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How to use EPROLO App to fulfill AliExpress order in bulk with a few clicks?

by | Nov 5, 2020

EPROLO dropshipping platform is the Aliexpress officially authorized partner!

You can use EPROLO App to fulfill your Aliexpress orders in bulk with a few clicks now.

How to use this feature? Here we go!

1. Click the new “Ali Orders” page, and you will see the Authorization popping up. Click “Confirm” and head to Aliexpress login page.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

2. Login to your Aliexpress account and authorize for access.

EPROLO dropshipping platform
EPROLO dropshipping platform

3. Click “Confirm” after the authorization, and head to Aliexpress Dropshipper Center.

Click to agree on the Aliexpress agreements and terms to complete the whole authorization.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

4. Now you will be able to fulfill your Aliexpress orders in bulk at EPROLO.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

Order one or in batch.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

The orders will auto submit to Aliexpress in batch, and the different stores will sout out orders automatically. You only need to pay the orders.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

EPROLO will auto get the Aliexpress order number.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

5. EPROLO App will sync the Aliexpress tracking number and fulfill your orders automatically every 12 hours.

You can also click the “Sync Ali Order” button to sync tracking numbers from Aliexpress if needed.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

How to quote Ali product?

In general, we will quote the Ali product within 24h when you receive an order on your Shopify store. You can click” Ask for Quote,” and we will quote the product for you first.

You can set your retail price according to AliExpress’s price and shipping fee. We are competitive compare to most AliExpress price.

If you have any question when using it, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help.