14 Dropshipping Suppliers Canada & Step-by-Step Dropshipping Guide

In Canada, dropshipping businesses are sprouting up every day, which greatly drives Canadian eCommerce sales. Being aware of the tremendous market holds, a good deal of dropshipping suppliers Canada pops up.

When dropshipping Canada with third-party dropshippers, sellers just need to list items and sell them on marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, and so on. Then, Canadian wholesalers or dropshippers will create, pack, and ship items to the Canadian buyers as a representative of your store.

Get interested and be eager to find the best dropship suppliers Canada? Lucky you! Here comes a list of qualified dropshipping suppliers in Canada. Some suppliers carry a general product catalog, while others focus on specific niches. Plus, we’ve detailed the whats and hows of starting a dropshipping business in Canada.

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Why do you need dropshipping suppliers Canada?

Take the first step toward your dropshipping Canada business empire: research reliable Canadian dropshippers. There are several benefits in this regard if you aspire to run a successful dropshipping business in Canada.

First, dropshipping suppliers Canada saves time, money, and effort. They have winning products in stock and dropshipping sellers can purchase anything they want at any time. Plus, no minimum order quantity is required. Secondly, they provide you with constant new product ideas to dropship in Canada. Last, but certainly not least, sourcing products from Canadian wholesale dropshippers makes it easier on your budget.

List of 14 best dropship suppliers Canada

Now you know the whats and hows of dropshipping Canada. The next step is to decide which dropshipping supplier is available in Canada to choose from. Here is a list of the best dropshipping suppliers, which also contains the local suppliers in Canada. Let’s explore!


Topping the tables of our best dropship suppliers Canada rundown is EPROLO. It’s the best choice for any beginners to start dropshipping Canada for free. Moreover, it’s had over 30 million fulfilled orders since its inception, getting a high rating of 4.9/ 5 stars on the credible Trustpilot review site.

It caters to any genre of eCommerce business targeting Canada, be it fashion, electronics, or pet items. It also offers Print on Demand products for those Canadian dropshipping sellers who are wanting for more creative control over the products. Additionally, the individual stores can benefit from its branding project to get a distinct identity from their competitors with the customized packaging.

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Starting a dropshipping business in Canada via EPROLO is easy. First, connect to your dropshipping store built with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and more. Next, find, edit and upload the products you’d like to sell in your store. No need to pay for them in advance.

When you receive an order from a Canadian customer, the order will be auto-synced to EPROLO. All that’s left to do is to pay for the cost of products and shipping with only a few clicks. Its automatic fulfillment system will quickly pack the ordered products and ship across the entire Canadian territory ASAP.

2. Printful

Printful is an eco-friendly dropshipping supplier in Canada. It mainly provides retailers who run dropshipping businesses in Canada with an on-demand printing service. If you’re contemplating creating your own online brand with personalized products, they can help you get it done. Furthermore, this print on demand Canadian dropshipper believes that with printed on demand services, less leftover inventory would be ended up in landfills.

How to dropship in Canada and sell print on demand items is easy with Printful. It’s embedded with simple design tools for you to custom T-shirts, mugs, towels, and so on and upload to the store. Whenever you receive an order, they will automatically receive and prepare the order. Then, it’ll be in charge of printing, packing, and delivering the on-demand items from the warehouse in Toronto, Canada with fast shipping.

3. Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B is one of the most famous Canadian wholesale dropshippers. It will do all the dropshipping work for you and your eCommerce shop. It has a directory that consists of more than 100 suppliers providing one million products made in Canada, the USA, and so on. The straightforward dropshipping platform enables you to find the needed items within seconds.

What’s more, most Canadian suppliers it teams up with own their local warehouses. This means that you can expect to deliver products everywhere in Canada quickly and safely.
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4. Gertex

The fashion industry, especially the apparel niche, is in high demand across Canada. If you want a piece of the action, Gertex will be a great helper. It sells trendy socks, hats, scarves, hair accessories, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. at reasonable prices. In particular, it offers warehousing services in Toronto until you receive orders and contact them to ship products to Canadian buyers.

Aside from the fashion niche, it also gives you access to on-demand products in other Canadian popular industries. For example, it also brings a broad collection of high-quality items from the lifestyle, home, bath, and beautycare niche. Finally, branding your products is easy with its private label and custom packaging services.

5. Kimmy Shop

Want to sell good-quality toys and gadgets? You can check what Kimmy Shop offers you. Toys, games, or puzzles – whatever products you like to sell on Canada territory, Kimmy Shop will help you.

Besides, this Canadian dropshipping supplier is built with a user-friendly dropship program. From there, it offers a 15% discount on all the products you choose to dropship in Canada. Though, you’ll need to pay $15 for a monthly account management fee.

In particular, when shipping an item to your customers in Canada, it does packaging under your business name. Moreover, for total orders over $75, dropshipping Canada stores can enjoy free shipping services anywhere in Canada.

6. Canadian Custom Apparel

The demand for branded clothing has never been higher. The same as print on demand clothing. If you are keen on opening a customizable clothing dropshipping Canada store, take a look at this supplier.

Canadian Custom Apparel, as the name suggests, mainly supplies print on demand clothing services. It features a big collection of custom-designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, bags, outerwear, and so on. Plus, a lot of apparel printing techniques are available for this POD Canadian dropshipper: screen-printing, embroidery, and DTG printing.

7. Viaglamour

Viaglamour is a beauty dropshipping supplier Canada that sells cruelty-free and vegan-friendly beauty products. To start with, you can register an account on this platform. Specifically, it has a quick connection with Shopify Canada dropshipping stores for full stop management. Once signed in, you can dive into beauty catalog and dropship makeup, skincare, hair products, or any niche you’re after.

Additionally, this Canada dropshipping supplier is a great choice for owners of print-on-demand beauty stores. It empowers you to design your own beauty products and deliver with the packaging labeled your Canada dropshipping store names.

8. Urban Country Decor

Home décor category is also one of the most popular Canada dropshipping niches. From the bunch of Canadian drop shippers in this category, Urban Country Décor is the one you can rely on. It offers high-quality products covering a wide range of categories. Bedroom, living room, kitchen & dining rooms, office, … you can name a lot.

Further, this dropshipping supplier owns a warehouse in Grimsby, Ontario Canada. Speaking of the shipping, it’ll send dropship items to Canadian areas using Canada Post and UPS shipping services. Best of all, it covers up to $100 of insurance in loss or damage. Once delivered, it’ll email you the tracking number to keep up with delivery information.

9. Syncee

If you’re not only into just fashion but also looking for other genres of products, you will find that Syncee is your cup of tea. It connects its partners with multiple Canadian dropshipping suppliers and aims to build a long-lasting partnership with them.

You can browse thousands upon thousands of products that are being supplied from Canadian manufacturers as well as the US, EU, AU, and more. They have pre-vetted suppliers with quality products and fast shipping to all locations in Canada.

Better still, it has an in-app messaging dialog box enabling you to chat with Canadian suppliers. This helps you grasp vital information like product cost, quality, and shipping fees to Canada before working with them.

10. Petite Cherry

If you’re into the clothing industry, lingerie is one of the profitable apparel niches. To run a successful lingerie dropshipping store, Petite Cherry should be your first stop. It wins over other Canadian lingerie dropshippers for its comprehensive intimate catalog.

Something about Petite Cherry you’ll want to pursue is its weekly trendy lingerie updates. Thereafter, it continuously offers you access to the latest underwear product ideas to dropship and lets you make a profit.

11. BrandsGateway

If you are into clothing, jewelry, beauty products, and other fashion accessories but have no idea where to begin, check out BrandsGateway. Although it’s based in the US, it also offers dropshipping services of delivering all kinds of products to Canadian buyers.

BrandsGateway specializes in designer clothes for both males and females. Though, the dropshipping Canada stores can also sell shoes, sunglasses, watches, and so on.

For eCommerce integration, it allows dropshipping Canada Shopify, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Magento, and more.

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12. CJDropshipping

Prefer dropshipping from China to Canada? Then, CJdropshipping suits you well. Aside from China, this general Canadian dropshipping supplier also has warehouses that are located in Canada, USA, Germany, Britain, France, Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

To be clear, CJdropshipping offers you free access to its millions of products in the warehouse and sources the ones that are not included. And it has a connection to the store hosted on Shopify for quick product uploading. Besides, it helps shorten the average shipping time because all the items will be shipped directly from its warehouse in Canada.

13. Synnex Canada

Headquartered in Fremont, Canada, Synnex Canada boasts a comprehensive supplier directory of electronics. It connects you to a wide list of dropshipping wholesale suppliers Canada. Most of them are verified and approved electronics manufacturers who offer dropshipping Canada services with no minimum order requirements.

Furthermore, Canadian wholesale dropshippers in Synnex Canada claim to own their warehouses based in Canada. By partnering up with them, your Canada customers can expect a quick shipping experience for any dropship item.

On top of that, a big plug for the Canada dropshipping stores is the free customer support. And it contains also convenient branding services to build your own brand.

14. SaleHoo

The last Canada dropshipping supplier that is worth mentioning is SaleHoo. With thousands of success testimonies from across the world, you can be sure that this Canada-based supplier has helped many find success.

First, it covers a broad spectrum of general goods. From its Canada dropshipping product catalog, you can choose to sell pet products, clothing, home & garden, and anything that’s best for your store. Second, it provides a wide-ranging directory of wholesale suppliers. No matter what you need to dropship in Canada, you’ll find the items to sell with the lowest costs to make more revenue.

Meanwhile, SaleHoo also offers courses to help you start up your eCommerce trip and scale the business beyond Canada.

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Is dropshipping Canada legal?

Are you allowed to dropship in Canada? Yes, it’s legal and Canada allows everyone to dropship items assuming you abide by local mandates.

First, when listing products to dropship in Canada, do not sell illegal and unsafe items, or other products restricted by Canada. Second, provide Terms and Conditions on your online store for dropshipping from Canada.

Third, comply with tax laws and regulations. If you’re an individual seller to dropship from Canada, you’re required to pay the income tax. Additionally, both individuals and businesses need to pay sales taxes for all products in the Canada dropshipping store timely and accurately.

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Do you need a business license for dropshipping in Canada? Yes. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) requires you to register a business license to start a dropshipping Canada business. They need it for tracking the operating costs of the enterprises and recording tax revenues.

How to start a dropshipping business in Canada?

So, you’ve already known that dropshipping also works in Canada. To take a step further, how to start a dropshipping business in Canada? The following checklist will help build and run a dropshipping store in Canada step by step.

1. Decide a niche

When dropshipping from Canada, make sure to choose the products that feature high-margin profits, low shipping costs, attractive design, and more.

2. Build a dropshipping store

What to do next is to set up a Canadian dropshipping store. There are companies such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay for beginners in eCommerce to build an online shop in just a few minutes.

3. Select Canadian drop shippers

We can never say it often enough: pick a dependable dropshipping supplier based in Canada. Right dropshippers set you free from hustle like product sourcing, storage, packaging, and delivery.

4. Product marketing

When you’re running dropshipping websites Canada, it’s good to do SEO optimization to get more traffic. Then, promote products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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5. Process orders

When a customer purchases the products from your store, pay for the costs of the products to the dropshipping Canada companies. Then, they will then pack and ship the products to buyers in Canada.

FAQs on Dropshipping in Canada Business

Q1: Is dropshipping profitable In Canada?

So, is dropshipping worth it in Canada? The reasons below are good for answering the doubt.

  • Expanding Canada’s eCommerce market. By the end of 2021, the Canadian eCommerce market achieves revenue of more than CA$86.52 billion.
  • Numerous online buyers. In 2021, over 27 million Canadians purchase goods from online business stores. That means you have a large potential customer base to run your dropshipping business in Canada.
  • Low upfront costs of dropshipping in Canada. The dropshipping model enables you to run a business in Canada without spending on creating items and bulk inventory.

Q2: What are the most popular payment gateways in Canada?

Here are a few major payment gateways supported in Canada:

  • 2Checkout
  • Alipay Global
  • BitPay
  • Coinbase
  • E-xact
  • G2A Pay
  • Moneris
  • Network Merchants (NMI)
  • Optimal Payments
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Shopify Payments

Q3: What are the hottest dropshipping Canada niches in 2022

Here’s a list of top trending products and categories for dropshipping Canada. You can pick any of them to start your online business in Canada:

  • Fashion industry – Valued at US$14 billion
  • Shoes – Valued at US$6.1 billion
  • Health & Fitness – Valued at US$4.4 billion
  • Pens and pencils – Valued at US$4.2 billion
  • Pets – Valued at US$3.3 billion
  • Toys – Valued at US$2.8 billion
  • Office chairs – Valued at US$2.4 billion
  • Bras – Valued at US$2.4 billion
  • Jewelry – Valued at US$2 billion