Believe it or not, but most people have been ready for the Christmas celebration. The coming up Christmas holiday spending can give you a sales boost via dropshipping Christmas products.

Understanding what your customers are after is a great point to start dropshipping Christmas. Maybe they intend to buy holiday clothing for celebrating Christmas. Perhaps they prefer searching for items used in Christmas decorations. Also, Christmas gifts, holiday food products, and pet costumes for Christmas are in great demand.

To grasp the revenue opportunities in this winter holiday season, it’s also a smart move to work with a solid dropshipping supplier.

In the following, we’ve introduced a free dropshipping platform and listed more than 40 best dropshipping products for Christmas. Keep moving to boost your sales at Christmas.

dropshipping christmas

Is dropshipping Christmas products profitable

The answer is an absolute YES. Based on researches from Statista, this year could a perfect year for holiday spending in Christmas. Over 90% of people report planning to shop online to celebrate this family reunion holiday. This does bring a chance to a store for dropshipping Christmas products to make ideal profits.

There are also various types of Christmas products beloved by the customer as part of holiday spending at Christmas. Dropshipping Christmas sellers can find any preferable Christmas niche products to dropship. This covers Christmas gifts, Christmas clothing or costumes, Christmas decoration, Christmas food items, Christmas food items, and more.

A free Christmas dropshipping supplier

With the abundant Christmas products ideas, you have no shortage of potential customers during this holiday shopping. So, where to start to dropship Christmas products?

It has to note that Christmas-themed products are seasonal products. The surge in demand for these best dropshipping products for Christmas only occurs around December 25th. You’ll need to bear the risk of handling the inventory and paying a lot for the employee in packing and shipping with traditional eCommerce fulfillment. That’s where EPROLO, a free dropshipping supplier, comes into play.

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The EPROLO dropshipping program can help reduce the cost and risk of selling Christmas products. You don’t need to purchase bulk Christmas items or handle inventory before the sales. EPROLO holds onto the inventory of trending products to dropship for Christmas.

EPROLO connects Christmas dropshipping stores to various suppliers. You can find the best-selling Christmas gifts and other Christmas niches on a straightforward platform. It’s easy to search hot dropshipping products for Christmas with the highlighted holiday top seller labels.

Also, it offers wholesale prices for all the things to buy for Christmas like Money Christmas tree, Christmas baby jumpsuit, pet holiday costumes, etc. No minimum order quantity is set. This provides startups with a high margin space for making more profits.

EPROLO also promises to deliver a fast worldwide shipping service. It’ll take care of packing Christmas products and shipping them to any country like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. The average shipping time is between 5 – 12 days.

What to dropship for Christmas

Now, you have dealt with the inventory and shipping of your online Christmas business. The final thing is, what do you dropship for Christmas?

As said earlier, multiple Christmas-related products have the potential to boost holiday spending in Christmas. It might be not difficult to decide what to sell over this Christmas holiday shopping season.

Below, we’ll go over 10 Christmas product categories that sell most during the holiday season. You can easily find these top-selling items for Christmas in EPROLO and add them to your dropshipping store. They can skyrocket the revenues and land you more customers as long as you position them properly.

1. Dropshipping Christmas decorations

The number one option on our list is to dropship Christmas ornaments. According to Google Trends, the Christmas decoration niche has gotten a stable interest rate over the last 5 years during Christmas.

dropship christmas decorations

The reasons to dropship decoration items in Christmas:

  • Various decoration niches: Indoor, outdoor, bathroom, Christmas tree, etc.
  • Various kinds of decoration products
  • Lightweight and easy to dropship
  • Cheap cost for high profit

Popular products for Christmas decorations dropship:

1.1 Small Christmas Tree

This is a must-have for a Christmas tree dropshipping store focusing on indoor decoration.

christmas tree dropshipping

1.2 3D Paper Garland

Multiple kinds of garland can be used for decorating Christmas trees, doors, and so on.

dropship christmas ornaments

1.3 Heart-shaped Transparent Ball

dropship christmas ornaments

1.4 Christmas Window Curtain Buckle

Window decoration is also a good sub-niche under Christmas decoration dropshipping.

dropship christmas ornaments

1.5 Wooden Pendant Ornaments for Christmas Tree

dropship christmas decorations

1.6 Christmas Tree with Snow

dropship christmas decorations

2. Dropship Christmas clothing

Wearing ugly sweaters has become a party trend for celebrating Christmas. With this, dropshipping clothing is also a perfect niche to boost your sales during Christmas. As you can see in the screenshot below, Christmas sweaters take up a part in online holiday spending.

dropshipping christmas

The reasons to sell clothing at Christmas:

  • High-profit margin
  • Various kinds of clothing categories for choice
  • Broad target audience like women, men, couples, family, etc.

Popular clothing product for Christmas dropship:

2.1 A-line Mini Dress

dropship christmas products

2.2 Unisex Snowman Sweater

You can also focus on a specific clothing niche to dropship custom ugly Christmas sweaters only.

dropship christmas products

2.3 3D Printed Christmas Pullovers

dropship christmas products

2.4 Women Leggings

dropship christmas products

2.5 Couple Christmas Pajamas

dropship christmas products

3. Dropship Christmas gifts

Another dropshipping category that achieves a stable interest rate in Google Trends is Christmas gifts.

dropshipping christmas

The reasons to dropship Christmas gifts:

  • Be in great demand as opening gifts on Christmas Eve is popular
  • High margin space
  • Suitable for all kinds of customers

Popular selling gifts for Christmas dropship:

3.1 Cute Christmas Stockings Socks

best items to dropship for christmas

3.2 Snowman Dolls

best items to dropship for christmas

3.3 Snowman Pillow & Cushion

best items to dropship for christmas

3.4 Women’s Christmas-themed Socks Gift

best items to dropship for christmas

3.5 Christmas Elk Earrings

dropship christmas gifts

3.6 Santa Claus Bracelet

dropship christmas gifts

4. Find Christmas lights for dropship

Lights associated with Christmas are symbols in Christmas decorations. As reported in Google Trends, Christmas light became a hit keyword around December 25th in 2020. This interest rate is up 30% when compared with the previous year.

christmas dropshipping

The reasons to sell light from dropship Christmas decorations niche:

  • Lightweight and small size
  • Bulk purchase is preferred
  • Low product cost

Popular products for Christmas light dropship:

4.1 Snowflake Lights

This can be used in decorating the Christmas tree and the window.

christmas decorations dropship

4.2 Start Light

christmas decorations dropship

4.3 Wooden Luminous Pendants with Snowman

Such pendants have consisted of snowman dolls, Christmas trees, and star ornaments. Shining with yellow light, these wooden pendants are appealing to shoppers who have kids.

christmas decorations dropship

4.4 LED Fairy Lights with House Style

christmas decorations dropship

5. Dropship Christmas pet products

Apart from the house and the kids, people nowadays also take good care of their pets. For that, you can also consider dropshipping pet products during Christmas to make revenue.

dropshipping christmas products

The reasons for pet products dropshipping in Christmas:

  • Pet care market size is growing
  • Low product cost and shipping cost
  • Various costumes with different shapes, sizes, patterns, etc.

Popular pet products for Christmas dropship:

5.1 Pet Saliva Towel

dropship christmas products

5.2 Christmas Dog Custome

dropship christmas products

5.3 Christmas Pet Dress with Snowman Doll

dropship christmas products

5.4 Cotton Christmas-themed Do Clothes

dropship christmas products

6. Dropship Christmas toys

Toys is another winning product for dropshipping. If the target audience in your Christmas dropshipping business is kids, the Christmas toys are a good niche for you.

dropshipping christmas

The reasons to dropship toys in Christmas:

  • The toys industry involves broad age groups
  • Low shipping cost
  • Stable demand

Popular toys products for Christmas dropshipping:

6.1 Kids’ Christmas Eye Mask

Most kids enjoy dressing themselves up during Christmas for fun. This eye mask made with a paper Santa Claus and Christmas tree pattern is really attractive for kids.

dropshipping christmas products

6.2 Santa Claus Inflatable Toy

Parents can use these inflatable Christmas toys to play throwing rings games with their lovely kids.

dropshipping christmas products

6.3 Christmas Finger Toys

These finger toys come in four different shapes: snowman, snowflake, Santa Claus, and Christmas tree. The cute patterns accompanied by shining LED lights can help develop your children’s imagination.

dropshipping christmas products

7. Dropship Christmas baby

Next, consider adding baby products to your Christmas dropshipping store. Baby products have occupied a 35% market share in the eCommerce market. Furthermore, Christmas baby products have achieved high popularity in Google Trends over the last 5 years

christmas dropshipping

The reasons to dropship baby products in Christmas:

  • Small size and lightweight
  • Diverse product categories
  • Simple to promote on social media

Popular baby product for drosphipping Christmas:

7.1 Baby Jumpsuits Elk Costume

best items to dropship for christmas

7.2 Santa Claus Baby Jumpsuit

dropshipping christmas

8. Christmas furniture

Furniture decoration is a profitable niche that you can’t miss out on. As the data shown in Google Trends, Christmas furniture is a trending module in holiday spending from Christmas.

dropshipping christmas

Popular furniture products to drop ship at Christmas:

8.1 Bathroom Toilet Seat Cover Set

dropshipping christmas products

8.2 Santa Claus & Snowman & Reindeer Toilet Cover

dropshipping christmas products

8.3 Dining Room Chair Cover

dropship christmas products

9. Christmas kitchen products

During Christmas Day, most families tend to spend time in the kitchen. All the family members stay together for making gingerbread houses, cookies, turkey, and more. For this Christmas tradition, kitchen products also get popular during Christmas.

dropshipping christmas

Popular kitchen products for Christmas dropship:

9.1 Santa Claus Knife and Fork Set

You can also consider Kitchen decoration when dropshipping Christmas.

dropshipping christmas products

9.2 Santa Claus Apron

dropshipping christmas products

9.3 Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin

dropshipping christmas products

10. Christmas hair products

This best-selling Christmas product dropshipping list is ended up with hair products. Though hair products are not Christmas-related items, you can still expect large orders for them during Christmas.

The keyword “Christmas hair” also reached near 100% around December 25th over the last five years in Google Trends.

dropshipping christmas

Popular hair products for dropshipping Christmas:

10.1 Christmas Sequins Headband

best dropshipping products for christmas

10.2 Electric Laser Comb

best dropshipping products for christmas

10.3 Metal Hair Clip for Women and Girls

best dropshipping products for christmas

10.4 Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener & Curler Tool

dropshipping christmas

10.5 Rainbow Hair Clips

dropshipping christmas

It’s time for dropshipping Christmas!

After finding the best items to dropship for Christmas, it’s time to start your dropshipping business now. Just go to EPROLO and use its free dropshipping platform to generate revenue.