ll quickly get the first order on your eBay store. At that time, the order will be automatically synced with EPROLO and shown up there. Pay for it and EPROLO will take good care of packing and shipping the product directly to your eBay customers.

Is dropshipping on eBay worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it if you want to start dropshipping on eBay and make money. It’s one of the best low-risk business ideas for all levels of people. And how to dropship on eBay for free is easy, just as what’s shown in the previous section. Plus, there’s very little upfront investment to get started. Take a look at the potential costs to eBay drop ship:

  • Insertion fees / Listing fees
  • Final value fees
  • Products costs (EPROLO only charges for products when ordered.)
  • Payment fees
  • Listing upgrading fee

When it comes to how profitable drop shipping on eBay is, the answer might depend. Exactly how much you earn is up to your efforts to grow your business.

Pros & cons of eBay drop shipping

Dropshipping for eBay is an incredible money-making way that gives a chance to anyone at all levels of eCommerce to sell items online. Though, in every seed of good there is always a piece of bad. Now, let’s quickly go over some of the pros and cons of dropshipping from eBay.


  • Low upfront investment

eBay makes any sellers freely list 250 items to sell. A free dropshipping wholesaler like EPROLO can dropship items on your behalf without charging you for the products and shipping fee unless they are ordered. To sum up, no matter which niche you’re into, you can dropship eBay with no money at all.

  • Easy to start

Normally, it’s simple to get started dropshipping on eBay with only a computer. And wholesale dropshippers will handle the product sourcing, packing, and shipping. Plus, there are multiple dropshipping tools for eBay out there in the market to make the selling more flexible.

  • High eCommerce platform traffic

Each month tons of active customers visit eBay looking to shop for products. With such a huge customer group, it’s easy to get your listing noticed when you start a dropshipping business on eBay with little marketing effort. Plus, you can use eBay to expand globally to dropship USA, Canada, UK, or other approved countries.

  • No worries on inventory and shipping

Whether you sell clothing or furniture, inventory and shipping are the main concerns for sellers. But when you drop ship on eBay, a dropshipper can easily work them out. They will store your stock, package the items, and ship them to eBay customers. All in all, you can start dropshipping eBay with minimal risk and the lowest investments.

ebay drop shipping


  • High competition

When dropshipping on eBay, the competition is fierce. eBay’s audience can always find a similar product that hundreds of drop shipping stores are selling at the same time. Furthermore, it’s sometimes hard to stand out because you all might source the products from the same dropshippers. To keep lowering the price will only result in decreasing the profit margin.

  • Own less control to your online store

When you dropship on eBay, it keeps you away from having full control of your dropshipping store. You must abide by the policies of eBay business to select what you sell and where you source the products.

Added to this, eBay limits your interaction with buyers. All the communication can be processed for the purpose of fulfilling the order.

  • Hard to build customer loyalty

When shoppers head to eBay, the purpose usually is to find a product rather than seek a seller. Unlike building a website to sell items using WooCommerce or Shopify, shoppers rely on eBay platforms instead of your store. Therefore, it’s tough to build your own customer base, let alone to grow your eCommerce store into a brand.

3 Tips to make money dropshipping on eBay

In general, eBay is a good marketplace to make money on dropshipping for new businesses and startups. To keep your business to dropship with eBay in good shape, here are a few useful tips to adopt.

1. Work with reliable dropshipping suppliers

We can’t stress this enough: pick a certified wholesaler. It’s the backbone to start, scale, and grow your dropshipping business without getting banned. Here’s a list of approved eBay dropshippers.

ebay dropshipping

2. Find the best items to dropship on eBay

To find dropshipping winning products and niches, it’s a must to keep up with the trends. Take a look at the most lucrative products to dropship on eBay.

3. Use effective eBay dropshipping software

Effective dropshipping software can handle many aspects of your dropshipping business. It can help upload products, optimize eBay listings, fulfill orders, track delivery, and so on.