Selling custom products online to Australia? Shipping issues may cause you a headache. The country seats in Oceania is a little bit isolated. Products can take months to deliver to your buyers, especially when you use non-Australian dropshipping suppliers. Even worse is that lead time for customization will further kill customers’ patience.

Problems can be solved. Local print on demand dropshippers have great advantages in fast shipping time. And they can alleviate the pressure brought by custom product production.

To save your searching workload, we discover 10 best print on demand dropshipping Australia companies and put them under. Moreover, tips for AU print-on-demand drop shipping are placed to give you a hand.

print on demand dropshipping australia
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What is Print on Demand? Is it better than Dropshipping?

Before starting, let’s clean up some beginner questions. Print on demand has been developed into an e-commerce business model nowadays. Thanks to the advanced printing technology, merchants are able to sell various on-demand printing products supplied by suppliers, not limited to books and clothing.

As for dropshipping, it is a format that suppliers engage in shipping to end customers. Both print on demand and dropshipping are popular among online businessmen. It’s hard to tell which is better for there is overlap between the two. Some companies provide the two services and make print-on-demand business easier than ever.

Is it profitable to start print on demand dropshipping in Australia?

You get a definite answer – YES. Australia is the 13th largest national economy, with a population of 25.7 million in 2021. Such a huge market reveals the sales potential.

More proofs to illustrate the profitability of print on demand dropshipping Australia:

  • Online Shopping in Australia: market size of $47.9bn and growth rate of 8.9% in 2022.
  • Logistics in Australia: 300+ Airports and a large railway network with various state and city rail services
  • Printing Support Services in Australia: 6,500+ businesses in Printing and Graphic Arts industry

From market and delivery to manufacturers, Australia is no doubt a hothouse of print on demand drop shipping business.

In addition, the benefits below also make dropship POD products in down under profitable.

  • No customization beforehand
  • No inventory management
  • No minimum order quantity

POD dropshipping allows online sellers to sell without a good stock of custom products. The printing process and payment occur after the buyer pays. This is equivalent to a zero start-up fee and store owners could save upfront investment greatly. Moreover, stock and MOQ are not required. It reduces the risk of unsalable items.

10 Best Print on Demand Dropshipping Australia Companies

Dropship to Australia is better to work with local suppliers or who have AU-based warehouses so that you can enjoy a shorter shipping time. But, what other work can print on demand suppliers Australia do for you?

  • POD products & white label products
  • On-demand printing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Product design tool
  • Branding & Private Labeling
  • Others: product importing, order synchronization, tracking, etc

Here, we find 10 best print on demand Australia companies that can make your business emerges victorious. Let’s continue.

1. EPROLO Print on Demand – Forever free dropshipping platform

If there is one dropship printing Australia supplier that should not be missed, it is EPROLO POD. The company has a printing facility in Australia and offers AU Express to give a 7-9 days delivery time. Since 2015, EPROLO has won many favorable comments from e-commerce sellers.

dropship printing australia

EPROLO Print on Demand has landed 12 categories on shelves including trendy dropshipping niches and less-common products, such as clothing, shoes, bags, pet supplies, and hats.

Best of all, its design features make selling custom products seamlessly. Bulk design and one-piece customization are available.

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Why use it:

a. 2000+ POD products: clothing, shoes, hats, bags, pet supplies, home sets, accessories, home decor, masks, etc
b. User-friendly design tool & mockup for real-time preview
c. Automated dropshipping fulfillment
d. Branding & Private Label

2. Printful

Printful is a fixed answer when talking about best print on demand drop shipping Australia companies. It has three fulfillment partners in Brisbane and Melbourne. Its average shipping time is about 5 to 7 days.

Printful AU supports general product customization. For example, you can sell custom clothing, poster, mugs, and others. The creation takes about 2 to 5 days.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Integrate with 18 e-commerce marketplaces, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix
c. Automatic order fulfillment
d. Custom branding

3. OGO

Marked as ‘print in-house’, OGO is another quality Aussie dropshipper for print on demand. All custom orders are made in Melbourne. Products shipped to most metro areas in Australia take 5 to 20 business days.

The dropship printing Australia company can do custom t-shirts, mugs, cups, tote bags, stickers, and so on. At present, OGO is open to Shopify store owners only.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Local printing and delivery
c. Multiple printing types: DTG Printing, Dye Sublimation Printing, Embroidery on demand

best print on demand Australia

4. Printify

In the list of the best print on demand Australia dropshipping companies, Printify stays in the fore. It has partnered with printing facilities – Prima and The Print Bar, both are Au-based print providers – to serve online retailers. Over 10 product categories are customizable, such as apparel, mugs, bags, and cards. And the shipping time ranges from 1 to 7 days.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Integrate with 9 marketplaces, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Esty, eBay, etc
c. Order in bulk and enjoy discounts on shipping

5. The Print Bar

The Print Bar is one of the top-class print on demand companies in Australia. Its warehouse is located in Brisbane and produce on-demand merchandise. The production and dispatch times range from 1 to 20 days.

Dropship custom T-shirts is a prominent business of The Print Bar. The Australia t-shirt print on demand dropshipper owns a team of designers and artists to provide online design service. Store owners can hire the team to help create unique clothing.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Same-day production and dispatch (applicable to partial products only)
c. Designer team support

6. Lucent Imaging

Lucent Imaging is a fine art printing and dropshipping company located in Canberra, AU. Illustrators, artists, designers, photographers, and Etsy creatives are its main service targets.

The company prints artwork, photo, and canvas which needs 3 to 5 working days to finish the work. If you want to dropship the custom prints, Lucent Imaging uses Australia Post as the shipping option.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Certified by Canson, a world leader in fine art paper manufacture
c. Quality scanning for multiple artwork types
d. Local framers for framing and ship direct to customers

7. Printicks

Supplying B2B businesses, Printicks is a front runner of print on demand dropshipping Australia. There are over 20 merchandise kinds on its page and require no minimums. In general, POD products will be customized in 10 days. As for the shipping time, it takes 4 days to deliver to metro areas.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Multiple POD product categories, such as T-shirts, sportswear, business wear, work wear, safety signs, banners, drink wear, car wraps, etc.

print on demand dropshipping Australia

8. Code Ice Prints

Try Code Ice Prints if you’re an artist or photographer looking for best print on demand Australia dropshippers to print fine art. Its production base is in New South Wales and can ship products directly to your customers. The time is about 5 to 7 days.

Code Ice Prints drop shipping service is loved by many eBay and Esty sellers, and also other online retail stores.

Giclee printing is a main feature of the company. It applies wide format digital inkjet fine art printers to ensure printing quality.

Why use it:

a. Free to use
b. Giclee printing for book illustrators, canvas prints, exhibition prints, etc
c. Years of business experience since 2003

9. Intertype Publishing & Printing

Referring to old brand print on demand companies in Australia, Intertype Publishing & Printing is one of them. It was founded in 2004 and focuses on book printing and self-publishing support. Currently, custom products of the company have been expanded to six categories including workbooks, books, CD/DVDs, banners, posters, and name tags. The minimum quantity can be as low as one.

Why use it:

a. Support self-publishing, ISBN registration, and Amazon Print & Kindle set up are available
b. Years of business experience since 2004

10. Tee Junction

Tee Junction, the Australian-owned dropship printing company started in 2006, is a leading print provider. It does printing in-house in Melbourne. Most custom products will be delivered within 5 to 15 days.

Also, Tee Junction does custom T-shirt printing in Sydney and Brisbane. If you have a strict requirement for speed, it could be your ideal solution. Your orders can be processed within 24 hrs and delivered within 3 days.

Why use it:

a. Free standard shipping and free to use
b.Partner with AS Colour
c. Support digital printing, screen printing, and embroidery

print on demand companies in australia

What should you look at when choosing print on demand companies in Australia?

Among the plenty of print on demand suppliers Australia, how can you figure out a reliable drop shipper? Here are some details you should look out for.

– Printing facility location: Some companies will work with a third-party print provider. You should choose a supplier as close as possible to your target market.

– Lead time: On-demand printing requires a certain production time. You’d better choose one with short lead time to avoid customers losing patience.

– Printing technology, printer and ink: These three factors determine your product quality. It will never be wrong to work with premium suppliers.

– Delivery time: The shorter, the better. Check if the company is working with top Australian logistics companies, for example, DB Schenker, Linfox, BCR Australia, etc.

– Branding: Brand identity is a fortune. If the print-on-demand company provides such service, you can implant your logo from products to packages.

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H2: FAQs of Print on Demand Dropshipping Australia

1. How to start print on demand dropshipping in Australia? (Beginner Guide)

Step 1: Select a niche market based on thorough market research.

Step 2: Find trendy dropshipping products through competitor analysis or product research tools.

Step 3: Choose an eCommerce platform to create your online store.

Step 4: Research the best print on demand Australia dropship supplier and integrate your store with it.

Step 5: Design your custom products.

Step 6: Set product prices and push your POD products to store.

Step 7: Start selling and advertising on.

Step 8: Fulfill drop shipping orders by contacting POD companies in AU.

print on demand dropshipping australia

2. What are the best-selling print on demand products to dropship to Australia?

As Australia e-commerce data 2022 from Statista shows, the markets with the most users are as follows. And we have listed some POD best-sellers of the markets in the back.

  • Electronics: phone case, mousepad, earphone cover
  • Fashion: sneakers, hoodies, swimsuits, tote bags, hats
  • Toys, Hobby & DIY: puzzles, Yoga pants, jewelry, canvas
  • Beauty, Health, Personal & Household Care: face masks, bedding sets, rugs
  • Furniture: kitchenware, home office products

3. What are the best e-commerce websites for print on demand dropshipping in Australia?

According to the report of ACCC in March 2022, eBay alone has a number of 12 million Australian monthly users.

Largest General Online Marketplaces in Australia:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Catch.com.au
  • Kogan

Best Ecommerce Store Builders in Australia:

4. What are the most-used online payment methods in Australia?

Credit Cards/Debit Cards; BPAY; PayPal; Osko; Apple Pay; Afterpay (BNPL).

5. Do I need to pay taxes for dropshipping orders that go to Australia?

Yes. You’re charged for GST (Goods and services tax) when selling to the Au market. The GST rate is 10%. And the calculation goes:

GST Amount = (Retail Price + Retail Shipping Fee) x 10%

To learn more about Australian GST, please click here.