At present, it’s an emerging trend to dropship clothes. Among various approaches to come out on top of the dropshipping competition, private label clothing dropshipping is a good strategy. Selling private label clothing with customized neck labels, branded tags, and custom packaging not only helps stand out. It’s also good for developing your own apparel brand and expanding a clothing line.

Additionally, the purchasing demands for custom apparel keep growing annually in the US, UK, and other countries. Thus, business owners have a shot to greatly profit from private labeling garments and fashion branding services.

In this article, you are welcome to find some tips to customize your logo on apparel labels and build a clothing brand. Besides, we’ll focus on the ten best private label clothing dropshippers. Some suppliers cater to sellers who want to dropship private label clothing no minimum. Some manufacturers offer a host of custom and private label apparel items like t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, joggers, and more. Now scroll down and read on.

private label clothing dropshipping

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What Is Private Label Clothing Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model with which you sell clothing or other products without inventory pressure. Private label clothing brands are apparel products sold by a store with its own branded label and package but manufactured by a third-party manufacturer.

If you dropship private label apparel, you’re going to purchase white-label clothing items from manufacturers with no MOQ. Then, rebrand the apparel by adding your logo on them and sell to customers worldwide. Finally, private label clothing dropshippers will pack and ship the private label orders under your company’s name.

For example, your company – let’s say ABC –  orders white-label apparel items from EPROLO, a private label clothing no minimum supplier. Then, the company will guide you to customize the label, hangtag, packing bag, and more and put your brand name ABC on them. Next, EPROLO will quickly pack the clothing branded with ABC and send to your target customers under the ABC logo.

private label clothing

Private label vs Print on demand

As said above, a private label product is one that a business gets produced by other manufacturing companies but sells under the business brand name. When dropshipping clothing labeled privately, the seller has total control over deciding:

  • The design of neck label, side label, hem tags, etc.
  • The usage of hangtags
  • The items put inside the custom clothing
  • The branded packaging customization

Print on demand is a process where you create customized designs on white-label products themselves and print them to sell on demand. Print on demand suppliers like EPROLO POD always comes with diverse white-label items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, and much more. They focus on using advanced printing techniques to create premium garments with your designs rather than labels branding.

Benefits to Dropship Private Label Clothing

Private label clothing dropshipping can turn your fashion business into a long-term success. When it comes to the benefits of private label dropshipping clothing, we’ve epitomized a few important points.

1. Low budget to build a brand

How much does private label cost? In the past, you have to overcome the costs of bulk product inventory, branding, design, shipping, packing labor, customer services, and so on. If you can’t bear a large budget for branding your clothing store, dropshipping with private label is an affordable business method.

There is no inventory management demand to launch a private label business. Even better, EPROLO branding service enables you to dropship private label clothing no minimum. You can purchase branding clothes at wholesale prices without MOQ.

2. Increase profits

Private label apparel items can be considered as high profit margin products for several reasons.

First, marketing clothing under your brand name is a selling point to earn. You have complete control of designs from products to packages and quality. Without intermediaries, you can set the price however you wish. Second, selling distinctive branded apparel items can add value to your merchandise and boost sales. Third, private label clothing dropshippers reduce your investment in product design and production.

private label clothing no minimum

3. Brand loyalty

Private label fashion clothing dropshipping is beneficial to build brand loyalty. Private labeling your garment brand leads to an impressive relationship between you and your customers. It greatly helps improve the repeat purchases of clothing products, enhance brand trust and generate customer loyalty. Moreover, they will become advocators of your business in dropshipping custom private-label garments.

4. Wide product branding options

Private label clothing manufacturers can help promote your private label apparel brands in multiple aspects. And the free dropshipper EPROLO is one of them. Sellers have the choices to customize outer packages, inside neck labels, hangtags, gift card inserts, and scotch tapes. Besides, the custom printing service for clothing is also available in EPROLO.

How to Choose Dropshipping Suppliers for Private Label Apparel

If you are ready to seek business opportunities in private label clothing dropshipping, choose a reliable supplier first. An excellent dropshipping supplier for private label clothing should additionally feature as following merits. Based on these, you can opt for the ideal dropship partners with ease.

  • One-stop solution to start your brand

All-in-one private label apparel suppliers can set online clothing retailers free from most eCommerce troubles.

  • Low minimum order requirements

You may not want to produce a large amount of private labeled products at once especially if you are a startup. So, look for a low-minimum or no-minimum private label wholesale clothing supplier.

  • Fast turnaround

See how long the supplier will take to label your brands in apparel manufacturing and make a custom-made package. Quick process time for private-labeling clothing always can lead to a better customer satisfaction score.

  • Abundant choices on clothing catalog

When selecting private label apparel companies for branding your garments to sell, a wide selection of clothing products is essential. You can dropship private label clothing no minimum from apparel categories comprising t-shirts, dresses, pants, jeans, sweaters, sportswear, lingerie, etc.  

10 Best Private Label Clothing Dropshippers

Now, you know the main characteristics that a qualified private label dropship supplier should have. We highlight ten proven private label clothing dropship suppliers below to ease supplier selection.

1. EPROLO – Dropship private label clothing no minimum

Our preferential pick, EPROLO, is a high-tech private label clothing dropshipping platform. More than 1,000 private label clothing stores achieve big success via EPROLO, who’s earned a high score on Trustpilot.

private label clothing

EPROLO releases an affordable lifetime project that charges only $19.9 for clothing branding. Worldwide sellers can benefit from trendy white-label garment designs, quick production, and custom branding options. Moreover, you can add a custom logo on the hangtag and packing bag of private label clothing.

Main traits:

  • Sign up for dropshipping is free and no upfront charge is required.
  • Branding services contain adding branded tags, private labels, personalized wrap and pack, and so on.
  • It also releases an annual subscription plan for just $99.00. With this, you can enjoy more branding options like inside custom gift cards and attractive scotch tape printed with your logo.
  • Your logo will be perfectly printed on a white label and the private labeled clothing will be delivered under your brand.
  • It has a broad clothing collection including t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, jeans, jackets, pants, socks, plus-size apparel, and everything of the sort.
  • EPROLO develops an automated system offering easy integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Shoplazza, etc.
  • EPROLO POD app is capable of apparel designing and printing online.
  • It boasts on-time production and worldwide delivery will take 5 to 12 days 5 to 12 days.

2. Apliiq

When talking about clothing dropshippers, Apliiq is among the top private label clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles. Same as EPROLO, this supplier offers private label and dropshipping services. Plus, it obeys USA labeling laws and meets brand labeling requirements without minimums.

Main traits:

  • Apliiq platform supports connection with Shopify and Woocommerce.
  • It helps start a private label luxury clothing line. Just upload your logo and Apliiq will devote itself to generating high-quality apparel branded with your logo.
  • The personalizing products include custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies, joggers, jackets, and pants.
  • It does a good job in cutting, sewing, printing, stitching, and labeling during the clothing branding game.
  • The team uses varied delivery options to ship custom garments to around 150 countries like the US, UK, Canada, and so on. With the on-time tracking system, you can do tracking online.
  • Apliiq offers free shipping to US sample orders to bulk orders over $100.

3. AliExpress

As one of the biggest eCommerce marketplace in China, AliExpress must be a competitive private label wholesale clothing supplier. You can easily find private label clothing manufacturers on the website. Surfing on AliExpress, it’s convenient to search for suitable dropshippers to please your request. Besides, most of them set no minimum order quantities, be it custom labeling services or print on demand clothing.


private label clothing no minimum

Main traits:

  • This private label no minimum manufacturer has carried 13 categories of products with more than 100 million items.
  • AliExpress will offer wholesale prices for dropship orders so that your private labeling apparel store can earn more profits.
  • You have over 20 shipping methods for order delivery, including AliExpress Standard Shiping, UPS, ePacket, and more.
  • Up to the dropshipping suppliers, the shipping time for branding clothing would usually be 4 to 60 days.

4. Steve Apparel

The next that comes to the list is Steve Apparel. This company has joined the private label clothing manufacturers USA market since 2004. It offers white-label clothing for men, women, and youth at wholesale prices. Furthermore, its program is easy to master for creating custom private label apparel with your brand or logo.

Main traits:

  • This private label dropshipping will do fabric selection, cut and sewing, customization, labeling, packaging, and global shipping.
  • Branding options take in customized cut and sew services, custom apparel & accessories, packaging, and labeling.
  • It serves logo printing through embroidery, screen, or sublimation printing.
  • The supplier accepts payment via Visa, Paypal, Stripe, and Mastercard to please different requests.

5. Printful

Printful is a trustworthy private label service provider in dropshipping apparel industry. Aside from that, it’s renowned for designing and selling custom printed products on demand online.

Main traits:

  • You can connect most platforms and marketplace with it, such as Shopify, Wix, Etsy, Bigcommerce, and more.
  • White label printing and custom packaging comprise its private label dropshipping Apart from these, the supplier will use pack-ins to introduce your brand with promotion postcards, branded stickers, and thank you cards.
  • Printful requires no upfront cost and supports international shipping.

6. AOP+

If you are looking for private label clothing manufacturers in the UK, AOP+ deserves a place on the list.

private label clothing dropshipping

It’s free to start dropshipping clothing. However, if you need to access personalized product add-ons or get more benefits and discounts, you’ll need to pay subscription fees. The monthly plan that values $11.99 gives you  a 5% discount on all prices. Another plan costs $19.99 monthly, offering an extra discount for private labeling and priority in fulfillment.

Main traits:

  • Customizable white labeled clothing services without startup costs.
  • The private label designer clothing will be made, stored, and wrapped in custom packaging in the company factory.
  • AOP+ sets integration with Shopify and Etsy. All users can get unlimited product designs and access to all standard products.
  • For brand building, this supplier offers customized packing slips. It can help label removal and heat press with your private label.

7. Kidsblanks by Zoe

KidsBlanks is also one of the best US-based private label apparel manufacturers. It’s a wholesale supplier for custom apparel, but it also takes care of private label dropshipping with no minimum. Unlike other private label apparel companies, it focuses on babies & kids. Therefore, you can find all types of baby clothes, kids’ t-shirts, and youths t-shirts on this platform.

Main traits:

  • Support both POD and branding demands for kids’ apparel.
  • Multiple custom clothing printing methods like screen printing, embroidery, etc.
  • The team will ship your orders worldwide by USPS or FedEx. UPS is under selection if needed.

8. Gooten

Based in New York, United States, Gooten dedicates to POD and branding career. What it wins over other private label clothing dropshippers is its comprehensive list of worldwide private clothing manufacturers.

Main traits:

  • Contrado lists various types of clothing for men, women, and kids.
  • You can enjoy custom printing on different materials like custom fabric, clothing, or leather.
  • It uses default fast delivery to most cities, such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc.

private label clothing dropshippers

9. Kin Custom

Kin Custom is a good Shopify partner who focuses on private label dropship clothing. Though women’s clothing items are its best-selling products, you can still private label men’s clothing. Plus, it promises to offer apparel items with the highest quality fabrics and unique customized designs.

Main traits:

  • Kin Custom helps with product selection and custom branding sets, including hang tags, poly bags, boxes, and more.
  • This supplier also offers multiple shipping methods: DHL, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and so on.

10. Scrappy Apparel

The last branding company coming to the suppliers’ list for private label dropshipping is Scrappy Apparel. This clothing brand building company is headquartered in the United States. It canalizes its energies into custom t-shirts printing and later adds value to private brand clothing services.

Main traits:

  • You are welcome to place some sample orders from this supplier and check the quality.
  • Custom embroidery and neck labeling services are available for your private label dropshipping
  • Scrappy provides free UPS ground shipping to most customers.

How to Start Your Own Private Label Clothing Line

Here’s a quick guide for private labeling clothing. You can quickly start your own private label apparel line with only a few steps.

1. Create your dropshipping business brand and logo.

2. Build your dropship store online for private label apparel.

3. Select your private label clothing niche.

4. Select private label clothing no minimum manufacturers. EPROLO free dropship supplier is a good fit if you value affordable costs and comprehensive clothing brand customization.

5. Sign up for EPROLO branding service and enter the dashboard. And then, select your preferred membership plan.

private label clothing

6. Upload your brand name or logo in the designated place. A high-definition picture is recommended.

7. Next, click the button to pay for the branding plan. After paying for the branding plan, EPROLO will create custom labels, hangtags, packing bags, and more with your logo you’ll love. Confirm design diagrams and you can then begin to private label dropship clothing by selecting apparel products to sell.

private label clothing no minimum

8. Click Find Product and choose Fashion & Clothing category. Then, you can choose t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, dresses, jackets, coats, and more to dropship on your store.

private label clothing dropshipping

9. When you get orders from customers, they’ll be synced to the EPROLO dashboard. Click Orders > Eprolo Orders. Tick the order you need to fulfill and enable branding membership status. Finally, pay for the orders and that’s it.

For more details on using EPROLO to build your clothing brand, click here.