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How to use EPROLO to fulfill AliExpress product orders in bulk?

by | Nov 5, 2020

EPROLO dropshipping platform is the AliExpress officially authorized partner!

You can use it to fulfill orders of AliExpress products in bulk with a few clicks. There are two ways to use EPROLO to fulfill AliExpress product orders.

Note: Before you use the features, please make sure that you have installed EPROLO Chrome extension.

1. How to use EPROLO Ali (Chrome) to fulfill orders?

1) Find Orders in Ali (Chrome)

When your store gets orders of AliExpress products, they will be auto-synced to Ali (Chrome). Here you can edit shipping info like customer name and shipping address.


2) Get a Quotation from EPROLO

You can see the “Get for Quote” button beside the product name. Click it to submit an inquiry to EPROLO. And we will quote for you within 24 hrs.


3) Fulfill by EPROLO

After quoting, you can see the price of the product. Then, click “Fulfill at EPROLO”. And the order will be collected in “Eprolo Orders”.


4) Pay Orders

You can find the orders in “Eprolo Orders”. Now you can select all the orders and pay in bulk. EPROLO will fulfill them and ship packages to your customers.


2. How to use EPROLO Ali (Official) to fulfill orders?

1) Authorize EPROLO

Before you use the feature, please finish the authorization first.

Go to Ali (Official) and you will see a popup to authorize. Click “Confirm”.

Note: Please make sure that you have logged in to your AliExpress account. Otherwise, you need to signup first for further authorization.


2) Find your orders in Ali (Official)

Orders of AliExpress products will be auto-synced to EPROLO Ali (Official) from your store. If you find the synchronization fails, please import orders id manually by clicking “Import”.


3) Place Orders to AliExpress

You can place the orders one by one by clicking “Order” in the lower right corner. If you want to order in bulk, select all orders and click “Place order to AliExpress”. The orders will auto-submit to AliExpress in batch.


4) Pay Orders

Then you will jump to the AliExpress cart. Finish the payment and EPROLO will auto get the AliExpress order number.


EPROLO will also sync the AliExpress tracking number to Shopify. Then it will trigger Shopify to send only one email to your customer.

You can also click the “Sync Ali Order” button to sync tracking numbers from Aliexpress if needed.


How to quote Ali product and fulfill by EPROLO in Ali (Official)?

a. Submit Quotation Request to EPROLO

In general, we will quote the Ali product within 24-48 hrs. You can click” Get for Quote” to submit an inquiry. If you want to get the quotation faster, you can contact EPROLO support agent via live chat. We are competitive compare to most AliExpress prices.

b. Check Shipping Methods and Costs

When the quotation is completed, you can see the product cost. Click “Shipping cost” to check available shipping methods and costs.

c. Proceed Payment

Click “Fulfill at EPROLO” and you can make the payment in “Eprolo Orders.” Then EPROLO will fulfill your orders and ship the package to your customer.

If you have any questions when using it, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help.