With the economy and technology developed, the automobile has become more common in daily life. No matter work or on vacation, car driving is the priority choice. As a part of life, people are willing to spend time on their cars (RV cars, motorbikes, bicycles, etc.). For this reason, car parts dropshipping has always been a booming business.

There is enormous demand for tires, batteries, brake parts, filters, performance products, decor, or repair tools. It is no doubt that selling car parts is a big industry, especially in the United States and Australia. Not sure how auto part dropshipping works? Now, it’s time to check this article.

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Is Car Parts Dropshipping Profitable?

Yes, it can be proven by the following reasons.

1. Exclusive Profit

According to research, the value of global car accessories was closed to USD 408 billion in 2021. And the growth rate is expected up to 3% from 2022 to 2030. For this reason, it is a better time to start an online store to sell auto parts.

2. Great Potential

According to the search, the global car sales marketing is worth about USD 20,417billion, and the margin profit is approaching 92,400million dollars. The more care sale, the more accessories need. It shows that there are many potential customers.

Furthermore, the online auto part aftermarket is tipped to increase five-fold between 2021 and 2025, globally, to some 605 billion U.S. dollars as theStatistic show.

3. Various Catalogue

There are many car parts accessories for different usages, such as led lights for cars, car chargers, car rearview mirrors, car storage boxes, car GPS displays, ETC. And each of them had a different design. So you don’t need to worry about the market development. You have many choices because the market is immense.

4. Easy to Start

When you do auto parts dropshipping business, you no need pre-invest. Find a reliable supplier that can provide all-in-one service for you. Dropshipping allows no MOQ limit so that you can expand into other niches whenever you want.

5. Always in-demand

You can see from Google Trends that the Search volume of “car parts” grows steadily, which means this product is always in demand. It isn’t easy to affect by the seasons, sale holidays, or anything else. Auto parts have been one part of people’s life necessities. So dropship auto parts can be one of the best choices to make money online.

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Top 10 Car Accessories Dropshipping Suppliers

There is a wide range of car parts updating quickly. If you want to succeed, you must have a competitive price, trustworthy technology, and quality. The best way is to find a reliable supplier. Have no ideas where to find the suppliers? Now, it’s time to check the articles, there are 11 top auto parts dropshipping suppliers that suit you.


EPROLO, one of the best car parts dropshipping suppliers, has 300k+ drop shipper customers. It is an automated platform that covers order fulfillment, inventory management, and brand building to print-on-demand service. You only need to pay the product and shipping fees. All of the rest is free!

With EPROLO, there is no limit on how many and what goods you want to sell because it has 107 niches that you can choose. Even more, you can directly import the Aliexpress link to find best selling product you need, then EPROLO will source the product with the best price for you. So what are you waiting for? Time to log in to EPROLO and start your auto parts dropshipping now.

Automobile parts list:

  • Car Electronics, Motorcycle Accessories & Parts, Car Wash & Maintenance, etc
  • Car Repair Tools, Interior, and Exterior Cars Accessories, etc.
best auto parts dropshippers

2. Keystone Automotive

Keystone is a wholesale and dropshipping supplier of automotive equipment and accessories based in the USA. It has eight distributors to supply car parts with 185,000+ unique stocking products.

The produced line covers all parts for care, performance, modification, interior, and exterior tools for nearly all cars and truck brands and models (recreational vehicles, trailers, Powersports, etc.).

With 500 trucks and trailers supporting 24-48hours delivery, it allows people to get the product fast and easy in Canada. It also provides global transportation with UPS (including tracking numbers), which is advantageous for auto parts drop-shippers who need reliable shipping.

Car accessories assortment:

  • Replacement parts, appliances, mattresses, awnings, accessories, and camping supplies for Gas or Diesel Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, or Toy Haulers.
  • Axles, brake controls, fenders, wheels, tires, wiring harnesses, lighting, and a wide variety of towing items.
  • Bars, brakes, wheels, tires, suspension components, recovery tools, exhaust systems, body components, and safety apparel for ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and personal watercraft.
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3. Sophio

Sophio, a B2C website, is another great original equipment manufacturer for auto parts. You will find car accessories from over 1000 brands and more than 600 million vehicles + product combinations. It can support auto part dropshipper by a strong product supply chain.

With FBS service, they will fulfill your order and manage your inventory automatically. But you should notice that the automated order fulfillment service only supports American buyers currently. So it is more suited for car parts dropshipping suppliers who mainly sell in the USA.

They can customize an online store for you to sell with Sophio. If you already have a store – the eBay store can do too, you can send the support team with your authorize.NET credentials and adjust your DNS, so you can connect with them.

Products list:

  • Air Intake Parts, Body Parts, Brake Parts, Cooling Parts, etc.
  • Electrical Parts, Engine Parts, Emission Parts, Fuel System Parts, etc.
  • Ignition Parts, Steering Parts, Tools and Equipment, Transmission Parts, etc.

4. Shifteck

Shifteck is the USA manufacturer of automotive accessories, not just a parts reseller. It has worldwide distributors throughout the United States, Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. So that it can help you launch USA auto parts dropshipping business with fast delivery.

It mainly provides interior car equipment such as suspension parts, braces, brackets, etc. If you want to be the best auto parts dropshippers, you can meet your need with their existing items. Or you can contact the representatives to customize the product you want.

Since 2002, Shifteck has assisted people to design private label parts, 90% of their orders are custom products until now. Work with Shifteck, you can build your own auto aftermarket brand.

Products list:

  • Battery Maintainer, IRS Stabilization Kit, Pedal Tuner, Downpipe, short shifters, etc. for BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 4 Series, BMW M3 / M4, Ford Mustang, Ford Raptor, Ford Superduty, GT500 (2020+), Mazdaspeed 3, Mercedes CLA / GLA.

5. FK-Automotive

FK-Automotive is another car parts customization shop, successful in the auto aftermarket for over 11 years. It connects customers with hundreds of thousands of different items in stock, a quantity of over 1,000,000 pieces.

All of the prices include VAT, plus shipping costs so that you can import the link to your store directly without tax counting. If the goods have any problem, their money-back guarantee allows return within 14 days after the invoice date.

In addition, fast shipping is not only significant for the best auto parts dropshippers but all. Working with DHL, GLS, and FedEx, it provides 24h fast delivery in the EU and 3-6days for global shipping.

Products list:

  • Car suspension, wheel spacers, lights, etc.
  • Sports seats & belts, car parts / spare parts, etc.
best auto parts dropshippers

6. Lane’s Car Products

Lane’s been the one-stop source for interior and exterior auto detailing care for over 12 years in the west country. It mainly supplies car care products not sold in retail stores for car fanatics, auto detailers, and auto dealerships.

When you cooperate with them for car accessories drop shipping, the sales representative will quote you with an excel sheet that includes product descriptions, wholesale pricing, and HD images. What’s more, the return policy supports people sending back any displeasure item within 30 days of the invoice date, but it requires an RGA number.

Products list:

  • Interior car care, exterior car care, car care kits, car air fresheners, detailing tools, detailing equipment,
  • Auto accessories for residential, commercial, and fleet vehicles.

7. Monster Transmission

Vehicle transmissions are vital parts of your drivetrain system. Monster Transmission is a premier remanufactured supplier of nearly all car transmission types from complete engines to torque converters to Monster in a Box. It has a large stocking transmission selection and transmission cores inventory, which can meet your need.

Or you can contact their staff with your own design, they will provide you with positive testimonials and a warranty for remanufactured transmission. It means you can DIY to get what you want. They have their own inventory system and can ship globally, if you want to dropship auto parts, Monster Transmission can be your undoubted choice.

Products list:

  • Adapter plates, carb brackets, cooling packages, cross members, detent/kick-down/TV cables, dipsticks & filler tubes, driveshafts, dust covers
  • Flexplates flywheels, fluids and oils, lockup kits, shifters
  • Transmission controllers, transmission coolers, transmission mounts, transmission pans, TV cable fix, transmission service kits for CHEVROLET | GM, DODGE | MOPAR, FORD
car parts dropshipping suppliers

8. Atech Motorsports

Atech Motorsports was a global wholesale distributor of car parts and accessories for over 50 years. It always supports auto parts dropshipping for high-performance cars, racing, off-roading, street rods, and trucks. It also has restoration, plus tools, paint body products, and premium stock replacement parts for daily-driven vehicles.

It has a huge parts inventory that is available to you drop ship to your customers with millions of in-stock auto parts. You can access over 1500 brands such as Fox Fab, Race Tech, Axial Racing, Bully, etc. And the drop shipping service is free, you only need to pay the products and shipping fees.

9. Wheel Pros

Wheel Pros, a US-based industry, has mainly provided automotive aftermarket wheels and rims from the racetrack to the dirt since 1996. It is one of the best auto parts dropshippers ‘ choices if you want to find a reliable company.

It has a formidable car parts distribution network. With over 35 warehouses and manufacturing plants located around Canada (and the world- UK, AU ), the delivery time can be as faster as possible.

Products list:

  • Wheels for American Force, American Racing, Fuel Off-Road, KMC Wheels, Rotiform
  • Powersports for KMC UTV, Fuel UTV, MSA Offroad, Fairway Alloys
  • Tires, EFX, Fuel UTV
  • Suspension for ReadyLIFT, Zbroz Racing
  • Accessories

10. Turn 14

Turn 14 is a warehouse distributor and reseller with 723,000 sq ft of distribution center space located in America. Its delivery center boasts can cover the US within two days and have more competitive freight fees.

No matter whether you do local or global business, it is flat rate shipping and supports late shipping cutoff times, 7/week operation, and same-day in-stock order fulfillment service. In addition, with thousands of different car parts for performance, looks, and plain mechanics, you can easily find the auto accessories you expected. So when you start car accessories dropshipping with Turn 14, it is enabled to service your customers efficiently.

Products list:

  • Wheels, car chips, boosters, etc. for European Performance, truck Accessories, offroad, hybrid & EV performance ..
car accessories dropshipping

10 Top Selling Items Suit to Start Auto Parts Dropshipping

Nowadays, from car enthusiasts to the ordinary auto store, more and more people are shopping online. Dropshipping auto parts can be the best choice for a start-up that wants to take a piece of cake from the car parts aftermarket. So let’s talk about the top 10 car products that are extremely popular to dropshippers.

The Statista has sorted out an automotive aftermarket segmentation chart in the US. Except for the OEM products, the remaining 73% of the people spend on universal car accessories. Such as interior or outer repair tools.

US automotive aftermarket segmentation

Now you have a general direction about what products you can sell, but finding a trending auto part is also a long process. To save you time, here are the top 10 car products that are extremely popular for dropshippers. Keep Reading!

1. Car Steering Wheel Cover

DIY car styling covers with needles and line adds style to your existing steering wheel. Made of high-quality faux leather, great for replacing original leather-covered steering wheels.

best auto parts dropshippers

2. Car GPS System

Small size and lightweight, easy to carry. Perfect car tracking and anti-lost positioning for elderly children.

car accessories dropshipping

3. Car Phone Holder

Easy to install on the most car air vent. Gravity sensor for grasp your phone, enough to be fixed on the dashboard and would not slide away.

car accessories dropshipping

4. Car Charger

100% brand new and high quality. Wide Compatibility is suitable for all phones and tablets, and other digital devices.

car parts dropshipping suppliers

5. Car Led Light

Made of high-quality Led 5630 SMD, provides ultra brightness and could last for a very long time but low power consumption. Many light applications: map bulbs, ceiling lights, luggage compartment bulbs, door bulbs, license plate bulbs, etc.

dropship auto parts

6. Car Paint Care

New generic Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen. Excellent design for clearing coat scratch repair. Features as non-toxic, permanent, water-resistant, portable, and easy to use.

automotive drop ship

7. Car Cleaning Tool

As a glove to wear, it’s easier to clean hard-to-clean places. Made for Soft Microfibre flannelette, easy to Wash and Dry. Suitable for Car and General household cleaning.

dropship auto parts

8. Car Cover

A car cover can protect your vehicle from dust-free, scratches, bird droppings, paint fade, and sunlight. This car cover is designed for indoor or outdoor use, easy to store.

automotive drop ship

9. Car Organizer

This item can organize the back seat of your car well. With an adjustable buckle Strap and foldable dining table, keep the vehicle clean and prevent the seat from being scratched.

car accessories dropshipping

10. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld design for effortless and instant wireless vacuuming. The high-speed motor produces concentrated suction to clean dust and dirt at high-speed.

best auto parts dropshippers