47+ Dropshipping Winning Products for High Profits in 2023

When starting an online dropshipping store, many people are encouraged to try out the avenue due to the rumored high profits that can be made through the business model. But is there much truth to this rumor? Can dropshipping really earn you a comfortable profit margin? The answer can be yes, but it depends on the kind of products you sell.

If you sell an item on your dropshipping store that people really want, then you’re likely to make high profits. If you sell multiple items like that, then the profits only increase! These items are known as dropshipping winning products and are usually products that are high in demand and sell out easily.

Read ahead to find out what exactly makes a product a winning product, see some examples of dropshipping winning products in different categories and find out how to find winning products to sell on your own dropshipping store.

dropshipping winning products

What makes a dropshipping winning product?

How is a dropshipping winning product any different from a regular product that is high in demand? There are certain qualities to a product that ends up making it a winning product. For example, billions of people in the world use spoons and forks every single day. But selling spoons and forks isn’t going to make you five or six-digit profits. This is because also spoons, forks, and other cutlery are essential items, and in high demand, they are not considered winning products.

So, what exactly makes a dropshipping winning product?

winning product dropshipping

To begin with, the product should be unique and not too readily available. It should not be something that can be found at just any old department or corner store. It should be different from things we usually see, leading customers to want it more. While being hard to find locally, it should also not be something too specific that many people won’t be interested in.

After uniqueness, we should consider functionality or how useful the product can be in solving some kind of a problem. A simple item that you keep on a shelf and forget about isn’t usually going to be a winning product. In order for it to do well in dropshipping, it should be a product that can be used to do something or solve some kind of problem and make people’s lives easier.

A dropshipping winning product should also have good marketing potential and the potential to be freely advertised. The way you make profits with dropshipping is mainly through online and social media marketing and advertising. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to try to sell products that you can’t advertise, such as tobacco products or adult products.

And finally, winning dropshipping products will have the perfect price to match the perfect product. Many people would be unwilling to buy a product worth $1,000 online without having first seen the product. On the other hand, with something worth $200, the chances of people buying it online increase. So, the ideal winning product would be priced between $20 to $200, and for more expensive products, there would have to be sufficient sales support available for customers to be comfortable making those purchases.

If the product comes with a minimum advertised price (MAP) set by the manufacturer, that will give you the added benefit of a minimum set price that prevents competitors from selling products for extremely low prices.

So, overall, a dropshipping winning product needs to be unique, functional, not too easy to find locally, easy to advertise, and have the perfect price point.

47+ dropshipping winning products for high profits

Now that we know what makes a winning product for dropshipping. Let’s look at the winning product categories and the best dropshipping products within those categories that are gaining their sellers high profits in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023.

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve chosen all of the products categories and dropshipping winning products from EPROLO. EPROLO is a comprehensive, all-inclusive supply chain that supports product sourcing, print-on-demand, order fulfillment, global dropshipping, warehousing, and shipping services. With our services, you can source products and commodities internationally.

winning products dropshipping

If you are thinking of starting an online dropshipping store and are looking for the best items to dropship, then the list below can be a great starting point for you.

1. Home Improvement

The market for home improvement, home interiors, and home décor items is set to reach over $550 billion in the next couple of years. With such incredible growth, we can expect the demand for these products under these categories to increase as well.

Here are some of the top dropshipping winning products in the home improvement product category:

Product 1: Kitchen Cleaning Skillet Brush 

This double ended pot brush is perfect for cleaning out the toughest stains from pots. The dense and compact bristles can work against built up food, whereas the long and easy-to-hold handle makes holding the brush effort-saving and convenient.

dropshipping winning products
Product 2: Decorative Throw Pillows

These Nordic striped decorative throw pillows can be the perfect home décor to add to either the bedroom, the guest room, or the living room. The Nordic stripe design sets these pillows apart from other designs and adds an element of warmth and comfort to any space.

winning product dropshipping
Product 3: Heated Pet Bowl

This pet food bowl is suitable for all kinds of pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and other small animals. The built-in thermostat ensures that food and water remain at appropriate temperatures.

winning products dropshipping
Product 4: Decorative Ceramic Imitation Vases

These vases in different colors and sizes are the perfect home décor item. The light-weight plastic vases imitate heavier and more expensive ceramic ones, giving you a more affordable but equally beautiful alternative.

dropshipping winning products
Product 5: Star Light Christmas Decorations

With Christmas right around the corner, these star light decorations can be a wonderful addition to your Christmas décor. The warm white lights are the perfect way to bring in some Christmas warmth to the colder months.

winning product dropshipping

2. Consumer electronics

Living in the digital age, the demand for consumer electronic products is increasing every day. This makes the consumer electronic category very profitable for dropshippers and offers a number of dropshipping winning products.

Here are some of the best dropshipping products in the consumer electronics category:

Product 1: KODAK Vintage Retro M35 / M38 35mm Reusable Film Camera

Film cameras are all the rage nowadays as people try to get back that 80s nostalgia. The KODAK Vintage Retro comes in several fun colors, is lightweight, and has reusable film.

winning products dropshipping
Product 2: Smart Power Strip with Wi-Fi Power Bar

This extension cord power strip comes with four outlets and four UBS ports so that you can connect various devices to the power. The power strip can also be controlled by Google Home or voice controlled via Alexa for easy use.

dropshipping winning products
Product 3: H16 Women’s Smart Watch

Not only are smart watches a stylish accessory that can tell you the time, but they also have a number of additional features such as step and calorie count, blood pressure and heart rate recording, remote camera and music control, and call rejecting.

winning product dropshipping
Product 4: JBL Go 2 Mini Portable Wireless IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are easy to carry and convenient to use. JBL is a reliable brand, and the IPX7 is a great option if you’re looking for quick charging and loud music.

winning products dropshipping
Product 5: Laptop Cooling Stand

As more people work from home, office supplies such as this folding laptop cooling stand are more in demand now than ever. This lift-style aluminum alloy laptop stand is compatible with MacBooks, iPads, and iPad Minis.

dropshipping winning products

3. Phones and Accessories

Phone accessories have shown steady demand in the last couple of years and are expected to continue to be high in demand. Phone accessories are actually some of the best items to dropship because they can be sold in bundles and have many opportunities for high profits.

Here are some of the top winning products for dropshipping in the phones and accessories category:

Product 1: Power Bank Charger

The Baseus GaN is a 2-in-1 power bank and charger that is portable and adaptable for all of your devices. It uses 45 watts of power and guarantees fast charging. It is also extremely easy to use when traveling.

winning product dropshipping
Product 2: USB Car Charger

A car charger is a product that most people can benefit from. The 2.1A Smart Car Charger has two outputs and is compatible with phones, tablets, and other digital devices. The convenience of having all of your devices fully charged by the time you reach a destination is difficult to go without.

winning products dropshipping
Product 3: 3 In 1 Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick Tripod Foldable

With social media growing in popularity and many people trying out influencing, a selfie stick tripod is a perfect accessory to have on hand. This 3-in-1 tripod is Bluetooth powered, compatible with most phones and cameras, and lightweight and portable.

dropshipping winning products
Product 4: LED Selfie Ring Light

This LED Selfie Ring Light comes with 10 brightness modes and 3 colored lights, is easy to charge via USB port and can be used through a timer to get the perfect photos. The ring light is perfect for any social occasion and great for recording live videos.

winning product dropshipping
Product 5: Liquid Silicone iPhone Case

Phone cases, especially protective, aesthetically appealing ones, are a high-selling product. The Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max Full Protector Camera Case is lightweight while still protecting your phone. It is also available in a number of colors and made with environmentally friendly food-grace silicone.

winning products dropshipping

4. Sports and Outdoors

With more and more people becoming health conscious and becoming more involved in sports and outdoor activities, the demand for sports and outdoor products has greatly increased. From exercise equipment and tools to camping products, the niche for these products is full of a number of winning products that do very well in online dropshipping stores.

Here are some of the top winning products dropshipping in the sports and outdoors category:

Product 1: Stainless Steel BBQ Cleaning Brush

This multipurpose stainless steel brush is perfect for cleaning the barbeque grill after a long day of grilling. The ergonomic design makes the brush easy to hold and use, and the tough metal can scrape off any kind of food or grease remains.

dropshipping winning products
Product 2: Frosted Gradient Color Water Bottle

These beautiful plastic water bottles are available in different gradient color combinations and come in two sizes holding 1,500 and 2,000 ml of water. The bottles come with large capacity straws and easy-to-use handles that make carrying the bottle easy and convenient.

winning product dropshipping
Product 3: EPP Electric Yoga Column Foam Roller

This electric yoga foam roller comes with five vibrating speed adjustments for deep muscle relaxation, reduced chances of injury after exercise, and for activating the body’s nervous system. The roller is also small enough to be stored easily and carried to and from the gym if needed.

dropshipping winning products
Product 4: Outdoor Hiking, Camping, and Cycling Backpack

This multipurpose outdoors backpack by Anmeilu is the perfect size for carrying during hiking, camping, or cycling. It is made from nylon, with an erylene lining, and can carry up to 0.49 kg of weight. It also comes with an internal water bag warehouse and a helmet pocket.

winning product dropshipping
Product 5: Solar Power LED Flashlight 

Whether you’re going out for camping or on a long hike, a high-powered, multipurpose flashlight can also come in handy. This LED light comes with a built-in solar panel for emergency charging, a safety hammer, and an emergency cutting tool, as well as a DC power source that can be used to charge your phone.

winning products dropshipping

5. Shoes and Bags

The demand for shoes and bags have steadily risen over the last five years. This demand is expected to continue to rise, meaning that shoes and bags are some of the best products for dropshipping. This is especially true because of the wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and sizes available for shoes and bags.

Here are some of the best drop shipping items in the shoes and bags category:

Product 1: Mini Women’s Bag 

This mini fashion bag is a small, box-shaped bag with a lock opening method. The bag is available in five colors, including green, black, white, blue, and purple. The outside of the bag is covered in PU leather with a polyester lining inside.

dropshipping winning products
Product 2: Men’s Professional Air Cushion Sneakers

These professional men’s sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, all while offering complete support. They are suitable for differently shaped feet and can accommodate wider and narrower feet, as well as different sizes.

winning product dropshipping
Product 3: Thick Bottom Square Toe Sandals

These platform heels of square toe sandals are very popular nowadays and have to be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. These heels come with a 5cm platform and a 14cm heel. They are also available in a range of colors, including green, black, orange, white, and yellow.

winning products dropshipping
Product 4: Children’s Trolley Case

This children’s suitcase comes with a convenient size of 20 inches and a cute design that any little girl would love. The suitcase has an easy-to-use trolley configuration so that any child can pull it along by themselves.

dropshipping winning products
Product 5: Men’s Multifunctional Shoulder Bag

This stylish men’s bag is multifunctional and can be used to carry various items like digital devices and important documents and books. The bag is made out of PU leather with a polyester lining and is available in two colors: coffee and black.

winning product dropshipping

6. Mother and Kids

The global market for mother, kids, and baby care is expected to grow to over $1215 billion by 2027. A lot of this expected growth can be attributed to the general trend whereby people are more cautious about the products they use for new mothers, young children, and babies.

Not only is there a lot of expected growth for this niche, but most products in this niche category are demanded all throughout the year.

Here are some of the top dropshipping winning products in the mother and kids category:

Product 1: Baby Floor Socks 

The Nemo baby floor socks are made from combed cotton and are breathable. They come in three sizes, from newborn babies to five-year-old kids. The non-slip soles of the socks allow your baby to comfortably learn how to walk without slipping and falling.

winning products dropshipping
Product 2: Maternity Support Belt

This maternity support belt made from polyester is soft and breathable and offers expecting mothers added comfort and support. The belt is easy to use and can be worn throughout the pregnancy.

dropshipping winning products
Product 3: Baby Utensils Set 

This baby training fork and spoon set is specifically designed to help your baby learn how to use utensils when eating. The set is made of relief material and non-slip so that baby can grip it easily. It also offers 360-degree rotation for comfort and can be boiled and disinfected.

winning product dropshipping
Product 4: Silicone Donut Teether

These silicone donut teethers are made from food grade silicone and are Nitrosamine free, PVC free, Latex free, Phthalate free, and BPA free. They are perfect for babies older than four months and come with a pacifier chain.

winning products dropshipping
Product 5: Blooming Baby Bath Mat

Use this adorable flower-shaped bath mat to keep your baby comfortable when you bathe them. The mat comes in different colors and has a diameter of 80cm. It is suitable for babies up to the age of one.

dropshipping winning products

7. Beauty and Health

Some of the best products for dropshipping are beauty and health products. As more people become health conscious worldwide and as social media presence becomes stronger, the demand for various beauty and health-related products is expected to rise. In particular, makeup, skincare, and hair care products are in high demand.

Here are some of the top winning products for drop shipping in the beauty and health category:

Product 1: Double Side Silicone Facial Cleanser Brush 

Use this double-sided silicone facial cleanser brush to gently exfoliate the skin and remove any impurities and blackheads. The brush also promotes blood circulation, relieves skin pressure, and promotes the absorption of any skincare products you use.

winning product dropshipping
Product 2:  Posture Correction Belt 

Improve your posture with this lightweight, breathable, and comfortable posture correction belt. The belt is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It can be worn throughout the day during your daytime activities.

winning products dropshipping
Product 3: Nordic Manicure Press On Nails

This set of press-on nails comes with a beautiful Nordic-style manicure. With 24 nails in 12 sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for a natural appearance.

dropshipping winning products
Product 4: Acne and Spot Patches

These transparent, traceless, and ultra-thin acne patches come in various sizes and help protect acne and spots from dust, irritation, and airborne virus, thereby promoting faster healing. Each pack comes with 36 patches.

winning product dropshipping
Product 5: Portable Eyelash Case

This portable, plastic eyelash case comes with a mirror, an eyelash applicator, a bottle for adhesive, and two small eyelash containers. It is available in four colors: pink, white, blue, and brown.

winning products dropshipping

8. Cars and Motorcycles

Car accessories and repair tools are constantly increasing in demand as newer and easier-to-use products are manufactured every year.

Here are some of the dropshipping winning products in the cars and motorcycles category:

Product 1: Large Car Cup Holder

This matt black, the large cup holder is compatible with most cars and allows you to comfortably keep any kind of drink in the car with you while reducing chances of spilling. It has a diameter of 105mm.

dropshipping winning products
Product 2: Motorcycle Rear View Mirrors

These rearview mirrors are made using aluminum housing and anti-glare mirrors to enhance your driving experience. They are compatible with Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki scooters.

winning product dropshipping
Product 3: Portable Microfiber Brush

Microfiber is the perfect material for cleaning your car. Use this portable, easy-to-hold microfiber brush to clean your car’s wheels, rims, and tires.

winning products dropshipping
Product 4: Leather Tissue Box Cover

Improve the interior appeal of your car by placing your tissue box in one of these leather tissue box covers. The covers can be hung from the car ceiling as well.

dropshipping winning products
Product 5: Motorcycle Gloves

Keep your hands warm while driving your motorcycle with these genuine leather motorcycle gloves. They are available in sizes from S to XXL.

winning product dropshipping

9. Jewelry and Accessories

Personalized jewelry and accessories are all the trends lately. The demand for different jewelry styles has gone up significantly in the last few years and is expected to continue to rise.

Here are some of the top dropshipping winning products in the jewelry and accessories category:

Product 1: Hand-Beaded Fashion Multi-Layer Bracelet

This multi-layered bracelet gives the illusion of a bracelet stack with its hand-beaded layers. The evil eye pendants are very in style this year. The bracelet is available in different color combinations as well.

winning products dropshipping
Product 2: In Style Smiley Ring 

This titanium steel ring is available in steel and gold colors and has an in-style smiley face printed on it. It is available in sizes from 7 to 12.

dropshipping winning products
Product 3: Snake Chain Letter Necklace

This necklace with a round snake chain comes with a zircon letter pendant. You can get the pendant in any letter of your choosing.

winning product dropshipping
Product 4: Rhinestone Bridal Headband

This bridal headband comes encrusted with rhinestones and has a 13cm diameter. It can be the perfect accessory for any bride.

winning products dropshipping
Product 5: Metal Flower Drop Earrings

These earrings are 7.5cm long, made from a metal alloy, and shaped like maple leaves. They are encrusted with rhinestones and are perfect for any occasion.

dropshipping winning products

10. Fashion and Clothing

With fast fashion growing every day, the fashion and clothing market is set to grow extensively in the coming years. Clothing is always in demand, especially high-fashion clothing.

Here are some of the top winning products dropshipping in the fashion and clothing category:

Product 1: Wide Leg Boyfriend Jeans

These wide leg boyfriend jeans are made with a denim-cotton blend for comfort and are available in sizes from XS to L.

winning product dropshipping
Product 2: Retro Square Sunglasses

This square shape is the latest trend in sunglasses. Try these sunglasses that are suitable for both men and women and are available in multiple colors.

winning products dropshipping
Product 3: Loose Knit Sweater

This women’s loose knit sweater has a baggy, comfortable design with a unique checkered and heart print. It is available in sizes S, M, and L.

dropshipping winning products
Product 4: Sports Underwear Set

This nylon underwear set consists of a support bra and high waited bottoms. It is breathable, comfortable, and seamless. It is also available in various sizes and colors.

winning product dropshipping
Product 5: Wavy Design Headband

These Korean headbands have a unique wavy design and are available in soft pastel colors. They can be the perfect addition to any outfit this year.

winning products dropshipping

How to find dropshipping winning products?

So, now that we know what dropshipping winning products are and have seen some popular examples.let’s tackle the question of how you can find winning products for your own online dropshipping store.

To begin with, you can take advantage of the best seller’s lists published by other online stores. Firstly, you should check out the Amazon Best Sellers, which can help you find branded and unbranded products that are selling highly. In the same way, you can check out the Top Ranking products on AliExpress, the winning products on Wish, and the watch count on eBay.

Another way to find dropshipping winning products is by checking out what your competitors are selling. Take a look at other dropshipping stores in your area and stores that are selling products from similar niches. Take a look at their best sellers and the products they get the most reviews on.

It would also be helpful to make use of online tools that are freely available to you, such as Google Keywords and Google Trends, to find out which products are trending lately and which products are expected to be in high demand during the next few months or years. You can also use social media apps such as TikTok to find popular product hashtags and monitor the ads on these platforms.

Dropshipping winning products: conclusion

If you’re hoping to open up your own online dropshipping store and make some good profits, the only way to succeed in this is by finding and selling winning products. We have gone into detail about dropshipping winning products, how you can find them, and some popular examples.

Now you’re all set to start your store! If you’re looking for a reliable dropshipper to work with, don’t forget to check out EPROLO. You can gain a number of advantages by working with EPROLO , such as no monthly service fee and a completed automated and streamlined business model. Visit our website for more information!