Dropshipping is a relatively easy and profitable business model to get started with for selling products online, especially if you want to dropship stickers. This business model allows you to open up an online store and sell stickers without the upfront costs associated with holding stock or inventory.

Read ahead to find out whether you can gain profits by dropshipping stickers, what you should consider before picking a dropshipping supplier for stickers, the best 11 suppliers you can work with, as well as how you can start to dropship stickers online. We’ll even share a few examples of the kinds of stickers you can sell to make the most profit.

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Can You Gain Great Profits by Dropshipping Stickers?

Many people assume that selling something small, like stickers, would not be a very profitable business to start. However, this is not true, and dropshipping stickers can actually gain you very high profits. In 2022, the demand for stickers will be at its highest.

According to Global News Wire, the global market for just die-cut stickers was worth $151.8 million in 2021. This figure is expected to rise to $191.1 million by 2028, with a CAGR of 3.3% during that period. Die-cut stickers are one of the more popular kind of stickers, along with kiss-cut stickers, wall stickers, and labels.

Dropshipping stickers seems profitable because stickers are a steady/evergreen niche. This means that the demand for stickers is present throughout the year and does not stagnate during certain months or seasons, which can lead to greater opportunities for making profits. Stickers are also very cheap and convenient to deliver and do not usually get damaged easily. Stickers can also be customized, which a lot of customers appreciate. They are also very lightweight, making shipping a lot cheaper.

The dropshipping business model, regardless of what niche you dropship, can be more profitable than the classic retail business model. This is because of lower overhead costs associated with keeping an inventory, no shipping costs, not having to maintain a physical warehouse or storefront, and fewer losses in terms of leftover inventory if the products are not doing well.

What to Consider When Selecting Dropshipping Stickers Companies

There are several factors you need to consider when selecting a dropshipping sticker company. Some of these factors include the supplier not charging any membership fee or the fee being a reasonably low amount per month. The supplier should also ideally not have any minimum order quantity for their contracts, as this can hinder new dropshippers just starting out.

You also want to choose a supplier that is integrated with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Ali Express, Woo Commerce, etc. This way, if you already have a dropshipping store using one of these platforms, you can streamline the dropshipping process with the supplier.

You also need to check that the supplier you work with has a large catalog of stickers available to choose from and that the stickers are of good quality. Suppliers that offer quality checking services are definitely a bonus.

And finally, the supplier you choose should offer reliable and quick shipping services. If you want to ship your stickers internationally, then a supplier with global shipping services would be preferable.

Top 11 Companies You Can Use to Dropship Stickers

Before you start dropshipping stickers and making high profits, you need to find suppliers to work with. As mentioned before, the suppliers you choose to work with can play a big role in the success of your dropshipping business.

To make the process easier for you, we have outlined 11 best companies you can work with:


As a comprehensive supply chain platform, EPROLO supports every step of  a supply chain, from sourcing products, dropshipping, and print-on-demand to order fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping services. When choosing a supplier for dropshipping stickers, EPROLO would be a good choice for several reasons.

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The first point to consider is that EPROLO is entirely free! This means that there is no membership fee and no monthly subscription fee. This allows you to save money while choosing stickers from a large catalog of products available at low wholesale prices.

EPROLO is also integrated with many different e-commerce platforms so that you can work with EPROLO if you have an already existing store on any platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce, eBay, or Ali Express. This will make working with EPROLO easier and give you the added benefit of the fully automated dropshipping process that EPROLO provides. After connecting stores with EPROLO, the orders will be auto-synced on the platform, and EPROLO will start to pick, pack and ship the products to your customers.

Some other benefits you can gain from choosing EPROLO as your supplier include quality control, worldwide shipping between 5 to 15 days, and timely order deliveries, amongst others.

2. Stickers and Posters

Stickers and Posters have been in the business of graphic design for over 35 years and produce high-quality stickers, posters, wrappings, and more. The company is a great choice for a dropshipping supplier as they offer unlimited customization options and specialize in kiss-cut stickers. They do not have any minimum order quantity or monthly subscription fee and have a flat shipping rate of $1.5.

3. StickerYou

StickerYou is one of the largest suppliers of dropshipping stickers. You can choose from a large selection of winning products, including stickers, decals, temporary tattoos, and parches. The stickers are also available in different formats and materials. StickerYou is a completely free supplier and only charges shipping fees, usually between $4.99 and $7.99, with delivery worldwide in just 15 days.

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4. Vinyl Status

Vinyl Status is a US-based company that uses Printify to connect you to its fulfillment facility. Vinyl Status has made its name as one of the best dropshipping sticker suppliers due to its guaranteed 2-day turnaround, even for bulk orders. By working with Vinyl Status, you can benefit from free worldwide shipping for orders over $30, as well as a huge catalog of stickers to choose from and the option to customize stickers.

5. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the most popular sourcing platforms in the world due to the incredibly cheap products offered. Other than buying directly from Alibaba, the platform also links you to multiple other suppliers that sell stickers at wholesale prices.

Alibaba’s trade assurance protections ensure that all products are shipped on time and are quality ensured, while shipping costs depend from product to product. Alibaba can also be connected to existing stores on e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce. However, it is important to note that Alibaba’s dropshipping center is still quite new and does not have many important features like order fulfillment automation.

6. Ali Express

Ali Express, an international platform owned by the Alibaba group, has over a million different products. The stickers niche has thousands of products ready to buy at very low prices starting from $1. Ali Express has no subscription fees and very minimal shipping fees. The platform delivers worldwide and is supported by dropshipping apps like EPROLO, Oberlo, and DSers.

7. Stickermule

Sticker mule is another free supplier of custom stickers. Whether you’re looking for die-cut stickers, circle stickers, kiss-cut stickers, clear stickers, holographic ones, or sticker sheets, Stickermule has it all. By working with Stickermule, you can also benefit from free shipping worldwide, free online proofs, and a very fast turnaround for custom designs.

8. Makestickers

Makestickers makes the highest-quality laminated, waterproof, and scratch-resistant custom stickers. While the stickers design and printing turnaround of 2 days are good, Makestickers only delivers in the US and Canada. Shipping can take between 2 to 14 business days.

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9. Vinyl Disorder

Vinyl Disorder is a print on demand supplier that can make custom stickers for you. Because the company is based in the US, the turnaround for US orders is very fast. A downside to the company is that they have a minimum order quantity of 25 stickers, but that is a relatively low quantity and isn’t a problem for most sticker dropshippers. The dropshipping process offered by Vinyl Disorder is very comprehensive, and their website walks you through all of the services they offer.

10. Printful

Printful is a completely free print on demand dropshipping supplier that can print custom stickers. The stickers cost upward of $2.99 and can be shipped worldwide in 15 days and at different shipping costs. An added benefit of choosing Printful as your sticker supplier is that the company is integrated with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and other platforms.

10. Candied Nails

Candied Nails is a sticker company that specializes in making non-toxic nail stickers in various different styles. The sticker prices start from $8, with shipping costs starting at $2. Candied Nails offers global delivery and does not charge a membership fee.  

How to Start a Dropshipping Stickers Business?

Now that we’ve seen how profitable it can be to dropship stickers and have gone through a list of the most reliable sticker dropshipping suppliers, let’s go over a quick overview of how you can start a sticker dropshipping business.

1. Decide on a niche of stickers

To start, you must decide what kind of stickers you want to sell. There are many options to choose from, including wall stickers, motorcycle stickers, die-cut stickers, stationary stickers, toy stickers, and more. You can easily choose one or more types of stickers to sell. It would also be a good idea to dropship custom stickers, as that can be a more profitable niche of stickers and can get you a lot more customers.

2. Find the right supplier

After deciding what kind of stickers you want to sell, you can move on to finding the best supplier. We’ve already gone over what to consider when choosing a supplier and have given you a lengthy and detailed list of suppliers.

3. Choose a platform to start your dropshipping store on

There are many already existing dropshipping platforms for you to start a store on, such as Shopify, Ali Express, Amazon, Etsy, and more. These e-commerce platforms offer a number of advantages, including already existing customer bases, in-house advertising, and so on. If you’re inclined to have more control over your business, you can choose an alternate route and build your own website for your store.

4. Think long term

With adequate marketing, advertising, and promotion, you can gain your store some popularity and build a large customer base. Once you have done this, one way to sustain your dropshipping sticker store in the long term would be to consider a subscription business model. This can give you guaranteed weekly or monthly customers to which you ship your stickers, leading to high long-term profits.

10 Stickers to Drop Ship Online for Fat Profits

To give you an idea of some of the top-selling stickers you can sell on your online dropshipping store, here are 10 examples from EPROLO for you to consider:

1. Dinosaur Wall Stickers

dropshipping stickers

2. Glow in the Dark Star Wall Stickers

dropship custom stickers

3. The Office Laptop Stickers

dropship stickers

4. 3D Effect Batman Wall Sticker

dropshipping stickers

5. 3D Effect Spiderman Wall Stickers

dropship custom stickers

6. Alice in Wonderland Art Décor Wall Sticker

dropship stickers

7. 3D Paw Patrol Wall Decal

dropshipping stickers

8. Planets Wall Stickers

dropship custom stickers

9. Hexagonal Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers

dropship stickers

10. Kitchen Jar Label Stickers

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Dropship Stickers: Conclusion

If you are considering starting up an online dropshipping store, then selling stickers is a niche that can earn you very high profits. We’ve discussed the steady and high demand for stickers in the market, as well as the nature of the stickers niche being evergreen. If you start working with some of the dropshipping sticker suppliers we have mentioned and sell some top-selling stickers, you will be very successful.