Introduction: The first part of this page will list 12 must-read dropshipping books on how to make money dropshipping. Below the list, we’ve set out the 4 best books dropshipping suppliers for those who want to start a dropshipping business and sell books online. Then, tips on how to dropship books are laid behind.

dropshipping books

You know what? Over 75% of adults read books in any format, surveyed by Pew Research Center. Books tell “what is” and “how to”. When it comes to dropshipping learning, many of the world’s best dropshippers have written about their experiences in books. You can (and should) avail yourself of these dropshipping books to avoid dropshipping mistakes and have a leg up on the competition.

Here, you’ll get the list of best books to learn dropshipping. It contains books involving how to start a dropshipping eCommerce business from scratch. Besides, any business owner can learn from experts to select products, find dropship suppliers, and do marketing.

Additionally, some of you might wish to launch a dropship store and sell books online. For this, we’ve introduced 4 top book suppliers with multiple book niche ideas like notebooks, cookbooks, coloring books, and more. To learn how to dropship books, move over here to start.

12 Must-Read Dropshipping Books to Help Start and Success

Books have an undeniable charm to learn everything about dropshipping. Whether a beginner or old hand, there are multiple comprehensive dropshipping guides. In this part, eCommerce business owners will find dropshipping books that help with all processes.

3 Best Books to Learn Dropshipping for Beginners

▏Dropshipping Business Startup on a Budget

Author: David Lancaster
Amazon Rating: 4.3
Formats: EBook, Audiobook, Print
Price: $13.59 ~ $30.49

It’s inevitably to mention what is dropshipping and why to start in books about drop shipping for dummies. However, unlike others, David Lancaster spends more ink on preliminary and gives a specific to-do list.

For example, it contains the basics for building a drop shipping business plan. After you master fundamental principles, the dropshipping book will uncover how to establish a dropshipping business. You can find topics such as how to build eCommerce websites – along with filing an LLC, EIN, and Bank Account), how to research and select a niche, how to create a brand, etc.

With these tricks, a novice can master how to dropship products easily. Better still, by working with EPROLO free dropshipping supplier, you can access quickly start a dropshipping business in an economical way. All you need is to upload items from its comprehensive product catalog to your eCommerce store and EPROLO will fulfill the orders. No upfront fees or inventory costs are required. Because EPROLO will source, store, pack, and ship the products to the final customers.

▏Dropshipping Disasters

Author: Jenna Inouye
Amazon Rating: 4.7
Formats: EBook
Price: $2.99

Perhaps you only have success in mind when finding dropshipping books in the very beginning. It’s not enough though. Dropshipping mistakes and risks should not be overlooked. To start a dropshipping business smoothly, then you should not miss Dropshipping Disasters.

It’s one of the best dropshipping eBooks written in a reverse perspective for beginner dropshippers. The author focuses on the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. And you can learn from others’ experiences. As a review said “it gives you all the hurdles and pitfalls that a new drop shipping entrepreneur can encounter. …. and honest picture of drop shipping.”

▏The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Author: Mark Hayes, Andrew Youderian
Amazon Rating: 4.2
Formats: EBook & Paperback
Price: $ 7.97~$13.70

Is dropshipping easy to learn? Yes, and The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping will confirm that. It’s a regular of best books to learn dropshipping whether you’re starting your own business or preparing for jobs. This book is available in eBook or paperback format.

In general, this is an essential reading for drop shipping dummies. This dropshipping book emphasizes what is dropship and how dropshipping works. Though it doesn’t cover all eCommerce platforms or online marketplaces, the principles are basically similar to dropship in Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, etc.

2 Best Books to Learn Dropshipping for Advanced Dropshippers

▏E-Commerce Power

Author: Jason G. Miles
Amazon Rating: 4.5
Formats: EBook, Audiobook, Print
Price: $17.95

“Is dropshipping worth it” or “How to start” is no longer attractive to experienced merchants who aim at dropshipping success. Instead, they prefer ways to maximize dropshipping profit margin with minimal efforts. And E-Commerce Power is one of the best eCommerce books with valuable dropshipping business ideas for entrepreneurs looking to move a step further.

Jason G. Miles breaks down his practical tips on several aspects. It includes how to do dropshipping niche research, analyze competitors, and create a suitable strategy. Plus, he states a progressive guide to build a profitable eCommerce brand and proven online marketing methods. Meanwhile, this book for dropshipping also records interviews of successful entrepreneurs. With that, you will be clear about how to succeed in dropshipping and get inspiration from the framework.

▏Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers

Author: Cyndi Thomason
Goodreads Rating: 4.4
Formats: EBook, Audiobook, Print
Price: $13.10~ $18.95

Finding renowned dropshipping eBooks or audiobooks for pros? Try Profit First for eCommerce Sellers.

Books on dropshipping businesses to increase profits are easy to find. Nevertheless, not all are useful and focus on issues that online sellers struggle with. However, this book is different from those. The author herself is a bookkeeping company founder. She is a professional and addresses areas of inventory management, relying on debt, understanding financial data, etc.

In summary, reading this book, advanced dropshippers can overcome problems and achieve dropshipping success. Struggle to find winning products? EPROLO has abundant dropship collections in varied industries like clothing, electronics, pet, etc.

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Top 2 Books About Dropshipping on Shopify, eBay, and More


Author: Brian Smith
Amazon Rating: 4.0
Formats: Ebook, Print
Price: $14.08~ $28.95

Shopify is a platform that often refers to dropshipping. You can find a lot of Shopify dropshipping books that teach you to run a Shopify dropshipping store. This book is recommended for it being more than a step-by-step guide to creating shops. You can learn the best Shopify apps, how to connect Facebook and Amazon for Shopify shops, and others.

EPROLO enjoys a high rating of 4.8/5 stars in the Shopify app store. It integrates with the Shopify store perfectly, easing the process to upload products, handle price and inventory, and fulfill orders.

▏Dropshipping Arbitrage With eBay & Aliexpress

Author: Chi Nabarro
BookAuthority Rating: 4.2
Formats: Print
Price: $8.99

eBay dropshipping a trendy money-making model. How does it work? This book will offer the best dropshipping guide that tells how to dropship on eBay. Contents include how to create eBay listings, how to find products for maximum profitability, and much more. Moreover, you can find instructions about simple SEO tactics to improve your listings on your eBay store.

2 Best Books for Dropshipping Product and Suppliers

▏Dropshipping: 2 in 1

Author: Income Mastery
Formats: EBook, Audiobook, Print
Price: $31.99 ~59.59

Product research is a key topic in the dropship business. If you’re expecting an A-to-Z guide for finding the best niches, this book can be added to your cart. The following contents are included:

  • Product sourcing
  • Ideas to choose products
  • Validate product list
  • Calculate profit margin
  • How to test products

All these rich topics make it one of the best books to learn dropshipping, particularly in. Just follow the steps inside the dropshipping book to target products. Then, you can use EPROLO product sourcing service to find the suppliers offering wholesale prices.

▏1000 Suppliers List for Your Dropshipping and Wholesale Business

Author: Ertan Demir
Formats: EBook
Price: $8.99

Needless to say, dropshipping providers are critical to online businesses. They make the sell-without-inventory pattern possible. Finding a reliable dropship supplier takes a lot of time. If you’re trapped in it, this dropshipping eBook will rescue you from the situation. The author lists one thousand wholesale and dropshipping suppliers worldwide like the US, UK, Canada, and more. And some are without membership fees.

Speaking of free dropshipping platforms, EPROLO is a high rating one. It is trusted by over 300K dropshippers and supports multiple sale channels. It features automated dropshipping, sourcing, and branding services. If you’re looking for a dropshipping platform with all-around support, EPROLO is worth a try.

3 Best Dropshipping Books on Marketing

▏Dropshipping Marketing

Author: Robert Dilgard
Formats: Audiobook
Price: $0

Want to scale sales on dropshipping? Marketing is the final answer. Online sellers know the power and spend time learning it. If you’re seeking books to optimize your dropshipping business and increase eCommerce sales, the tips in Dropshipping Marketing are useful.

You’ll learn tricks on demand planning, customer service improvement, and dropshipping website visits increase. Aside from showing you strategies to promote businesses, this dropshipping audiobook also comes with a step-by-step guide to save promotion costs.

▏The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Author: Allan Dib
Amazon Rating: 4.7
Formats: EBook, Audiobook, Print
Price: $29.83 ~$49.81

With over 3000 reviews, this is the best dropshipping guide for eCommerce marketing. As implied by the title, you will discover the simplest and fastest way to make a marketing plan. Contents are set into nine squares

  • Select target market
  • Craft text
  • dropshipping ads & ad media
  • Capture leads
  • Nurture leads
  • Sale conversions
  • Stimulate referrals

Business owners who want a successful dropshipping business cannot say no to this book.

▏A Guide To Using Dropshipping

Author: Jame Salizar
Formats: Print
Price: $23.81

You should not miss Search Engine Optimization when you do dropshipping marketing. It’s a technical way to bring a steady visitors flow to your online store. Here is a book for dropshipping SEO. Starting from finding good keywords for products, you can also find tips to apply on-page SEO tactics and free backlinking methods.

4 Reliable Books Dropshipping Suppliers

Some users wonder is it possible to dropship books. Just like clothing, pet products, and so on, a book can also be dropshipped and it’s legal to do that.

dropshipping books

If you have a plan to sell books online, dropshipping is an obviously good way to go. It’s simple and low-risk as long as you find reliable dropshipping suppliers for books. Good books dropshipping suppliers should offer authorized books with high-quality paper. In-time customer services can also trigger you to start a book dropshipping business successfully.

Below, we’ll discuss the 4 best book dropship suppliers so you can choose which one is right for you.


When one wants to sell books or purchase books, he or she should come up with Amazon first. Under its books category, you can find millions of book dropshipping ideas. You can dropship textbooks, children’s books, novels, science fiction, cookbook, coloring books, Kindle eBooks, and much more. Apart from dropshipping books on Amazon, you’re also allowed to sell complementary products for books. This includes but is not limited to pens,
drawing papers, calendars, fancy bookmarks, file clips, book covers, etc.

Amazon has big warehouses in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries. Therefore, you can expect a quick shipping time and return service if you drop ship books on Amazon.

EPROLO – Free, Quick & Easy

Prefer suppliers offering free dropshipping services? Be sure to choose EPROLO, a dropshipping supplier winning a high admiration of 4.9/5 stars in Trustpilot. This company beats other dropshipping book suppliers for outstanding product sourcing skills and automated dropship fulfillment.

dropshipping books

In its wide products catalog, you can find unique water drawing coloring books, sketchbooks, puzzle books, comics, and more. If you can’t find what you want in the list, you can directly contact the product manager to do sourcing.

Additionally, EPROLO values efficiency. It has a convenient “Connect New Store” button. With that, you can quickly integrate with your Shopify store, eBay store, and so on. After the connection, it enables you to import books, change title and price, manage orders and arrange the shipment in only one simple dashboard.


Salehoo is one of the book dropshippers USA that works with more than 8 thousand suppliers worldwide. Among the over 2.5 million products it boasts, books are one of the popular dropshipping niches. The hot book categories contain yearbooks, comic books, eBooks, cookbooks, travel books, business books, and so on. Besides, some book suppliers enable sellers to you can customize the hardcover design and color printing.

Note that this supplier doesn’t offer a free dropship service. You only have access to the book supplier directory after paying $67 for the annual subscription fee.


One of book dropshippers UK, Snazal, is a Britain Bookshop and bookstore selling books at wholesale prices. It features large book collections. Therefore, you can easily find books for children, adult fiction, health, lifestyle, home and garden, computing, or sports. Best of all, it supports worldwide shipping no matter what you intend to dropship.

How to Dropship Books (Step by Step)

I bet you’ve picked trusted dropshipping suppliers and think about how to dropship books for beginners. We’ll take EPROLO free dropshipping platform as an example to show you how to drop ship books.

1. Create an online dropship store in Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, etc.

2. Sign up in EPROLO or other suppliers with your email address.

3. Once logged in, click the button name Connect New Store from the top right corner.

4. Select the type of your store and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the connection.

dropshipping books

4. From the left sidebar, hit Find Product.

5. Use the search bar to find books and click Add to Import List if you need them.

dropship textbooks

6. To upload the book to your store, click Products > Import List. Edit the item information if needed and press Push to Store button.

books dropshipping suppliers

7. When your customers place orders, you can see them in Orders > Eprolo Orders.

8. From there, select the order you want to fulfill and pay for the order.

dropshipping books

Once EPROLO receives the payment, it’ll quickly source, check, pack, and ship the products to the final customers.