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With the growing global lingerie market, more and more people flood into the lingerie niche and start dropshipping lingerie online.

Some of those who dropship lingerie online focus on selling basic intimate wear. This includes bras, panties, underwear, sleepwear, and so on. Some lingerie stores prefer selling high-end designer lingerie. Others run an online intimate apparel store with trendy lingerie like lacy bra sets, silk slips, and more.

While the lingerie niche seems competitive, there is still space for a brand to dropship intimates for making profits. To do it the right way, this article will show you everything about selling lingerie online. This includes where to start dropshipping, how to find lingerie vendors and the best online lingerie to sell.

dropshipping lingerie

Is lingerie a good dropshipping niche?

Yes. Normally, a good dropshipping niche needs to have the potential to let dropshippers to make more profits. Thankfully, dropshipping lingerie shares the same feature.

1. Steady demands

The lingerie market online has become increasingly popular due to people, especially women, stressing natural beauty nowadays. According to Google Trends, the search volume of lingerie has remained stable over the last 5 years. This can guarantee a sustainable group of customers buying lingerie online.

Below is a screenshot of the lingerie niche in Google Trends.

dropshipping lingerie

2. Large lingerie categories & Broad customers

Finding winning products is also important in dropshipping. When you dropship intimates, the product opportunities in the lingerie niche are endless. The lingerie store online can dropship bikini, bodysuit, bra, and panty sets, bralette, teddies, bustier, camisole, tap short, chemises, gowns, and Robes, and more.

With a wide range of intimate apparel styles to choose from, you can appeal to a large group of customers shopping for lingerie online with different needs.

3. Cheap price

With the dropshipping business model, you can get lingerie products at really fair prices from lingerie wholesale vendors. It also saves you a lot to partner with a supplier for dropshipping lingerie to sell intimate wear. The dropshipping agents can save your time and cost to find, pack and ship lingerie products. This is true, whether you intend to be a bra dropshipper or your online lingerie store centers on other lingerie items.

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4. Privacy protection

Privacy protection is a common reason why more and more customers tend to buy undergarments in the online lingerie store. A dropshipping store for selling lingerie can do the same. Customers can choose the color, size, texture, and on its own in your dropshipping store.

5. Easy to expand lingerie business

You can sell lingerie with companion products like nightwear, loungewear, swimwear, sarongs or T-shirt. On one hand, it helps expand your lingerie business for increasing revenue. On the other hand, this can boost your customer loyalty and increase revenue.

4 Benefits to dropship lingerie online

Here are five main advantages to using dropshipping strategy to selling lingerie products online.

1. Low startup investment

Working with a lingerie wholesale dropship supplier to run a dropship business greatly reduces the cost for inventory and staff hiring. After you build a store in Shopify, WooCommerce, or other platforms, you don’t need to stock the lingerie items. With the dropshipping business model, the supplier takes charge of product inventory and shipment. You don’t need to pay for the lingerie products until customers place the order.

2. Save time in shipping and packing

You don’t need to spend time on product manufacturing, quality checking, packing, and shipping when getting orders. The dropshipping supplier will contact the wholesale lingerie distributor to fulfill the order. Also, working with a local intimate apparel wholesale distributor often guarantee fast delivery. For example, if you run an intimate apparel US dropshipping store, a US-based dropshipping agent can ship the lingerie products directly from the USA.

3. Wide Lingerie product selection

Dropshipping agents often cooperate with hundreds or thousands of lingerie suppliers. With this, you can access tons of trendy underwear products to dropship.

Some clothing suppliers offer both bulk lingerie wholesale and single intimate apparel dropshipping. This is perfect for small businesses. They can sell as many kinds of lingerie products as they want at an affordable price. Better still, it avoids the problem of over-stock clearances.

dropshipping lingerie

4. Low-cost product expansion

The dropshipping business model offers the flexibility to test the new lingerie product and expand your intimate apparel business. For example, if you dropship bra sets, you can freely upload the bra with new color, style, texture, or size individually on your lingerie store. This way can help verify if the newly added lingerie products keep up with the trend with minimal cost and risk.

How to start a lingerie dropshipping online business

First of all, you need to build a dropshipping store. You can start a ladies’ innerwear business online with Shopify, WooCommerce, or other eCommerce platforms.

Second, you’ll find an authentic supplier to dropship lingerie. What a dropshipping company can do is to manage product inventory, pack and ship the products, track delivery, and handle returns. To help you find the dropshipping supplier to sell lingerie, we’ve listed the 5 best dropshipping vendors in the following section.

Third, select stylish lingerie products to dropship. Multiple distributors of lingerie have provided abundant lingerie categories to choose products from. If you are new to the online lingerie market, you can check out the trending products recommended at the end of this page.

5 Best suppliers for dropshipping lingerie

1. EPROLO – Free dropshipping platform

EPROLO is a dropshipping supplier that can connect the retailer and the dropshipper or wholesale suppliers for free. It offers plus-size lingerie dropship, seamless underwear dropship, lace intimate apparel dropship, and so on. It’s served millions of retailers and sellers from the United States, United Kindom, Canada, Europe, and other countries.

If you want to dropship private label lingerie, you can go with EPROLO’s branding project. Its lifetime Junior membership plan only charges $19.9. It’s great for the small dropshipping business to build its own lingerie brands. EPROLO now offers a discount coupon of 20% for the membership plan. Just use the free coupon code “BFCM20%” to enjoy the discount in EPROLO Branding Project.

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2. Jerrisfashion

Jerrisfashion is a lingerie wholesaler headquartered in the United States. It also supplies dropshipping services for selling lingerie and other clothing categories.

It offers top-class lingerie with 5 categories at rock bottom prices. It requires no minimum order quantity for dropshipping. It promises to deliver the lingerie product in 48 hours for the orders made in the continental United States.

3. Best Wholesale Lingerie

If you intend to dropship intimates in European countries, then you can’t miss this dropshipping supplier. It offers wholesale lingerie products from bras, thongs, and panties to babydolls, chemises, and swimwear. From its lingerie product portfolio, you can also find high-quality women’s underwear, shapewear, hosiery, pajama sets, and more for all sizes.

It will regularly update the trendy lingerie products in its New Arrival section every month. Orders over $99 are free of charge for shipping.

4. Elegant Moments Lingerie

Founded in 1983, Elegant Moments Lingerie also has a dropshipping program for lingerie products. In its product catalog, you can access the lingerie collection, hosiery, costumes, panties, swimwear, and so on. It’s good for start-up companies because it has no minimum order requirements.

It has a US-based warehouse for dropshipping of women’s lingerie and apparel. It can ship the lingerie products to computers within the continental US in 24 hours.

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5. New temptations

New Temptations is a good choice if you’re seeking a dropship lingerie UK supplier. It has more than 1000 lingerie items to dropship at wholesale prices. Starting from lingerie, to dresses, swimwear, jumpsuits, and rompers, it offers a broad collection of lingerie to dropship. In terms of fabric, what they produce includes lace, leather, polyester, spandex, cotton, and more.

10 Profitable lingerie products to sell online

Today’s dropshipping product market seems saturated. Finding profitable dropshipping products seems to be a challenge for most dropshipping store owners. If you have no idea what lingerie product to choose for dropshipping, browse through this checklist. You can find out the fashionable lingerie dropshipping products.

1. Bra and panty sets

dropship intimates

2. Babydoll

lingerie wholesale dropship

3. Teddy

lingerie wholesale dropship

4. Bralette

lingerie wholesale dropship

5. Corset

lingerie wholesale dropship

6. Brassiere

lingerie wholesale dropship

7. Chemise

dropshipping lingerie

8. Suspender Belt

dropshipping lingerie

9. Bustier

dropshipping lingerie

10. Thong

dropshipping lingerie