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It’s true. Quite a lot of people get rich via doing eBay dropshipping UK. With more than 22 million active users in eBay UK, it offers plenty of opportunities to earn money from selling items on eBay. What’s more, eBay UK dropshipping is legal and anyone can start easily with professional dropshippers. The sellers just need to list items to the eBay store from certified wholesale suppliers and the drop shipping companies will fulfill the orders. They source, check, and pack the ordered items and offer safe delivery and optimized return policy to ensure better customer satisfaction.

In the following, you’ll get tried-and-true tips for how to start dropshipping on eBay UK. To ease your dropshipping trip, we’ve also covered 7 proven eBay dropshipping suppliers UK. Also, if you have no clue what to sell, the product ideas at the final part will come in handy.

ebay dropshipping uk

Is Dropshipping Allowed on eBay UK

Yes. On the report of eBay policy, the business model of eBay dropshipping UK has won the approval of eBay. It allows eBay UK sellers to partner with wholesale suppliers licensed to dropship products. Meanwhile, it also mandates that sellers ought to undertake the job of managing the shipment of products and offer after-sales service to satisfy customers.

Also, dropshipping is legal in the UK. Just make sure to sell products permitted by the United Kingdom, follow the appropriate laws, and pay the taxes required.

Can you dropship on eBay UK by buying and shipping items to the British shoppers from another retailer or marketplace? Unfortunately, eBay disagrees with that and has listed out the penalties for violation of eBay dropshipping suppliers UK. This includes but is not limited to canceling listing, removing listings out of eBay search and category results, lessening eBay sellers’ feedback score, and more.

In a word, anyone including you can dropship on eBay in UK legally as long as eligibility requirements are obeyed.

Is eBay Dropshipping UK Worth It

Yes, it is. To be specific, the average yearly eBay seller salary in the UK amounts to $34,972. When it comes to the advantages of eBay UK dropshipping, the large customer base in eBay UK can tell it best. Besides, there are also other benefits that can make dropshipping in the UK worth:

  • Up to £80,678 million revenue in the e-commerce market of the United Kingdom
  • Various kinds of products are in demand for British residents
  • No tech skills are required
  • Low competition in dropshipping on eBay UK
  • Low product costs from wholesale suppliers so that you can set up high profit margins
  • Quick delivery time with local eBay dropshipping suppliers UK

This list might leave you with confusion like which are the best dropshippers for eBay UK, how to start, and what to sell. Fret not! The following sections have offered supportive answers to these questions.

ebay dropshipping suppliers uk

List of 7 eBay Dropshipping Suppliers UK

If you’re at your wits’ end to find the best drop shipping suppliers for selling on eBay UK, check out our suggestions below. Both domestic companies and foreign dropshippers that own UK warehouses are included.

1. EPROLO – Free & certified eBay dropshipping UK supplier

EPROLO can be regarded as a one-size-fits-all option to dropship on eBay UK. It supplies free dropshipping services. From connecting your eBay UK dropship store and uploading trendy products to automated order fulfillment, you don’t need to pay a cent. It only charges you for the cost of the items your British customers ordered and the delivery fee.

Though EPROLO is not a UK-based supplier, it has a big warehouse in the UK so that it can promise to ship items to UK buyers in a short time. Besides, it features a wide product portfolio, where you can choose from millions of trendy items categorized in 107 dropshipping niches. Best of all, it allows you to wholesale or dropship one item only no matter what you want to sell.

ebay uk dropshipping

Furthermore, EPROLO’s strong positive reputations also make itself attractive. It’s served over 300,000 users and assisted more than 1,000 sellers in building their own brands successfully. Thanks to its excellent services, this eBay UK dropshipping company has gotten nearly 1,000 positive reviews in Trustpilot with a 4.9/5 star.

2. Amazon UK

Next on this eBay UK dropshippers list is Amazon UK. It’s a good choice for sellers who wish to start an Amazon to eBay dropshipping UK business.

It connects the sellers to UK-based wholesale suppliers that conform to eBay UK dropshipping policy. From its comprehensive product directory, you can sell trendy products like boutique clothing, electronics, furniture, office suppliers, and much more. Additionally, the products it sells are mainly tailored for British buyers. This does offer some profitable product ideas for dropshipping Amazon to eBay UK.

In terms of shipping time, it claims to spend 3 – 5 days after dispatch to deliver the products to any location in the United Kingdom.

3. Avasam

Avasam is one of the domestic dropshippers for eBay UK. It’s dedicated to automating dropshipping order management, inventory update, payments, and shipping. It has a direct integration service with eBay so that you can easily add as many as high-profit margin products to the store. Apart from your store build in eBay, Avasam also makes it a breeze to integrate with Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, BigCommerce, etc.

Plus, it only partners with verified suppliers and manufacturers headquartered in the UK. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the products are authentic and high-quality. Also, you can expect a fast delivery time as all the products will be shipped directly from the domestic UK suppliers.

4. Clothes2order

If you’re in need of dropshipping suppliers UK for eBay that specialize in clothing, consider Clothes2order. It sells fashionable apparel and fashion items to women, men, and kids at competitive prices.

ebay dropshipping uk

To be specific, it’s a print on demand dropshipping vendor based in the Unitied Kingdom. You can add your own design to t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, and so on. All your design items will be delivered directly from its UK warehouses.

5. AliExpress

Like Amazon, AliExpress also boasts a broad product selection. You can find more than 111 million products for eBay UK dropship. From electronics, jewelry, and coffee products to kitchen supplies and home tools, it sells all kinds of products at affordable prices. Additionally, it supports worldwide shipping, one option of which is the United Kingdom.

6. SupplyMeDirect

Another domestic dropshipping company is SupplyMeDirect. It stands out from other local suppliers for eBay dropshipping UK with warehouses located in multiple areas of the UK. With its automated dropshipping system, you can source products, fulfill orders, and arrange delivery with just a few clicks.

On top of that, you can sell anything it offered to eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. Along with selling products with brands, it also provides services for sellers to dropship with their own private labeling items. It’s also worth mentioning that its average delivery period is between 4 to 7 days.

7. Amos Mann

Let’s end the list of dropshipping eBay suppliers UK with Amos Mann. It offers a huge range of furniture used in bedrooms, offices, dining room, lounge, and much more. As a UK dropshipping wholesaler, it trades all high-quality furniture at cheap prices.

ebay dropshipping suppliers uk

Certainly, all furniture will be shipped straight from its UK warehouse. However, the delivery time may vary depending on the item sizes. Specifically, the larger furniture will take 7-10 working days, while the smaller one will take 2-3 business days.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t support quick integration with your store when dropshipping in eBay UK. You’ll need to manually upload the product to your store and fulfill the order on your own.

How to Start Dropshipping on eBay UK

In fact, how to dropship on eBay UK is simple. As long as you have the eBay UK account, suitable eBay UK dropshipping suppliers, and products consumers love to buy, you’re in good shape. Here are more detailed steps to take:

1. Sign up for an eBay UK account and build your store.

2. Partner with a free UK dropshipping supplier, for example, EPROLO.

3. Click Connect New Store and choose eBay. Then, follow the prompted instruction to integrate with your eBay UK store.

ebay uk dropshipping

4. Once linked to your eBay store, go to Find Products on the left. To choose items to sell, click Add to Import List.

ebay dropshipping uk

5. Next, head to Products > Import List to edit product information. Then, hit Push to Store to import and list products to the eBay UK store in one click.

ebay dropshipping suppliers uk

6. After that, set up clear business policies for your eBay UK store. As stated by eBay policy, you’ll need to create the rules and information related to acceptable payment methods, return policy, and shipping details.

7. When a British resident purchases an item from your eBay UK store, the order will be sent to the supplier automatically. Then, go to Orders > EPROLO Orders and pay for the item.

ebay uk dropshipping

Now, you’re all done. Once received your payment, the supplier will offer an automated order fulfillment service. They’ll quickly process the order and start ordering products, packing, and shipping them to the customer. Additionally, it’ll update the delivery tracking information to your eBay UK store.

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Best Items to Dropship on eBay UK

Picking the profitable niche dropshipping on eBay UK could be one of the biggest hurdles for sellers. We feel the pain and intend to introduce two easy-to-practice strategies to do product research.

One is to go through what sells best in eBay UK. You can take a look at the Best Sellers on the eBay platform and switch to different categories of products. Aside from that, eBay also regularly updates the top-selling categories in its export page so you can check it out, too.

The other way is to see the directories of your picked eBay dropshipping suppliers UK. For example, if you choose the EPROLO free dropshipping platform, you can find trendy products in its Top 100 Dropship Products and Weekly New Products section.

ebay dropshipping uk

If you’d like to use Amazon UK, its Best Sellers, Newly Released, or Most Wished For section will give you tons of hot product selection in a UK dropshipping business.

Here’re 8 best items to dropship on eBay UK: