Finding the right supply chain platform in China can be tricky since many companies with similar business models and structures offer identical services and brand their companies to seem professional.

However, before you choose to do business with a potential supply chain platform, you must research extensively into company operations, processes, reviews, and ratings making it possible for you to make an informed decision instead of picking randomly.

You may be wondering what things to look out for when choosing to work with a company that specializes in connecting stores, finding and importing products, auto-syncing orders, and packing and shipping from warehouses.

Ideally, it would be best if you connected with a dropshipping wholesaler to use their supplier’s directory instead of getting involved with a third party.

You need to consider a few other things, which are covered in more detail in later sections.

Supply chain platforms

What is a supply chain platform?

A supply chain is a network that allows suppliers to connect with companies to manufacture and deliver products to a consumer and encompasses various business activities, key individuals, data, organizations, and resources.

The supply chain begins with the procurement and utilization of raw materials needed to produce a product and ends with the delivery process to the final buyer.

The main focus aspects of a supply chain are for various activities, such as product manufacture, company operations, finances, customer service, product delivery, and marketing.

Fine-tuning supply chain activities results in reduced costs and faster production cycles, making it a crucial part of any business structure.

A supply chain platform combines data, technology, and resources in one place, typically online.

There are many uses of these digital platforms, such as simplifying activities and making it possible for individuals to share relevant data and information to make use of skills, competence, budgets, and support.

These supply chain platforms are quite beneficial because they make it possible for organizations to work efficiently and effectively overlook complicated supply chain activities, offering insight into business operations and gaining access to crucial data.

Why do you need a supply chain platform?

A supply chain platform makes supply chain management possible, which is crucial for many reasons, such as improving the speed of service, and the system and cost efficiency.

From the time of procuring raw materials to the completion of the production cycle, supply platforms offer enterprises an opportunity to create an efficient supply chain management system utilizing various technologies, like cloud computing, big data, and others.

As we become increasingly reliant on suppliers, we must become more proficient at improving supplier relations, managing relevant information, developing contracts, and prioritizing growth and development, according to regulations.

These supply chain management solutions ensure the entire business process is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency.

The China global supply chain offers certain advantages, such as speed, high availability of input suppliers, factories, and workers for various product categories.

EPROLO: Best China supply chain platform

EPROLO is a comprehensive supply chain platform that supports product sourcing, print on demand, order fulfillment, global dropshipping warehousing, and shipping services.

There are many benefits to choosing EPROLO as a supply chain platform, such as free dropshipping services and excellent branding opportunities, which make it possible for ecommerce business owners to grow their company by integrating with various marketplaces.

EPROLO has made a big impact on more than 300,000 business owners, who rely on this supply chain platform to ensure their customers receive the highest quality products at the designated times.

supply chain management solutions

Since 2015, it has successfully completed over 30 million orders and has more than 1000 branding members who are enthused to be working with a professional supply chain platform like EPROLO.

It offers integrations with various ecommerce platforms for small-scale and large-scale businesses, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and more.

Its extensive services make it possible for business owners to benefit from superior branding, warehousing and fulfilment, and affiliate programs.

You can easily register for free, which is a significant edge over the competition because other platforms typically only allow temporary free trials and eventually ask for payment.

Its customer service is also top-notch, and its shipping process is fairly comprehensive, allowing consumers to track their orders and get refunds if the shipping is late.

Additionally, EPROLO’s products are cheap and affordable at wholesale prices, allowing business owners to maximize their profits.

Its dropshipping business model is automated and streamlined to ensure easy integration and auto-syncing, which is advantageous for business owners.

For these reasons, EPROLO stands out as China’s best supply chain platform.

Product sourcing

Customers can freely access millions of dropshipping products with 107 niches on EPROLO’s platform.

EPROLO connects customers with the largest ecommerce marketplaces and product sourcing avenues while allowing them to work only with trustworthy supply chains.

It can easily be used as a dropshipping sourcing agent that allows you to find relevant suppliers for your business niche.

Business owners can rest assured that they will find trustworthy and reliable suppliers who offer additional services, such as customer service.

China global supply chain

Product sourcing is a popular service provided by dropshipping agents, who locate manufacturers or factories and provide quotations for your products.

After placing an order, the dropshipping agents take responsibility for following up with the supplier.

If you’re thinking of running a successful dropshipping business, you want to ensure that you source products from high-quality manufacturers and factories, allowing you to capitalize on branding.

If the customer doesn’t like the product you sell, they will not order again.

This is why product sourcing offers a reliable edge to many ecommerce business owners if they know their supply chain platform only works with trusted and verified suppliers.

Print on demand

Print on demand services are fairly popular in the dropshipping ecommerce model, and EPROLO POD was upgraded recently into Inkedjoy.

Inkedjoy allows business owners to easily integrate their ecommerce stores with their platform, making it possible for consumers to benefit from on demand printing services on over 1500 products, such as hoodies, t-shirts, swimsuits, and more.

The process is fairly simple: choose a product from the catalog and use a design toolkit to add custom pictures or texts to it, connect your store to Inkedjoy and fulfill orders easily.

Supply chain platforms

Inkedjoy has many advantages, such as links with reliable and trustworthy suppliers, high-quality products, competitive prices, superior branding experience, bulk designs, and quick order fulfillment.

Business owners can easily set up their ecommerce stores and use Inkedjoy as the ideal platform for print on demand services, which helps the business grow quickly since the quick shipment, high-quality products, and top-class branding ensures that customers always come back for more.

Global dropshipping

EPROLO has many advantages for business owners looking to capitalize on fast-selling products, which can be found in catalog niches.

This means EPROLO can help you decide which niche to choose since you may want to structure your business model on products that sell quickly.

The global dropshipping process is automated and fairly simple and involves the following:

  • Easily import items to your store and use the EPROLO Chrome Extension for a smoother experience.
  • Choose to sync the existing product details or add your own.
  • Use the dropshipping automation software to change prices at a moment’s notice while freeing up effort on your end.
  • Apply customizable rules for pricing products, leading to a smoother platform experience.
  • Auto-sync your store with EPROLO and finalize the payment from your customers.
  • Leave it to EPROLO to handle dropshipping, order processing, customer service, and order tracking, ensuring the benefits of an automated process.
supply chain management solutions

This automated dropshipping process works exceptionally well for business owners since it saves them time and effort, which can be utilized in other aspects of their business.

EPROLO connects ecommerce stores and customers, which is possible through streamlining its operations, such as adding/removing items, order fulfillment, order tracking, and more.

Business owners looking for a reliable dropshipping automation system will benefit greatly by working with EPROLO, which is the best option for growing your online business quickly while maximizing efficiency.


The warehousing process is quite straightforward, involving merchants buying stocks and products from suppliers and sending them forward to EPROLO-owned warehouses.

Merchants also buy inventory from EPROLO and stock it as inventory in the warehouses. This practice ensures daily orders are met quickly via EPROLO’s private inventory.

EPROLO has more than 26 global warehouses in China, the USA, and the UK, which is a significant advantage over the competition since dropshipping suppliers typically do not own and run their warehousing operations.

You will find countless products stored in these warehouses, ready to be packaged and shipped at a moment’s notice.

China global supply chain

EPROLO’s warehousing and inventory management follow strict procedures, ensuring that products are always available.

If any items are out of stock, EPROLO notifies dropshippers immediately, prompting them to replenish the items quickly.

The benefits of running several warehouses yourself mean that you reduce storage costs and can test new product lines without much difficulty.

Additionally, EPROLO plays its part in supporting FBA prep warehouses and is involved in the labeling and sourcing process for Amazon sellers.

There is a distinction between FBA and FBM that needs to be made:

  • FBM involves auto-syncing EPROLO with ecommerce stores like Amazon, prompting the packaging and shipping process to begin, which reaches the customers and allows them to track their orders.
  • FBA involves EPROLO taking over the labeling and shipping process for Amazon warehouses after completing the product sourcing procedure, which helps Amazon acquire bulk inventory from China.


EPROLO has made its logistics highly efficient due to automating several processes and operations, making it simple for customers to receive the final products.

Logistics begins when the products are being sourced from suppliers and ends when the shipment is completed and the items are delivered to the consumer.

Planning, preparing, and implementing effective actions relating to the transportation and storage of all products and items from the moment they are received from suppliers to the endpoint are efficiently controlled at all stages by EPROLO.

EPROLO meets strict timeframes and deadlines while minimizing costs due to the benefits of automation and running your own warehouses, which fine-tunes the logistics and makes it easy to meet customer requirements while aligning with online businesses.