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Have a fancy to step into the dropshipping e-Commerce market in the UK? There’s a good chance that you may be in need of dropshipping suppliers UK. It is always hard to find the best dropshipping supplier, but don’t worry, this won’t be a problem for you anymore. Today we have come up with several best dropship suppliers UK from various categories to add more to your dropshipping UK experience.

Indeed, these UK suppliers are trusted by many customers and are officially recognized to be affordable. On top of that, these UK-based dropshipping suppliers also carry with local warehouses and offer on-time delivery. Furthermore, if it puzzles you to choose the right UK suppliers for dropshipping, we’ve covered some tips to save your bacon.

dropshipping suppliers uk

Previous to that, let’s briefly elaborate benefits of hiring dropshipping suppliers in the United Kingdom.

The Benefits of Hiring Dropshipping Suppliers UK

Dropshipping UK is a process where you build an e-Commerce store and upload products to sell online. When the store gets an order, the suppliers or manufacturers will send the order straight to your customer for fulfillment. During the process, the UK-based dropshipping suppliers play a role as a middleman. They connect you to UK suppliers, wholesalers, or manufacturers and facilitate any kind of work in dropshipping.

In a word, UK suppliers for dropshipping offer a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Suppliers offer broad product varieties. Therefore, you can dropship clothes, pet supplies, furniture, electronics, jewelry items, or anything as per your liking.
  • Suppliers build local warehouses in the United Kingdom. On one hand, the made-in-Britain products are kept safely. On the other hand, the delivery time of the dropship orders to UK buyers has been further lessened.
  • They automate the dropshipping process. Listing high-margin products, changing prices and inventory, handling dropshiping orders, and managing delivery all can be done with a few clicks.
  • They promise instant communication. Undoubtedly, working with a dropshipping company in the same time zone often leads to speedy contact. What’s more, quick return and refund service can appeal to more customers.

best dropship suppliers uk

Next, we’ll show you how to choose the best dropship suppliers UK.

What to Consider When Choosing UK-based Dropshipping Suppliers

There are some special considerations that you must keep in mind when choosing UK suppliers for dropshipping, these include:

1. Check if the UK suppliers offer free dropshipping services or charge subscription fees.

2. Walk through the product catalog the suppliers are offering.

3. Find out the number and location of their warehouses and see if they allow visiting in person.

4. Make clear how long the suppliers need for order processing and shipping.

5. Take an eye on their websites to see if they offer print on demand products and do custom packaging with private labels.

6. Scan through if the drop shipping companies UK support the integration of e-Commerce marketplace and platforms.

9 Best Dropship Suppliers UK – Free & Paid

Here is a short introduction to the 9 best dropship suppliers UK:

UK, US, & China
Paws Pet Supplies
England & Wales
Amos Mann Furniture
ZuZu Jewellery
Scotland, North lead, West Bristol, etc.
UK, US, Australia, etc.
Artisan furniture

Now, let’s explore more details of these dropshipping suppliers UK.


If you are looking for free dropshippers UK, EPROLO is the right fit for you. The company has directed over 300 thousand clients to grow dropshipping business. Additionally, it’s one of the best UK suppliers for dropshipping that offer a lot of amazing branding services.

uk based dropshipping suppliers

EPROLO streamlines selling by helping UK dropshipping stores with product sourcing, inventory management, order fulfillment, custom packaging, and a lot more. How to start a UK dropshipping business is as easy as the following steps:

  1. Sign up for EPROLO dropship platform via your email.
  2. Link your online store.
  3. Search best-selling products or design custom items.
  4. Upload products to your site or store.
  5. Sync customers’ orders to this dropshipping platform UK.
  6. Complete the payment steps and EPROLO will fulfill them.

Moreover, it will also automatically send your dropshipping store a tracking number so that you can keep a track of your orders.

Some other details:

  • No upfront cost & no additional fee.
  • Warehouses located in the UK, US, and China.
  • Sell fashion and clothing, jewelry, beauty and health, shoes and bags, mother and kids, phone and accessories, sports and outdoors, home improvement, consumer electronics, and so on
  • Integrate with Shopify, Shoplazza, WooCommerce, eBay, & SHOPLINE and offer EPROLO API for other marketplaces.
  • The delivery time is 5-8 days to the UK with EPROLO Express line.

2 – Paws Pet Supplies

Paws Pet Supplies is one of the dropshipping wholesalers UK with no minimum order quantity. What this supplier mainly sells are high-quality dogs and cats products. What’s more, it sources premium products from verified and trustworthy UK suppliers and places content in a PDF document. Hence, British sellers can easily download the file to have a look at the product catalog.

One more reason to choose this company over other UK pet dropshipping suppliers is its open invitation to everyone in the pet trade market. This will ultimately help in increasing your revenues and helping your success.

Some other details:

  • You can start dropshipping UK free.
  • It dropships bowls, grooming products, mats, clothing, toys, etc.
  • This pet dropship supplier stores all the products in warehouses based in England and Wales.
  • The supplier processes both wholesale and dropship orders just after payment clearance.
  • All the orders will be shipped from UK warehouses. UK orders will arrive in 1-2 working days. Plus, orders over £150 are free to deliver.

3 – Jolaby

If you know a little about specialized clothing dropshipping suppliers in the UK, then you must be aware of Jolaby. Since 2004, this supplier has been well-recognized for creating beautiful collections in the fashion business. Not only be one of the best UK dropship suppliers, it is actually a retail and wholesale supplier brand.

uk suppliers for dropshipping

The best thing about this brand is that the supplier pays special attention to the quality of the materials. Therefore, it can ensure that the final product is matchless and up to the highest standards. Moreover, the collection of this supplier includes various dress and style varieties to satisfy all the women out there.

Some other details:

  • All the fashion apparel will be made in England by skilled designers.
  • It has set a dropship UK warehouse, from which the orders are directly shipped customers in Great Britain.
  • All UK dropship orders will be arranged to dispatch within 24 hours.
  • Buyers who live in any region of the UK can receive their orders the next day.

4 – Amos Mann Furniture

Amos Mann Furniture is more than an ordinary furniture seller for home decor. It’s also famous as one of the wholesale and dropship furniture suppliers UK.

Its dropshipping UK warehouses hold a wide variety range of furniture products worth millions of pounds. Hence, the supplier can ensure that anything your UK customers need is directly and immediately dispatched.

On top of that, this UK supplier for dropshipping also takes care of your order deadlines and business reputation Another great thing about them is their amazing wholesale prices from reliable UK-based suppliers.

Some other details:

  • You can find bedroom furniture, office furniture, wardrobes furniture, lounge furniture, dining furniture, and so on.
  • It owns UK-based furniture warehouses in various regions.
  • The delivery time within the UK is 7 to 10 working days.

5 – ZuZu Jewellery

ZuZu Jewellery is a highly recognized and trusted wholesale jewelry brand. Meanwhile, it’s also one of the jewelry dropshipping suppliers UK. The best thing about this brand is that it sells premium jewelry products at affordable prices. As a result, the supplier can confidently help sellers appeal to those who are fond of high street jewelry.

Additionally, the supplier has a huge range of collections that can easily satisfy women with multiple tastes and styles. Jewelry manufacturing is done locally in the United Kingdom.

Some other details:

  • This UK dropshipper doesn’t charge any monthly or yearly dropshipping fee.
  • The product catalog covers ear climbers, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, men’s jewelry, and much more. It also has a luxury range of 9ct gold jewelry.
  • The warehouse is located in London, United Kingdom.
  • Over 90% of orders within the UK can arrive the next working day. For orders outside of the UK, the products may arrive under 7 business days.

6 – Pedigree

Pedigree has wide recognition when it comes to UK-based dropshipping companies for top-quality pet products. This supplier mainly focuses on the quality of the product to ensure the health and safety of the pets. What’s more, it also has a huge collection of different pet varieties to choose from.

dropshipping suppliers uk

In a word, Pedigree is a good UK dropship supplier option if your store targets pet lovers.

Some other details:

  • It offers aquarium and marine, litter and bedding, pond, reptile, food and treats, and other accessories for dogs, cats, and birds.
  • This supplier has many warehouses in the UK. This UK company will ship products from warehouses in Scotland, North lead, West Bristol,  Midlands Nottingham, etc.
  • The order processing and shipping time may take up to 10 business days.

7 – Contrado

Unlike other suppliers in this UK dropshippers list, Contrado boasts a general product directory rather than a specific niche. In Contrado, e-Commerce store owners can sell almost everything to buyers from the UK, US, Australia, and so on. The trendy dropship category contains face masks, swimsuits, pillows, mugs, men’s apparel, leggings, and a lot more.

Further, this supplier contributes to offering multiple customization services. For example, you can design custom t-shirts, wallpaper, hoodies, kitchen towels, and more as per your demands

Some other details:

  • You’re free to select general or custom products to dropship in the UK.
  • Aside from picking items based on category, you can also choose products based on different styles and fabrics.
  • Not only does this supplier contains warehouses in the UK, but it also has inventory places in the US, Australia, etc.
  • The order processing time is 2 to 4 days. After that, the made-in-UK products will arrive within 24 to 48 hours.

8 – Artisan furniture

With the Artisan furniture supplier, you can even buy one piece of furniture at a wholesale price. More importantly, this UK dropship supplier offers 50% off any solid handmade furniture. For UK-based stores or sites, this supplier can print furniture under your customized designs and ship on demand.

best dropship suppliers uk

When it comes to product dropshipping in the UK, the variation is not just limited to home décor. It also involves different choices when it comes to office decors, restaurant settings, and almost every building. Even better, the supplier also provides luxury furniture from famous brands like Avanti, Bazar, Leonardo, Nero, Palazzo, etc.

Some other details:

  • There is no minimum order requirement for ordering furniture to dropship UK.
  • This dropship UK supplier delivers all kinds of handmade furniture to shoppers within only 3 business days.
  • Free shipping service is available for orders within the UK Mainland.
  • The supplier’s company name or contact details won’t appear on the packaging of the product when delivering to customers.

9 – Clothes2order

Clothes2order will end the list of dropshipping websites UK. This supplier has excellence in print on demand dropshipping. It devotes itself to providing marvelous customized products for men and women. In addition, ths supplier has more than 21 thousand reviews in Trustpilot and is trusted by people all around the area.

Some other details:

  • Free to dropship custom clothing under your design.
  • The supplier sells customizable t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, tunics, trousers, etc.
  • After verifying the payment, it’ll print and ship products from its UK warehouse.
  • The estimated delivery time may vary, ranging from one to seven business days.

Note that this UK clothing supplier hasn’t offered automatic integration with any eCommerce platform yet. If you value quick connections with Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and more, consider EPROLO.

Related Questions on Dropshipping UK

Q1: Is dropshipping legal in the UK?

Yes, dropshipping is legal in the UK. Be aware that you’ll need to follow the laws or regulations to dropship products approved by the United Kingdom. Moreover, you’ll need to deliver ordered items to customers as promised in your online store. Whether you dropshipping UK on eBay or other platforms, you should guarantee on-time delivery.

Q2: How to find UK suppliers to dropship on Amazon?

Search the suppliers on the internet and choose the ones with the best customer ratings and reviews.

Q3: How do I find a dropshipping supplier UK?

There are multiple ways to look for authentic suppliers for dropshipping UK, including:

  • Contact suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Order from competitors.
  • Go to a trade show.
  • Try out a niche scraper.

Q4: What are the most online payment methods used by UK shoppers?

The popular online payment gateways for dropshipping businesses in the UK are:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Worldpay
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Digital wallets (Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, etc.)