Has it ever occurred to you that it’s a good time to dropship hats online? Whether you’ve ever thought of it or not, hats, as a trending product, are on an upward climb. Hats are not only a sun-blocking supply but also a fashion statement nowadays. What’s more, hats are available to print or embroider patterns on. People are more likely to make custom hats, which also increases their demands. So, now is the time to take action and seize the best opportunity to gain considerable profits.

Compared with running a physical hat store, operating an online store for hat dropshipping are easier, more convenient, and less risky. Besides, you have no need to buy in bulk or rent warehouses to store hats. Dropshipping suppliers take charge of it. What you need to do is to manage your dropshipping store well, and much more importantly, find reliable dropshipping hats suppliers.

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Top 10 hat dropshipping suppliers (POD suppliers Included)

As I mentioned above, cooperating with reliable suppliers is necessary for your success. In the main, good dropshipping wholesalers should have the following characteristics:

1. No minimum quantity order

Working with suppliers asking for no MOQ is beneficial for your business. Making orders according to the quantity requirements of your customers, you are totally free from the pressure of slow-moving stock.

2. Free dropshipping fee

No need to pay for the dropshipping fee is another important standard for you to get access to dependable hat vendors.

3. Diverse categories of hats in stock

Wholesalers with a lot of variety can save you much time in looking for required hats and fulfilling the order. This is a clever way to improve the customer experience.

4. Worldwide shipping service

Great accomplishments in dropshipping hats business can’t be achieved without the global shipping service.

5. Exacting quality checking standard

Hats dropshippers who are strict in quality checking are also helpful for building up your credibility in this business.

With the basic principles in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 quality suppliers for dropshipping hats 2022. Print on Demand suppliers are also introduced as custom hats are in trend.


EPROLO is a totally free dropshipping platform without asking register fee. Founded in 2015, EPROLO has integrated itself with several eCommerce platforms, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, to name just a few. After you connect your store to EPROLO , the professional dropshipper will automatically take over the duty of processing, packaging, and fulfilling your orders.

Don’t forget to import the trendy hats with EPROLO wholesale price to your store. The dropshipping wholesaler runs warehouses in China, US and UK, holding a wide range of hats. Straw hats, cloth hats, knitted hats, trucker hats, bucket hats, embroidered baseball caps, and big-brim hats are the most recommended products on EPROLO. Besides, no MOQ is asked.

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The hat supplier is also able to satisfy your need to dropship custom hats. EPROLO-POD is a platform developed to fulfill the print-on-demand orders. At present, bucket hats, snapback caps, wide-brim hats and baseball hats are available to be printed patterns on. Plenty of free-licensed elements and a powerful designing toolkit are prepared for your infinite creativity.

2. The/Studio

The/Studio is a custom apparel wholesaler headquartered in the US. It is a good solution for custom hats dropshipping as no minimum order quantity is required and the turnaround time of 2-6+ weeks is relatively short. Moreover, the wholesale price is competitive in the business.

What makes The/Studio stand out from the crowd is that you can design every detail of your hats, including the materials, colors, and embellishments. In addition, they cover lots of styles, including traditional baseball caps, beanies, trucker hats, castro caps, visors and 5-panel caps. They also offer branding service. Patches, hang tags and labels are optional.

3. CapBeast

CapBeast is another go-to destination for dropshipping custom hats. Unlike The/Studio, you can’t decide on the materials of hats. What you can do is choosing the given styles and designing hats by adding text and images. They offer military hats, golf hats, dad hats, camo hats, mesh hats, fitted hats, flat-brim hats, athletic hats and so on. You can also customize branded hats like Champion, Nike, Adidas, Richardson, Carhartt, The North Face and many more.

The hat wholesale distributor asks for no minimum order quantity, meaning you can order one hat as a sample before the design of your hats is confirmed. The orders from CapBeast will be shipped within 3-4 weeks via Fedex and USPS.

4. Cap Wholesalers

Cap Wholesalers is an Australian hat supplier, holding access to a large diversity of hats, including bucket hats, visors, trucker hats, beanies, baseball caps, snapback caps, and many others. In addition, the front, back and side of the hats are available to be embroidered logos on, but they need a minimum of 6 pieces. Cap Wholesalers also have a cooperation with multiple brands, like AS Colour, Atlantis Headwear, Flexfit, Grace Collection and Legend Life.

Cap wholesalers do not provide free samples with customers, but they offer free digitizing and bulk discounts which are decided by the order quantity. They also provide artwork proof with you before proceeding the production.

5. Cali Headwear

Cali Headwear enjoys a high reputation in manufacturing good-quality hats in the US, as they have almost half-a-century of experience in this field and never stop keeping the motivation to offer superior customer service. On their web page, they’ve already undated the hat catalog 2022, dedicated to providing you the most in-fashion hats to dropship. Browsing the website, you’ll find corduroy hats, mesh hats, nylon caps, dad hats, camper hats, twill caps, snapback caps, beanies and many other styles.

Cali Headwear offers hat customizing service as well, which is divided into imported process and made-in-USA process. Each has a different required minimum order quantity and capabilities.

6. Inkthreadable

Although based in the UK, Inkthreadable offers global shipping service for dropshipping hats with no MOQ required. In addition, They cover a wide range of hats on their website, including rapper caps, cotton caps, snapback trucker caps, bucket hats, 5-panel caps, vintage caps, and beanies.

Inkthreadable also provides you with a custom hats service, with the click of the button, new and unique products can be right there on their website, but for print-on-demand orders, only Shopify and Etsy shops can be connected to their platform at the present. Embroidery is the main method for them to make custom hats.

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7. SSP Hats

If you are looking for a UK-based hat wholesaler, SSP Hats is another good choice. SSP Hats has been in the business for 31 years and hold a wide collection of hats available. The hats on their web page are divided by styles and material. For style, they have sun hats, occasion hats, cloche hats, trilby hats, country hats, ski hats, and bakerboy caps and so on. For material, the hats are made from faux fur, straw, wool felt, cotton, and others.

Although SSP Hats asks for a minimum order quantity of £100, it is a good supplier for you to buy in bulk. In addition, they offer free shipping for orders over £300. Delivery will be within 7 working days of dispatch.

8. Custom Caps

Since 2016, Custom Caps has been offering custom caps in Canada. They have a wide selection of over 100 styles and colors, including beanies, bucket hats fitted hats, snapbacks and truckers. You can also find many branded caps on their website, like Nike, Maga Caps, Adidas, Gildan, Flexfit and Sportsman. For each logo on the caps, they can embroider up to 5 colors.

The hat supplier does not have any minimums and provides global shipping. In addition, unlike other custom hats wholesalers, they do not charge any digitizing fees, which is good for your business. As for payments, they accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Interac eTransfer.

9. OTTO Cap

OTTO Cap has been in headwear manufacturing for over 70 years and enjoys great popularity in the US. They carry a large variety of hats available, including dad hats, fitted caps, snapbacks, camo caps, military hats, running hats, youth caps, bucket hats, and cowboy hats. On their website, monthly specials are updated constantly, helping you find the most popular hats at a fair price. Notice that for custom hats orders, they ask for a minimum quantity of 48 pieces.

The hat distributor has developed an API for you to integrate with your eCommerce store. With the integration, the production, inventory and transmit orders are automatically synced.

10. Printful

Printful is the leading print-on-demand supplier for dropshipping hats. They hold a wide collection of hats, including snapback caps, dad hats, trucker hats, camper hats, bucket hats, flat-bill caps, beanies, visors and lots other.

Cooperating with Printful, you can place orders with any quantities at your will. At the present, the print-on-demand distributor supports the integration with up to 18 eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Woocommerce and eBay. They offer branding service as well. With this service, your customers can receive the packages with your own logo. Besides, the flyers, coupons, stickers business cards and thank-you cards can be customized.

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Is hat dropshipping profitable?

Yes, dropshipping hats is greatly profitable. Check the reasons below to dispel the doubts and confusions in your mind.

1. Diverse category

As you can see above, I’ve listed many styles of hats in every introduction of the suppliers. There are different types, age groups and materials. Plus, hats are regarded as a fashion statement. Wearing hats of different designs can add the finishing touch to the outfits.

2. High demand

If you search hats on Google Trends, you will not be surprised at the result. Over the past 12 months, the search volume of hats has been steady and stayed at about 70. You can also find that searching people are mainly from western countries. In particular, the search result of America has even reached 100. This gives you a hint about your targeted market.

3. Great profit margins

According to the report by IBIS World, it is expected that the market size of the Hat & Cap Stores industry, measured by revenue, is $2.5bn in 2022. In addition, the global headwear market is projected to register a CAGR of 6.53%, during the forecast period (2022-2027).

4. Low startup costs

You don’t need to buy in bulk or rent warehouses when dropshipping hats online. Hence, due to the special nature of the business, there is no necessity to raise much capital at the early time in your career.

How to start a hat dropshipping business?

How to start a hat dropshipping business may be the most important concern for newbies. Wait no more, let’s get the question solved.

1. Perform detailed research

No matter what kind of business you are about to dive in, the first thing you should do is to perform in-depth research on your target market, the business prospect and the market positioning.

2. Create an online store

There are many eCommerce platforms. You should select the one you are most familiar with.

3. Integrate your store with EPROLO

There is no registration fee for getting an EPORLO account. Besides, EPROLO carries a wide range of treniding hats, offering the most superior service.

4. Choose hats on EPROLO

Since you have done market research, you can import the styles of hat you want on EPROLO directly.

5. Fulfill your orders

After integrating your store with EPROLO, your orders will be auto-synced on the EPROLO platform. EPROLO will fulfill your orders with the best service and in the shortest time. All you need to do is to complete the payment and track the shipping time for your customers.

10 top-selling hats 2022

1. Straw hat

dropshipping hats

2. Baseball cap

custom hat dropshipping

3. Bucket hat

dropship hats

4. Stitching hat

hats dropshipping

5. Big brim hat

custom hat dropshipping

6. Flat top hat

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7. Fisherman hat

 hats dropshipping

8. Empty top hat

custom hat dropshipping

9. Navy hat

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10. Beanie

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