Dropshipping on eBay Australia is a money-making way that allows you to sell products on eBay AU with no need for inventory, packing, and delivery. In recent years, eBay dropshipping has been notably driving Australian eCommerce sales. Furthermore, tapping into the eBay dropshipping Australia market supplies lucrative product opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. Multiple profitable product categories are beloved by buyers in eBay Australia – clothing, beauty, and electronics, to name a few.

To get in on the action, we’re here to help you find the best thing to dropship now on eBay Australia. Previous to that, we’ll explain the eBay dropshipping policy and the dropshipping profitability. Plus, a step-by-step eBay Australia dropshipping guide will be covered. Now, just work your way down the page to find the best-selling items on eBay Australia. And you’ll be soon on your way to a successful dropshipping business in eBay Australia.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

Is eBay dropshipping Australia legal?

Sure. Dropshipping works in Australia and anyone is allowed to start drop shipping eBay Australia platform. To dropship legally, you need to comply with the following eBay dropshipping policies in Australia:

  • Source products from wholesale suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Guarantee 30-day delivery or ship items to eBay Australia buyers within the timeframe indicated in the listings.
  • Send products in the name of your eBay store rather than other retailers and marketplaces.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and handle customer complaints.

Most importantly, it’s illegal to sell products bought and shipped from other retailers and marketplaces to buyers. For detailed guidelines on eBay Australia dropshipping suppliers or other third-party fulfillment services, check this official page.

ebay dropshipping australia

Is eBay Australia dropshipping profitable?

You probably have questions about whether dropshipping is worth it and how much you’ll earn from eBay dropshipping Australia. Drop shipping eBay on Australia is good because:

  • Startup costs are low. Dropshipping on eBay Australia is free with EPROLO. Plus, it sells products at low prices and reduces your costs for inventory and shipping.
  • Competition is low. There are not that many sellers yet in eBay Australia for dropshipping.
  • Huge product opportunities. For most high profit products, the market is unsaturated. So, it leaves plenty of room for dropship eBay AU sellers to catch more Australian buyers.

Additionally, when it comes to the revenue of a drop shipping eBay Australia business, many factors are at play. Product cost, customer satisfaction, eBay dropshippers, sales targets, marketing, and so on.

8 top-selling niches on eBay Australia

Are you ready to start dropshipping on eBay Australia for profit? Then, the initial step is to find the top selling items on eBay Australia for your dropshipping business. The shortcut, well, is to explore the most popular categories on the marketplace.

eBay Export has been displaying the best-selling category list, which covers:

  • Automotive
  • Fashion & clothing
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Home & Garden
  • Health & Beauty
  • Business & Industrial
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys & Hobbies

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia 

Next, what are the most sold products in Australia from these categories to dropship on eBay? Keep reading.

15+ best things to dropship now on eBay Australia

In this section, we’ve carved out a list of the top-selling items on eBay Australia for your dropshipping business. All the product ideas are from Top Searches from the eBay Australia marketplace.

Furthermore, we’ll use Terapeak Sourcing Insights to evaluate the product metrics in competition, demand, pricing, and sales. It’s an eBay official tool helping sellers check the performance of specific products and categories and create a winning product strategy.

Be sure to walk through the whole list so that you won’t miss each best thing to dropship now on eBay Australia. Now, let’s move on.

1. Bling jewelery

Let’s kick off with the eBay Australia best seller, shining jewelry products. This niche goes viral in eBay dropshipping Australia market for low shipping fees and high profit. According to Terapeak, the average sold prices of bling jewelry products are $18.94. Moreover, the total sales in a month are more than $30 thousand from 320 sellers on eBay Australia.

ebay dropshipping australia

Other related top-selling items on eBay Australia in this category cover:

  • Watches for men or women
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Necklaces

2. Cycling apparel

The clothing industry is regarded as one of the evergreen categories in dropshipping on eBay Australia. Among this popular category, a growing niche is cycling apparel. For example, women’s cycling shorts have gained great popularity and become the top-selling item on eBay AU.

In Terapeak, the cycling apparel category has earned more than $24 thousand in the last three months. With 281 competitors in total, the average price of cycling apparel products is $20.


ebay australia dropshipping

Other most popular eBay items Australia in this category cover cycling:

  • Tops
  • Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • helmets

3. Baby toys

Baby products niche has seen a nearly 200% increase in the global eCommerce market. From the popular baby category, the best selling products in eBay Australia for dropshipping are baby toys. The quarter’s sales for this best selling product in Australia has reached more than 2 million dollars. In addition, the average price for baby items also jumps from $17 to $33.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

Other best things to sell on eBay Australia in this category include:

  • Baby’s clothes
  • Baby sleeping bag
  • Baby Teether

4. Digital camera

Valued at $112 million on eBay Australia, the digital camera market is also a good pick. In Terapeak’s report, digital camera products are in great demand now, and there are nearly 40 potential buyers in every listing displayed on the first result page.

There’s no doubt that such winning products are good for eBay Australia dropshipping. Though, the competition will be high, with more than 80 thousand eBay AU sellers on the platform right now.

Related most wanted items on eBay Australia include SLR digital cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Casio, more.

ebay dropshipping australia

5. Housekeeping supplies

Inexpensive and relatively easy to use, housekeeping supplies are back in action. According to Terapeak, for each eBay listing ranking highly, it’ll have 20 potential Australian buyers in the eBay marketplace. If you’re seeking low-cost products to dropship on eBay Australia, consider housekeeping supplies.

ebay australia dropshipping

Other eBay best selling products to dropship Australia contain:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Floor machines
  • Mops
  • Stools
  • Vacuum machines

6. Home gym

Competition in the Sports market is fierce. If you’re longing for one dropshipping category that hasn’t been saturated on the eBay AU marketplace, the home gym is an ideal choice.

The quarter sales of home gym products have reached $9 million in Terapeak. In the last three months, more than 90 thousand pieces of home gym items have been sold. The price of them ranges from $10 to $445.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

Best selling items on eBay Australia to dropship involves:

  • Treadmills
  • Step machines
  • Gym balls
  • Free weights

7. Hair removal items

In the beauty category, a good product for dropshipping on eBay Australia is the hair removal item. In the last three months, this product brings a total revenue of around $300 thousand. The analysis in Terapeak also shows that 26 buyers will place an order of hair removal products for each eBay Australia listing. Besides, you can set a price from $30 to $33,000 for the product in your Australia eBay dropshipping store.

ebay dropshipping australia

Top selling items on eBay Australia in the hair removal category are:

  • Epilators
  • Hot wax
  • Strip wax
  • Depilatory cream

8. Keyboard

Electronics products are quite popular in Australia regardless of the age of the buyers. And the keyboard is positioned in the front of the eBay bestseller list.

If you dropship keyboard on eBay Australia and the listing ranks on the first result page, you’ll get 26 potential buyers. The sold price range is from $20 to $21,600. Therefore, you can expect to get higher profit margins.

ebay australia dropshipping

Most sold items on eBay Australia in the keyboard category consists of:

  • Optical keyboards
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Portable keyboards
  • Tablet keyboards

9. Leather accessories

One of the top selling items on eBay Australia from the fashion and clothing category is leather apparel and accessories. In the niche, these popular products often come in multiple types, colors, shapes, and materials. Therefore, it helps you uncover tons of product ideas to dropship on eBay Australia.

Terapeak states that more than 30,000 leather accessories are sold through eBay Australia within three months. It has 20 potential shoppers on eBay AU. On top of that, the highest price of a leather item is $8,250, so you can set a reasonably higher price to get more profits.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

What items will sell best on eBay dropshipping Australia stores in the leather niche:

  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Purses
  • Briefcases
  • Shoes

10. Travel accessories

The product suggestion for eBay dropshipping Australia in the outdoor market is travel accessories. For sellers, this popular category has a wide range of potential customers like kids, men, and women. Additionally, dropshipping stores can find many ideas for listings like selling travel gears and accessories to rest, play, or relax. By the way, the total sales of travel accessories are almost equal to 126 million dollars on eBay AU.

ebay dropshipping australia

The most popular dropshipping products among Australian eBay sellers comprise:

  • Travel Organizer
  • Passport Holder
  • Neck Pillow
  • Travel Laundry Bag

11. Paintings

Paintings are selling well on eBay AU as well. Over the last three months, sales for these products have reached $92 million. Then, the total order quantity, well, is over 1,600 thousand. This is the highest sales volume in this list of the best thing to dropship now on eBay Australia.

ebay australia dropshipping

Some eBay top selling items in Australia embraces:

  • Original oil paintings
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Reproduction paintings

12. Stationery

Like boutique clothing, stationery is also an evergreen niche from the list of eBay top sellers for dropshipping in Australia. If you’re just beginning to sell items online on eBay AU, the stationary niche is worth a shot because of its low costs and cheap shipping fee.

This niche owns 12 potential Australian buyers on each listing. As well, quarterly sales for stationery items in eBay Australia peaked at over $3 million in 2022.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia 

eBay Australia trending stationery items for dropshipping contains:

  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Rulers
  • Erasers

13. Car accessories

Car accessories are one of those highest-selling items on eBay with high-profit margins. The term ”car accessories” gets an earning of roughly $3 million per quarter on the eBay Australia platform. Aside from that, the total purchase amount of all orders from 10,119 sellers is 189,529.

ebay australia dropshipping

To dropship car accessories on eBay Australia, consider these top selling products:

  • Car seat covers
  • Window shade for cars
  • Car air fresheners
  • Comfort seat cushion pillow

14. Video game console

Video game console products have generated large revenues for eBay Australia online shops and Terapeak can confirm that. The total order amount of video game consoles is  58,648. The total sales in a quarter amount to are averaging out about 10 million USD. Moreover, the average selling price is high, $167 for each video game console. This leaves a large pricing space to drive sales.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

The best selling products online in Australia to dropship eBay in this niche:

  • PlayStation 2 console, games, & controllers
  • Sony PlayStation
  • PlayStation 2
  • PSP consoles and games

15. Web camera

The last on our list of the best thing to dropship now on eBay Australia is the web camera. This is an unsaturated market because there are only 1,532 competitors on the eBay Australia platform. Apart from that, the total number of orders for web cameras is over 7 thousand.

ebay dropshipping australia

Some ideas of best selling items on eBay Australia for dropshipping stores:

  • Web cameras for desktops and notebooks
  • IP network webcams
  • Studio webcams

How to start dropshipping on eBay Australia

It’s a breeze to sell any product on eBay AU partnering with free dropshipping supplier EPROLO. It supports quick eBay store integration and boasts a complete dropship order fulfillment system. Now, let’s see how to dropship on eBay Australia.

1. Register a seller account on eBay Australia and fill in the information.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

2. Research your target market and target audience.

3. Choose winning products. Here’s a list of best items to dropship on eBay, which gives you a few product ideas to sell on eBay Australia.

4. Sign up for a free account on ERPOLO and log in. Then, click Connect New Store and choose the eBay icon to link your dropshipping store on eBay Australia.

ebay dropshipping australia

5. Once done, go back to EPROLO app homepage. From the left menu bar, hit Find Product and seek the products by category. Then, hover the mouse cursor on the needed products and click Add to Import List.

ebay australia dropshipping

6. After that, go to Products > Import List and edit the product information. Finally, upload to your eBay Australia dropshipping store by pressing the Push to Store button.

best thing to dropship now on eBay australia

7. The orders will be synced to EPROLO when placed. You can directly pay for the orders on EPROLO and the eBay dropshipping Australia supplier will pack and ship items to buyers.

ebay dropshipping australia

What are the best eBay Australian dropshipping suppliers

Choosing a trustworthy supplier saves you from the risks of getting banned and gives you the best shot at success in eBay dropshipping Australia. Here are our top three picks:


EPROLO ranks here thanks to its forever FREE dropshipping service on eBay Australia. After registering, eBay Australia dropshipping sellers can access millions of winning products from trusted wholesalers at no charge. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with eBay, offering great convenience to upload products, edit listings, and manage orders.

ebay australia dropshipping

Best of all, it promises to pack and ship products to Australian buyers under your store brand name. Moreover, this Australian dropshipping supplier offers top-notch customer services.

2. Target Australia

If you value costs, Target Australia is a good eBay wholesale dropshipper. It offers compelling discounts on a large number of products in popular categories like women’s fashion, toys, home supplies, etc. Additionally, it owns a local warehouse in Australia and the delivery fee is free for orders above AU$45.

3. Colourblocker

This is another wholesale supplier that offers free services to dropship products on eBay Australia.

When it comes to the best thing to dropship now on eBay Australia, there are thousands of items to choose from. The popular categories contain home, apparel, watches & accessories, and much more. Besides, no matter what you sell, it delivers all the popular products anywhere in Australia free of charge without requiring a minimum purchase.

FAQs about eBay Australia Dropshipping

What is the best dropshipping software for eBay Australia?

Consider EPROLO eBay dropshipping software. It’s embedded with tools for product sourcing, listing, price setting, delivery tracking, and so on. Therefore, it’s a good choice to speed up the dropshipping process.

How much does it cost to dropship on eBay Australia?

In general, basic eBay dropshipping fees include:

  • Listing fees: $0.35 for each listing over 50 per month.
  • Selling fees: Around 10% of the total sales price for each item.
  • Upgrading listing fees.
  • Sales tax.
  • Your income tax.