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When starting your online business, a lot of ideas will spring into your mind. Sell a product or some service, who are your potential customers, where is your target market, how about your competitors? But the most important question lies that you must find products to sell online and make sure your business is profitable.

You’ll notice it is not easy once you enter the ecommerce world! Now, we’re talking about how to find winning products dropshipping.

How to Find Winning Products

What do we call a Winning Product?

Winning products are trending products. You may have noticed them on most websites, especially e-commerce sites. Winning products dropshipping is a continuously hot topic in the field of electronic commerce, and it is getting increasingly popular. It seems that a winning product is the guarantee of your successful dropshipping business. And finding great product ideas is half the battle.

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1. Winning products must be in high demand

Once a great product occurs or is coming out and gets popular soon, it shows that it must meet some needs of people or help us solve a problem. This has been verified by many winning dropshipping products.

Well, some passion dropshipping niches can also be trending. Take pet accessories as an example, since pets are human friends, pet lovers always take care of them as their families. Therefore, pet supplies enjoy a large market, and every pet product could be potential.

Winning dropshipping products are trending items as well. It is not only practical but also stylish. You may see some shapewear, hair products, healthy and beauty products, personal care, hobbies, and craft have got quite a lot orders and in the hot-sale lists of some e-commerce sites. Yes, these are items that we can call them winning dropshipping products.

2. Winning products have low availability

If all Shopify dropshipping stores list the same products to sell online, guess what, this may indicate that the item has a ready market in a short time. But, it will never be called a winning product. In other words, winning dropship products always come with low availability. It is not easily found in online stores, which means you should seize the opportunity and try to be the first person to identify these great product ideas. The earlier you enter the winning products’ market, the fewer the competitors.

3. Winning products involve uniqueness

Remember that scene? You were amazed by the wonderful gadgets in the window. You just “Wow” out at the first sight of it and believe it is unique. How could it be such an exquisite item? Indeed, a winning product could be a quirky and funny gadget. Your eyesight is caught and you have a crush for it when you get exposed to it. This item greatly meets your aesthetic needs, and its uniqueness also makes customers appreciate it more and want to get it.

How to make sure it is a winning product?

Now, you already have a general concept of winning products in 2021. It is like a vague shadow lingering in your mind. You seem to know about it, but online retailers still need to do some product research to gain more data and confidence.

Before doing product research, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How about the product cost and profit margin?
  • What’s the market size and the competitors?
  • Will it be difficult to ship the item concerning the size and weight?
  • Are there any restrictions on your product?

1. Reach your target audience

Product and customer have never been an opposite concept. A good product will be sought after by the customers, and the customers’ preference is also the most direct and best reagent to reflect whether the product is hot. As an online retailer, finding your target audience is basic. It should be listed in your business plan to start dropshipping. Remember, it is nearly impossible that all people, men and women, young and old, will be your potential customers. Only by aiming at your target customers and persisting in long-term marketing to them can your e-commerce last for a long time. Besides, when performing ads, you can narrow your audience by their ages and interest.

winning products dropshipping

2. Find your target market

The target market sounds similar to the target audience, but don’t mix them up. According to Wikipedia, a target market is a group of customers within a business’s serviceable available market at which a business aims its marketing efforts and resources. A target market is a subset of the total market for a product or service. In other words, you can think of the target market the collection of a certain target audience. For instance, for those who sell jewelry, their target audience is people who wear jewelry and tend to buy jewelry.

However, according to the jewelry style and categories, it can be divided into multiple target markets. Even though you know your target audience, finding the target market is not easy. Sometimes, you can learn from your competitors. Analyzing your product or service is the first step to defining your target market, and then evaluating the market size.

3. Determine the selling price

Whatever you sell online, you wish to make a decent profit. Thus, setting a price strategy and profit margin is an essential part of your online business plan. All costs should be covered when it comes to charging for your product, like the material costs, labor costs, shipping fees, processing fees, damage and returns. After calculating your total costs, the next step is to collect and compare the pricing with your competitors. You must find a reasonable profit margin to make your dropshipping products more competitive. Once you open an e-commerce site, all product prices are available in front of you. Now, spend some time studying them and keep a record.

We just now talked about shipping fees, but shipping is another factor you should take into consideration when making the selling price strategy. Though dropshipping business does not require online retailers to deliver items yourself. Generally speaking, you’d better sell some products that are more suitable for shipping. The size, weight, packaging of products and delivery time should be taken into account since your customers are spotted all over the world. A product convenient to ship can reduce your cost and other unnecessary hassles to some extent.

winning products dropshipping

7 winning dropshipping product research tools

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a free data exploration tool that lets marketers better understand what audiences are interested in and curious about, in real-time. Just enter the keywords, choose the time, region, categories, web search, then you can observe the search trend and popularity of keywords. Besides, it will show you the related topics and related queries for reference. Meanwhile, you can add several search terms and compare them together to figure out your target market. In a word, Google Trends is an excellent product research tool.

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2. Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is professional dropshipping software that you may have heard. Equipped with advanced algorithm searches e-commerce stores around the world, Sell The Trend give you detailed information on 7.32 million products across 83 popular niches with suppliers, descriptions, videos, pricing, offers, and more. What’s more, you can see how many orders a product is getting, know the level of competition. A wonderful feature is the ability to discover trending or high potential products from AliExpress, Amazon, or other Shopify stores. Now, it has developed a video ad generator, you can create a video accompanied by non-copyrighted music for your product by using imported images. Their subscription price may be a little pricey for beginners at $39.97 per month.

3. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is another powerful dropshipping product research tool. It shows you products already proven to be best sellers on other online stores with revenue estimates. Niche Scraper provides extensive data on winning dropshipping products in 2021. You’re able to view useful data like the sales trend from the past 7 days, the rate at which sales are increasing or decreasing, and even the level of competition. It helps dropshippers search products from AliExpress and Shopify stores, and target your search to specific countries. It will be easier to analyze your competitive store’s monthly traffic and revenue, the number of orders, the average price of a product.

Niche Scraper allows you to make simple but unique ad videos using product images, text, and music. You can create several versions of the video ad in just a few clicks. It has a free plan that offers access to hand-picked winning products with a limited number of “scraper” in each category.

Now, you may have learned some methods to judge whether products are trending, but where to find winning products for dropshipping may still be a challenge for you. Don’t worry, go to the e-commerce websites serving globally to get your inspiration!

4. Amazon Best Sellers

As the largest e-commerce company in America, Amazon sells globally now, and it is the most renowned platform. You can check the most popular items on Amazon Best Sellers. The products on these lists mean they are hot-selling worldwide, in other words, you can turn them into popular products in your Shopify dropshipping store as well. The Best Seller mostly covers all categories, so whatever your niches are, you can pick the products and start selling in your store.

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5. Wish’s Winning Products

Wish is a global mainstream mobile online shopping application, but also one of the largest mobile e-commerce platforms in North America and Europe. Most of the products sold on Wish are small trending items with low prices, which are very suitable for dropshipping. These products are catered to attract the impulse buy, and are good reference and inspiration for you to find winning products to start dropshipping. Clicking the product, you can check the reviews and photos from customers, which are the direct feedback.

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6. AliExpress Top Rankings

Ranked the third largest English online shopping website in the world, AliExpress contains a wide range of product categories. When you open the AliExpress page, you’ll find the TOP Rankings. The first layout is Top Selling of each category, where you can find the top 10 best selling by clicking the product. You can even see the order number of each item. The second layout is the Most Popular, where the top 10 items that audiences are most interested in will be displayed. The third one is the Top Picks, and it shows how many people add the product into the cart. This page is so helpful for finding winning dropshipping products, since it offers reliable data support. Divided into each category makes it easy for you to find your niche products to start selling quickly.

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7. Using EPROLO to find dropshipping products

Founded in 2015, EPROLO is not only an app serving dropshippers, but it has developed a FREE dropshipping platform that deals with all dropshipping matters from product sourcing, quality control, warehouse, packing, and shipping. Now, there’re more than 300 thousand products on their ERP system and has helped more than 300,000 users fulfill their orders.

EPROLO updates the top 100 products according to the sales of AliExpress and other e-commerce platforms regularly and keeps updating trending products every week. EPROLO now can integrate with Shopify, Woocommerce, AliExpress dropshipping store, which means better management for your store. All orders can be processed synchronously in the EPROLO EPR system, you have access to checking them in real-time. I believe you will avoid a lot of trouble in sourcing and shipping, even after-sale with EPROLO dropshipping!

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