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Why Dropship Hair Products

With the diversification of the online market, business owners are struggling to choose niches. In this article, you may find the profitable dropshipping hair products.

Based on some correlative analysis, the global hair market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during 2021-2028. COVID-19 has affected the hairdressing industry. Instead of going outside, lots of consumers do their haircare at home. Following the current trends, sell hair products online becomes a profitable dropshipping niche.

When the facial masks cover our beauty, hairdressing plays a more significant role in looking pretty and youthful. Hair products have become daily necessities. The promotion craze was then heightened thanks to the advent of influencer marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, etc. Consumers have keen on searching for good hair products. Furthermore, hair products will never be out of fashion.

According to Google Trends, “hair products” is in an upward trend since 2020.

dropship hair products

Therefore, if you are interested and want to share a slice of cake in the industry, start your own hair business now.

How to dropship hair products online

Dropshipping is a mature order fulfillment method. In this business model, an online store owner only needs to do product marketing and customer service. After receiving orders, dropshipping suppliers will take good care of product sourcing, packing and delivery. There are four steps you need to do before handing your order to a drop shipping supplier.

1. Build a well-designed online store

As a beginner, the primary step is to choose a suitable eCommerce platform. Starting a hair business with Shopify or Woocommerce store is popular. After registration, you need to research your dropshipping store name setting and page design. It should be highly eye-catching and meet the customers’ appetite. Furthermore, a navigation bar and systematic category will create your customers a good shopping experience.

2. Choose your target hair products

It is advisable to dropship some profitable hair products. But there are different functions to hair, like hair cutting, hair maintenance and others. If you get stuck in choosing the target dropship hair products, you are supposed to use search engines and social media marketing. As the saying goes, the more popular, the more competitive. Don’t forget to ensure your market competitiveness with some helpful product research tools.

3. Find Reliable Dropship Suppliers

Lots of hair companies offer various hair products to sell online. Reliable dropshipping hair vendors can boost your business for sure. You need to count fulfillment service, rating and reviews as significant factors. You can make a comparison among pricing, products sourcing, shipping methods, delivery time, refund policy, customer service, and so on. Platform reviews such as EPROLO are public to everyone on the Shopify app store page. Breaking down the pros and cons will be helpful to make decisions.

4. Promote Hair Products

After creating your Shopify store and deciding a niche, promoting a product is challenging as well. There are some best effective ways to promote a product below.

  • Email Marketing
  • Offer an exclusive discount
  • Write a blog post or press release
  • Google My Business promotions
  • High-rate reviews from customers
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook ads
  • Popup generators
  • Recruit influencers to share your products

It only requires some clicks and concentration to start making big sales online. You will be surprised at the simplicity and effect of the promotion you did.

6 Profitable Dropship Hair Products in 2021

With searching for hair products on AliExpress, there are more than 23,000 results on the top-level list. On eBay, there are nearly 7,300 results, and there are over 220,000 on Amazon. But how to choose profitable but popular products? How to make your Shopify store stand out from your competitors? It seems easy to dropship but choose valuable and top quality products is the main point. If you have subscribed to recommendation emails weekly on some shopping websites, you may easily get some trending products list from them. You can take them for reference and catch up with the trend. Besides, You cannot miss my recommendation of six popular dropship hair products.

1. Multi-In-One Hairdryer Brush

It is impossible to visit a salon every day. Hairdryer brushes become an excellent helper for people who want to style hair at home, particularly a multifunctional one. A multi-in-one step hair dryer brush is suitable for wet and dry hair, even all hair types. It can dry hair and style hairdo at once.

The feature makes the hairdryer brush a powerful tool and hairdo styling easier. Especially in the morning, when you don’t have enough time to do hairdressing, it’s as convenient as hair extensions. It is a trend to sell this product even on every eCommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc. This top-quality hair product meets EU, US, JP, or AU safety requirements. Your customer can use it without worries. So it could be an excellent choice to start your own hair business.

dropshipping hair

2. Human Hair Wigs

Have you ever thought of getting a different hairstyle to fit your new dress every time? We all are born with a keen thirst for good looks. You have the right to please yourself by making yourself prettier. But it is impossible to change your hairstyles frequently because it takes time. Not only does leaching and dyeing damage your hair, but hair dyes may be harmful to humans. It is the best time to sell hair wigs. You can use them to make hair extensions and have more options than ever. This quality hair product enables you to switch up any hairstyles, textures and color at home with hair wigs. You can achieve your desired look with curled, straightened and colored hairstyles. 

3. Hairline Shadow Powder

With the effect of aging, improper eating habits, and environmental pollution, receding hairline is a common annoyance for people, especially those with a high hairline. Hairline Shadow Powder is used for filling hairlines. Of course, it is suitable for all kinds of people. Some young people chase good-looking and looking for an affordable product to make the hairline look perfect. The product designer creates different colors to suit different people who have different hair colors. You can modify your hairstyle and cover your white hair. It will make your hairline look natural and long-lasting. This product won’t harm your hair.

dropshipping hair

4. Detangling Hair Brush Combs

Due to improper care of your hair, it may get tangles, breakage, splitting and damage. But how can a beautiful woman wear matted hair with tangles and knots? Manic brushing your hair will only cause frizz. It’s wise to dropship detangling hair brush combs. This product works for wet or dry hair also. To dropship hair brush combs, the product should have a comfortable hand grip and a lovely appearance. It can comb your hair smoothly and easily without tugging and reduce the strain of hair.

Round hair teeth at the brush comb can massage your head and improve your hair growth. What’s more, massaging the scalp for your parents with this product, it is effective to relieve headache.

dropshipping hair

5. Professional Hair Scissors

More people are willing to have the haircut themselves during the epidemic. Hence, the demand for hair scissors is increased accordingly. Based on google trends, the data raised significantly from March 2020.

Have you ever cut your hair by yourself, even just your bangs? What’s your feeling when you make a good hairdo by DIY? I think you will feel a little proud. Or maybe a big part of your customers are salon owners, and they are looking for new shears. Of course, everyone can buy a professional hair scissor, not only salon owners. Instead of visiting a salon, trimming hair for your children or parents helps bond with them. What a lovely moment!

Hair store owners can dropship professional hair scissors on the schedule from today. However, there are thousands of hair scissors available. A good scissor should be super sharp because a dull one will fray, split and damage hair. Finding the best hair scissors isn’t easy, so a reliable dropshipping agent bulks large in product selection.

dropship hair products

6. Electric Hair Cordless Clipper

Like hair scissors, electric hair cordless clipper is a good partner for a DIY haircut, especially for men or kids. The feature of this product contains one-button operation, several level speed control, ultra-low noise and fast charging. It’s efficient and portable. You can use it for babies, young people and the older. Let you no longer worry about haircuts and easily give a good shape. The hair clipper could touch the scalp. It’s designed with a rounded corner to ensure comfort and safety while doing a haircut. The head of the hair clipper includes a static blade and a movable blade. Its removable cutter head makes clean easier.

dropship hair products

I hope I have contributed to help you decide what items to sell for your hair product business. If you have determined what products to sell online, let’s move the step to find a dropshipping agent who can help you with the dropshipping.

5 Top Dropshipping Hair Products Suppliers


EPROLO is a forever-free dropshipping platform that offers a wide selection of more than 300 thousand products. There are ten dropshipping product categories and over one hundred subcategories in the Find Products menu bar. You can find your target items of Hair Care & Styling, Shaving & Hair Removal, Beauty Essentials, Fragrances & Deodorants, etc.


Dropshipping hair products have been a part of its services. The platform provides a best-selling list on the product page, which you can search for the top 100 best niche dropshipping products.

Varied based on shipping methods and destination countries, the platform offers a fast shipping time of around 5 to 12 days. Peak seasons like Christmas will affect it a little. If there is a shipping delay, it will send a notification in advance. And it will keep you update when facing any problem.

It’s worth noting that EPROLO is also a dropshipping sourcing agent. Every dropshipper can use it to source products from AliExpress and others. It’s not limited to Shopify and Woocommerce stores. What’s more, EPROLO launches a custom branding project for dropshipping business owners. You can use it to make custom packaging and create an independent hair brand to retain customers.

Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint is a USA wholesale distributor and supplier. The website provides beauty products covering makeup, skincare, makeup kits, hair care products, etc. Considered one of the competitive beauty wholesalers in the industry, Beauty Joint also offers dropshipping services for hair stores.

As a one-stop dropshipping hair supplier, it constantly recommends new products and hair brands to its inventory. Beauty Joint provides four options regarding shipping methods, like Standard, USPS Priority Mail, and USPS Priority Express Mail. International shipping is available. The website has a dropshipping Program for online store owners. About payment methods, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro are available.


As a leading fashion retailer, Nordstrom focuses on personal care products for men and women. It is a dropship hair vendor and has set up a drop shipping program for online retailers with minimal set-up costs. The platform offers items from clothing, accessories, skincare to hair care products. You can reach the best-selling list on the sale category page. And Nordstrom offers fast shipping service cover anywhere in the United States by 3-8 business days. You can choose international shipping on it too.

Airy Hair

Airy Hair is a premium dropshipping hair vendor with 15 years of experience operating in the U.S. It specializes in high quality dropshipping hair extensions with a variety of colors, styles, and textures. This wholesale hair factory offers dropshippers a trusted source for virgin hair and Remy hair extensions of different types. The platform also provides custom branding for dropshipping hair stores and creates a good brand experience for the final customers.

Virgin City hair

Virgin City hair is a US-based dropshipping hair supplier. The company claims to provides 100% high quality virgin hair extensions. It offers USPS standard shipping for all drop shipping orders within the U.S. and international worldwide shipping. It only processes orders on business days and is not responsible for items lost and late shipments. Virgin City Hair is famous in the hair business industry. It has been a fixture of several recognized magazines, for example, Glamour and teen vogue.

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After reading this article and knowing these mentioned dropship hair vendors, still cannot find your target products? Don’t worry. Try EPROLO product sourcing service. After comparison among the dropshipping market, EPROLO will pick up the best products for you as you required. Thus, you can import the products you want to sell fast via connection with EPROLO and have your store ready to make sales right away.