Facebook Dropshipping Ultimate Guide,Hi-Profit Margin Products

Although Facebook allowed to buy and sell since 2015, it’s not an eCommerce platform that comes into most people’s mind. It is true that Facebook’s value as a marketplace is far underestimated, particularly if you know its daily traffic. Facebook reported, there were 1.93 billion daily active users on this social media platform in 2021. They are potential customers and no businessmen want to miss the boat.

Good news is that Facebook Marketplace is not saturated yet. It is a new battlefield for online businesses. To maximum profits, quite a few online sellers put eyes on the dropshipping business model – a sales pattern with barely any startup costs.

So, questions rises. Does Facebook allow dropshipping? If yes, what is Facebook dropshipping and what are the rules? More importantly, how to dropship on Facebook in 2023? Read on the article. You will learn everything to start dropshipping on Facebook and even freely. Plus, best items to sell on Facebook Marketplace are placed below.

Facebook Dropshipping Ultimate Guide & FAQ (2023)

1. What is Facebook Dropshipping?

Let’s begin with the basics. Facebook has opened a marketplace for buyers and sellers for years. And now, it adds Facebook Shops to support online merchants. Because of Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops, the social network shows little difference from other eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy. So to speak, a Facebook account is acting as an online store. E-tailers can play their strengths to start selling products. And using dropshipping can be an extra point.

1.1 What is dropshipping business?

The term illustrates the eCommerce business model – sell with no stock. Backing by the Internet and suppliers, online store owners can slice the work of inventory management and fulfillment, and hand it over to dropshipping suppliers.

As to the explanation of Facebook dropshipping, it’s a business model that buy and sell on Facebook while orders are fulfilled by dropship suppliers.

1.2 What are the essentials to dropship on Facebook?

Facebook dropshipping includes three necessary parts: a Facebook store, drop shipping suppliers, and buyers.

  • Facebook store is to display products publicly and to get paid. It can be equal to a Facebook account or a Facebook Shop.
  • Dropshipping suppliers are responsible for providing winning products, warehouse management, packaging, and multiple shipping options. They help to fulfill your orders.
  • Buyers are who purchase products from the Facebook store.

Then, how does dropshipping work on Facebook? First, buyers purchase products on Facebook store. Next, the Facebook store owner places his customer’s order to the drop shipping suppliers. And the supplier will package and ship the products to the buyers.

facebook dropshipping

1.3 What are the types of Facebook dropshipping?

The social media platform provides three sales channels for dropshipping business: Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shop, and Facebook Page Shop. People can do e-Commerce trades on them and dropship with Facebook.

  • Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

Facebook Marketplace is a commerce space for Facebook users to buy and sell items directly. Online sellers can list items for sale.

  • Facebook Shop Dropshipping

Launched in 2020, Facebook Shop is a storefront designed for Facebook and Instagram sellers. It has integrated with Shopify and is enabled to use dropshipping apps. Facebook shops address mobile-first shopping experience. There are around 250 million active shops around the world.

  • Facebook Page Shop Dropshipping

Facebook Page Shop is a feature that aims at e-commerce companies, enterprises, and advertisers. Businessmen can sell items relying on their Facebook business pages and work with dropshipping platforms.

2. Can You Dropship on Facebook Marketplace? What are the Rules?

According to Statista, Facebook Marketplace monthly users have reached over 1 billion, making it one of the hottest channels for online businesses. Dropshippers who want a share are increasing, but also the worry. Is dropshipping business banned from Facebook Marketplace? The answer is delighted. You’re allowed to do dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. However, sellers should comply with the following Facebook marketplace dropshipping policies.

Facebook marketplace dropshipping

2.1 About Account

Said in its commerce eligibility requirements, Facebook Marketplace is only open to USA sellers. If you want to dropship on the marketplace, you need a US Facebook account. The social media platform will verify your location in several ways, such as by security number and bank account.

What about non-USA sellers? If you’re outside the United States, you can do Facebook Shop dropshipping. There’re no country limits for sellers.

2.2 About Selling Fee

Does Facebook Marketplace charge fees? Yes. Although there is zero cost to become a seller, you have to pay Facebook Marketplace selling fees when you get sales. Facebook charges 5% of the total sale amount for each transaction.

2.3 About Products

Facebook Marketplace set strict rules on selling products. Stated on Facebook Commerce Policies, there are 25 prohibited products and services. For example, adult products, alcohol, animals, gambling, and used cosmetics are not allowed to sell on Marketplace. Tickets, gift cards and vouchers are also restricted. Dropshippers should not violate the Facebook Marketplace rules on products. Otherwise, they’ll be punished.

2.4 About Fulfillment

Dropshipping Facebook sellers are required to provide accurate delivery on the Marketplace. They need to list the order processing time and shipping time, such as less than 30 days or more. And orders must be fulfilled within the listed time. In addition, valid tracking info should be provided to buyers.

2.5 About Refunds and Returns

This is a big part of Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. If a customer requests a refund, Facebook seller needs to respond within two working days. Otherwise, Facebook will intervene in the issue. And the seller should refund money within two days after receiving the returned product from the customer.

2.6 About Payment

While Facebook Marketplace does not limit payment options, it recommends sellers use Facebook Pay and PayPal. In order to lessen payment disputes, you’d better use the official payment when dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace.

3. How to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace? (Free Guide)

Since Facebook dropshipping is possible, the next question is “How”. As an online seller, you can start dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. No need to invest in products and warehouse fees, you can easily set up an eCommerce business with minimum startup costs and earn great profits. Here is a step-by-step guide to Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. Further, start it for free is available!

How to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace

3.1 Create a Free Facebook Dropshipping Store

Facebook does not charge anything for its registration. That is to say, Facebook users can create a free store by signing up for an account. After registration, you can access Facebook Marketplace free and start selling dropshipping items. It should be noted that only USA sellers can add products on the eCommerce marketplace. Besides, a new account is unable to list items unless it’s active for a period of time.

3.2 Find Best-selling Products for Free

No matter which dropshipping marketplace you’re on, winning products are the key to success. Before hurrying to find products for your online store, you first need to be clear about Facebook Marketplace categories.

There are 18 classifications for selling items including Vehicles, Clothing, Electronics, Garden and outdoors, Home goods, Home improvement supplies, Office supplies, Pet supplies, Sporting goods, Toys & games, etc.

Now you can find the best dropshipping niches in accordance with the categories.

4 Ways to Find Best Products for Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

  • Browse Best-sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Those giant eCommerce platforms will sort top sales products into subcategories. One good thing is that you can view the best-sellers order volume and corresponding product reviews to help the decision.
  • Browse Wholesalers’ Recommendation. Have you ever subscribed to wholesale websites? You may notice that wholesale suppliers will collect trending items and make a recommendation list to their retailers and resellers. For instance, EPROLO, a dropshipping supplier, ranks Top 100 Dropship Products of multiple product categories. Facebook Marketplace sellers can access them freely.
  • Use Facebook Marketplace Product Research Tool. Multiple dropshipping tools you can find via Google. But one should not be missed – the AliExpress Dropshippping Center. It’s a free tool for dropship product research. Online resellers can enter the center without registration fees. The tool provides two features called “Find product to sell” and “Product analysis”. Using it you can find best items to start selling on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Use Dropshipping Communities or Groups. You don’t need to find it everywhere. Facebook has a long list of dropshipping groups. Marketplace sellers can join them to see others’ sharing, or ask best selling items directly. More than Facebook dropshipping groups, you can also join Shopify Community and dropship communities on Reddit.

3.3 Find a Free and Trustworthy Facebook Dropshipping Supplier

It’s a supplier that makes FBMP dropshipping business work smoothly. There are numerous options on the market including free and paid. However, only a few suppliers are good for Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping. Not only you should consider the pricing, but also the credibility due to the Facebook Seller Policies. You need a reliable supply for your Facebook dropshipping store. Therefore, It would be great if you stick with these requirements when finding dropship suppliers for Facebook Marketplace:

  • With Massive Dropshipping Products
  • Do Product Quality Control
  • Operate USA Warehouse
  • Provide Fast Shipping Options and Shipping Guarantee
  • Print on Demand
  • Branding/Private Labeling

The requirements seem difficult to meet. But, don’t get too frustrated. Here is one to satisfy.

facebook dropshipping

EPROLO is a free Facebook Marketplace dropshipping software with a variety of high quality products from 107 niches. Not only you can use it to sell on Facebook, but also to dropship on Shopify, WooCoomerce, eBay, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, EPROLO features itself with product sourcing. Facebook store owners can use it as a dropshipping agent and source from AliExpress. So that dropshipping from AliExpress to Facebook Marketplace is available. With the support of the dropshipping tool, Facebook store owners can reach millions of drop shipping products at wholesale prices.

3.4 Create a Facebook Marketplace Listing

Have determined products and suppliers? Cheers! it’s time to sell on Facebook Marketplace. How does it work? A product listing is needed.

With a Facebook Marketplace listing, you can show selling products publicly. Now, follow these steps to create a listing on the marketplace.

a. First, go to Marketplace and click “Create new listing”. Then click “Item for sale” to enter the editing window.

how to dropship on facebook marketplace

b. Second, here you can add product images and add product info like title, quantity, price, category, product description, etc. You can just copy those info from the dropshipping supplier.

Please pay attention to price setting here. Facebook selling fees will be charged. Therefore, it’s recommended to set a price which is two or three times higher than the product cost. When you complete the product details, click “Next”.

facebook marketplace dropshipping

c. Third, choose a shipping method. Facebook dropshippers can opt for “Shipping Only”.

how to dropship on facebook marketplace

d. Fourth, choose “Marketplace” and click “Publish”.

how to dropship on facebook marketplace

Now your product description can be seen by anyone and sold on Facebook market place.

3.5 Fulfill Dropshipping Orders

Before you get sales on Facebook store, you don’t need to pay anything, particularly with a free dropship platform. When you receive orders, you need to contact the Facebook Marketplace dropshipping supplier for fulfillment. So, how to fulfill your orders on Facebook? Take EPROLO for instance.

a. First, log into EPROLO and click “Orders > Import Orders” in the left menu. It is the feature for placing your Facebook orders to EPROLO.

facebook marketplace dropshipping

b. Second, click “Create product” to add items that you sell on Facebook Marketplace. Fill in the product details and submit the product URL. After editing, you can view your created product in “Products > My Products”.

facebook dropshipping
how to dropship on facebook marketplace

c. Third, download the order template to complete Facebook dropshipping orders info. You will see the required order information. Complete the following content: Order Num, Imported ID, Product, Variant, Quantity, and customer’s shipping address. The Imported ID is shown in your created product.

facebook dropshipping
facebook marketplace dropshipping

d. Fourth, click “Upload” to drag the file and import your dropship Facebook orders to EPROLO. Click “Confirm and Upload”, now you can see them in “Eprolo Orders”.

facebook marketplace dropshipping

e. Fifth, contact the Account support Rep to submit a quoting request. When the EPROLO support agent completes the quotation, you will find the product price and available shipping options.

f. Sixth, pay orders. Then, EPROLO will take over fulfillment and ship packages to your Facebook customers.

As a Facebook Marketplace dropshipping tool, EPROLO fulfills your orders in its self-operating warehouses. The dropshipping platform will double-check every item to promise high quality products before packaging. Then, packages will be shipped from the warehouses. EPROLO offers US Express, DHL, USPS, FedEx, and other shipping methods. The delivery time is about 5 to 10 days.

Plus, to rest online sellers’ worry, the dropshipping supplier also offers a Shipping Guarantee. If EPROLO misses the delivery time, Facebook Marketplace sellers will get a full refund.

3.6 Track Packages

You can track the package status directly on EPROLO. When products are shipped, a tracking number will be updated automatically in Eprolo Orders. Click it and you’re able to view the real-time delivery situation. Then mark your Facebook Marketplace listing as “Dispatched” and provide the tracking num to your customer.

Tips to Succeed in Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

Sometimes competition gets fierce. Knowing how to dropship on Facebook Marketplace is not enough. You need to do better for making more profits. Check these selling on Facebook Marketplace tips and champion in FBMP dropshipping!

  • Sell Products with Your Brand

Here is a winning tip for selling on Facebook Marketplace. That is to build your own eCommerce brand. Selling branded products is the most effective way to stand out from numerous Facebook dropship stores. The process is not that hard. All you need is a Facebook dropshipping supplier who provides branding service, like EPROLO. With the service, you can enjoy custom products and custom packages.

How to build your brand with EPROLO? Take clothing for example. EPROLO can help private label clothing, such as customized labels and hang tags with your logo. Moreover, custom packing bags, scotch tapes, and gift cards are available. Join EPROLO Branding Project, you can sell products with your logo on Facebook Marketplace. And the dropshipping supplier will ship the custom packages to your Facebook buyers as well.

  • Post an Optimized and True Listing

A good listing attracts more customers to your Facebook dropshipping store. You can work on these aspects. Use high quality product images and show as many details as possible. This is helpful to get trust from Facebook Marketplace buyers. Another thing is the description. You need to make the content orderly so that customers can learn selling points at once. Remember to provide honest product description. Exaggerate propaganda will only waste your time dealing with refunds.

  • Spend More Time on Product Research

Perhaps you have found some profitable products. However, there is still room to work. You can use Facebook Marketplace dropshipping software to monitor product prices and reviews, such as AutoDS, SellTheTrend, etc. In this way, you can keep adding new top-selling items to the dropshipping marketplace.

4. 9 Best Products for Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

A successful online business depends on the number of profitable products. Therefore, e-commerce business owners never stop looking for winning products. So do Facebook dropshippers. Then, what’re the best items to dropship on Facebook? Check these 9 best products for selling on Facebok Marketplace.

4.1 Clothing

The global apparel market is calculated to earn revenue of $2 trillion in 2026. The amazing returns make clothing stand out from multiple product categories to sell online. Of course, it’s just only one of the reasons. Clothing industry is stuffed with subcategories. The ocean-liked fashion designs add uncountable niches to the market. If you’re finding good items for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping, clothing will be a good choice. Here are the best clothing niches to dropship:

best items to dropship on facebook marketplace

4.2 Pet Supplies

Not surprisingly pet products show up on the list. It’s a high ROI industry that is frequently mentioned in the eCommerce market. According to APPA, the pet market has scaled to $109.6 billion in the US in 2021. Dropshipping pet supplies will never be a wrong try. Here are the best items to dropship on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Pet hair remover
  • Dog chew toy toothbrush
  • Pet bed
  • Pet jacket
  • Dog retractable leash
best things to sell on facebook marketplace

4.3 Electronics

Dropship electronics is chosen by many online sellers. Not only because of the profit margin, but also the updating technology which bring new trends. If you sell electronics on Facebook, you will be free from worrying sales. Here are best-selling electronics products:

  • Wireless Earphone
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Phone Charging Cable
  • Foldable Keyboard
  • IP Camera
  • Gaming Controller
facebook dropshipping

4.4 Home Improvement

Home products closely related to people’s life. How can their sales be small? Sellers on Facebook Marketplace dropshipping finding for good items can take home market into consideration. Here are recommended home improvement dropshipping niches:

  • Lighting
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances
  • Home décor
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Garden Supplies
facebook marketplace dropshipping

4.5 Beauty Products

The cosmetics market will keep growing with a CAGR of 6.2% from 2022 to 2026, according to Statista. The increasing trend drives online sellers into the beauty industry. If you’re thinking about what to dropship on Facebook Marketplace, take a try on beauty products. Some profitable dropshipping beauty items:

  • Waterproof Volume Mascara
  • Rose Quartz Facial Roller
  • Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Water Sensitive Lip Gloss
  • Eyeshadow Palette
facebook marketplace dropshipping

4.6 Jewelry

When talking about evergreen dropshipping categories, jewelry always takes a seat. Due to the small size, Facebook sellers can rest their concern on shipping costs. If you want to start jewelry dropshipping on the marketplace, here are some best things to sell on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Signet Ring
  • Silver Cuff Bracelet
  • Minimalist Stud Earrings
  • Chunky Cuban Link Necklace
  • Crystal Drop Earrings
facebook dropshipping

4.7 Baby Products

Hesitating about selling baby products on Facebook? Check the data. Its global market size is estimated to reach 15.2 billion US dollars by 2027. Moreover, baby clothes grow rapidly in Google Trends. Baby products can be a point of growth in earnings. Best items for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping besides baby clothes:

  • Handprint/Footprint Ornament Kit
  • Foldable Baby Bed
  • Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer
  • Silicone Baby Teether
facebook dropshipping

4.8 Toys

Toys is an eCommerce product category with a stable market. The popularity of “buy toy” peaks during Christmas and Black Friday for years in Google Trends. The category is worth Facebook dropshipping. Here are some hot toy niches:

  • LEGO
  • Teddy Bear
  • Educational toys
  • Building Sets
facebook marketplace dropshipping

4.9 Sports Products

Sports is another profitable niche for to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Among the products, sports shoes, Yoga mats, resistance bands, and dumbbells are popular.

best things to sell on facebook marketplace

5. FAQ of Facebook Dropshipping

facebook dropshipping

5.1 What are the Pros and Cons of Facebook Dropshipping?

People are often cautious before they start dropshipping on Facebook marketplace. Learning from pros and cons is helpful for dropshipping beginners to throw away hesitation.

  • Pros of Facebook Dropshipping

The first advantage is that you don’t need an eCommerce website to sell products. Instead, you can just create listings and add product description via your Facebook account. Dropship on the marketplace saves a great workload. Further, you pay nothing to post a product.

Second, you enjoy striking traffic when selling on Facebook. Being the most used social network, Facebook gets 2.91 billion monthly active users. Those visitors can be your potential customers.

Third, display your products in multiple channels. You don’t think you can only publish on Facebook Marketplace, do you? A Facebook account is more functional than you think. You can use it to sell products on Facebook Buy-and-Sell groups and even on Instagram. In this way, you can get more exposure.

Fourth, get support from Facebook Commerce Manager. It’s a tool to help manage seller’s catalogue, sales and messages. You can run your dropshipping business more efficient.

  • Cons of Facebook Dropshipping

The long processing time of getting payment is a huge disadvantage. Before your customer’s payment fall into your pocket, you have to wait for two phases – payout initiation and payout final arrival to account. The processing time can be up to 20 days.

Another disadvantage is Facebook account ban. Due to the strict rules of selling on Facebook, your account can be blocked. As a result, you can only drop your Facebook dropshipping business.

The third unfavorable factor is the chargebacks fee. When a buyer raises a claim or dispute, Facebook online sellers have to pay a $20 chargeback fee in advance. After providing evidence against the buyer’s claim and the card issuer deciding in the seller’s favor, you can get the money back.

5.2 How to get paid on Facebook Marketplace?

After you successfully sell an item, you need to mark the product listing as shipped and enter the corresponding tracking number. You can ask your Facebook dropshipping supplier for it. When the work is finished, there will be a processing time for the payment to reach your account. It’s usually 5 to 20 days.