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Explanation of Shipping Fee and Refund

by | Apr 12, 2021

In this article we’re going to talk about the shipping fee and refund. A large number of dropshippers are often confused when they apply for a refund for one product in an order with several items. They always find that there are difference between payment and refund amount. We will explain these issues in detail as much as possible, and try to eliminate your doubts.

You can apply for a refund when you have paid the order, while EPROLO haven’t ship it. When apply for a refund of a order with many items, you can apply for a refund for a single item. We’ll return the cost and postage of the product when refunding. The shipping fees are consisted of registration fee and basic postage.

Registration fee is charged once and calculated by the weight of products. When a single product applies for a refund, we’ll return the product cost and postage calculated by the product weight. While the registration fee won’t be returned to ensure that other products without having applied for refund to be delivered successfully. Thus, the total amount of refund will be different, because the registration fee is charged according to the package.


For an order, the cost of product A is $20, while the cost of product B is $30. The total shipping fee is $15, and the order is charged $65.

$15 shipping fee contains $5 registration fee, $8 basic postage of product A, $2 of basic postage of product B.

When product A applies for a refund, the refund amount is procuct A cost $20 plus basic postage $8, a total of $32.

When product B applies for a refund, the refund amount is procuct B cost $30 plus basic postage $2, a total of $32.

If all products in the order apply for refund, then all product costs, registration fee and basic postage will be returned.

When refunding, we’ll return to Paypal, Credit Card, and balance.

When return to Paypal and credit card, it will be processed by the staff and may take a little longer. EPROLO staff will process in 2-3 business days.

When return to Paypal, the refund amount will arrive in the account within 1 business day after the staff has processed. Please check it in time.

When return to credit card, because it takes longer time for the bank to process the refund, the amount will arrive in the account within one week after the EPROLO staff has processed. Please check it.

When return to the account balance, it will arrive in the account immediately for your next consuming.

We recommend refunding the money to the balance for faster processing. You can use the balance to pay for new orders or withdraw at any time you want.

No matter what problems you have in EPROLO, we will actively assist you to solve them. If there is any problem when refunding, please contact your account manager in time. Have a good time!