15 Best & Free Dropshipping Suppliers 2023 (With No Membership Fees)

Free dropshipping suppliers can help you sell products to your customers by handling the order fulfillment process and managing their inventory. With zero investment, you can sign up for free by choosing a suitable supplier to work with in 2023. Begin your free dropshipping journey today and explore the latest details in this article to benefit from our insights.

free dropshipping suppliers

What Is Free Dropshipping?

Free dropshipping involves sending orders to customers around the globe without purchasing any inventory stock. With free dropshipping, you do not need to be in contact with the items your customers are buying, making it an excellent business venture.

Although you can choose from various dropshipping models, free dropshipping is probably the best choice for you as a beginner. It does not require any investment and you don’t need to pay for the membership fees.

You can utilize free platforms to provide quality services to your customers while importing products from free dropshipping suppliers.

free dropship suppliers

Why Choose Free Dropshipping Suppliers to Import Products From?

Many dropshipping suppliers offer free sign-up privileges and provide easy integration with your e-commerce store. This helps you save money at the early stage of your business development.

Moreover, Some offer free shipping for certain orders, making them worth considering. Customers are naturally attracted to free shipping options since they can place their orders without paying an extra fee.

The low even 0 minimun order quantiy free dropshipping suppliers offer is another reason you must choose them to import products. You can easily deal with orders by choosing the best free dropshipping supplier to work with in 2023.

15 Best & Free Dropshipping Suppliers USA, Brazil, UK, etc.

When starting free dropshipping as a business venture, it helps to choose the best suppliers to work with. You can focus on other aspects of your business by leaving the order fulfillment process in the hands of reliable free dropship suppliers.

Let’s explore 15 of the best and free dropshipping suppliers around the globe.


EPROLO is, without a doubt, the number one dropshipping company for e-commerce. It can help you choose your niche and source products from the right suppliers. Its free dropshipping opportunity also allows you to sign up for free and build your brand.

EPROLO offer single-order opportunities where customers can order one item from your e-commerce store, which is an advantage of working with them. Many dropship suppliers only handle bulk orders, which can be somewhat limiting for beginners looking to build their brand.

free dropshipping suppliers usa

Working with EPROLO allows e-commerce store owners to benefit from low investment risk due to the free dropshipping opportunity. You can auto-sync your customer orders with EPROLO using various e-commerce platforms, such as Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and more. EPROLO will handle the entire order fulfillment process and pack and ship the products directly to your customers.

In addition, EPROLO’s inventory management makes it easy for them to handle your orders since EPROLO owns its own warehouses around the world. You can also stock your products in EPROLO’s warehouses for faster delivery.

2. AliExpress

AliExpress has made a name for itself and comes in at a close second as a free dropshipping supplier in 2023. Its massive size and range of products make it an excellent option or free drop shipping. You can choose from hundreds or thousands of niches and find the winning products for your store.

Its global dropshipping and free shipping make it a good choice worth considering. When working with AliExpress, you do not need to worry about the order fulfillment process since it handles everything.

If you wish to invest in branding, AliExpress offers them at low prices to help you build your business and brand. However, its shipping delivery time can vary from a week to two months, making it somewhat limiting in this regard.

3. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a free dropship supplier specializing in offering various products. It is a wholesale supplier directory that connects with suppliers from around the globe, offering mutual advantages. Although it can cost a lot to benefit from its premium services, you can opt to sign up for free or buy the discounted version for 127 USD.

It can easily integrate with many e-commerce stores, making it a highly compatible platform for your needs. SaleHoo handles all inventory management and designates the proper responsibilities to its suppliers. E-commerce store owners do not need to worry about the fulfillment process since SaleHoo ensures efficient shipping, packing, and delivery around the globe.

4. CJ Dropshippping

CJ dropshipping is another excellent seletion if you’re looking for a free drop shipping supplier in 2023. It can handle various tasks, such as product sourcing and order and shipping fulfillment. You can expect to find many products and integrate the ones you like with your e-commerce store.

When working with CJ dropshipping, you can benefit from many services, such as auto-syncing your orders to its platform and warehousing opportunities. Anything related to dropshipping, such as API support, is offered by CJ Dropshipping, which delivers on its promises.

It can easily integrate with many e-commerce stores, such as Shopify and eBay, making it a choice to consider. Its fulfillment centers exist in China and America, giving it a global reach.

5. DH Gate

DHGate is a popular free dropshipping distributor for small and medium-sized retailers seeking a free drop shipping business model. DH Gate can help you find the best suppliers in the market and choose from an array of items to showcase on your e-commerce store.

It integrates with various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, eBay, and Etsy. Since it is somewhat identical to AliExpress, you can benefit from easy access to many items sold at higher prices.

6. Wholsale2B

Wholsale2B is ranked fairly high and can compete with top-tier dropshipping suppliers like AliExpress. If you’re unsure about the products to integrate into your e-commerce store, you can choose between more than 1 million items through Wholesale2B.

However, it does not have the best customer service, which is a limitation. Despite this, you can email them regarding some of your concerns, which will eventually get addressed. Its free pricing plan helps it stand out from many competitors, and you can quickly expand your business by working with Wholesale 2B.

7. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands has a massive directory of dropshipping suppliers you can work with, helping it stand out from competitors. As part of your research process, you can use Worldwide Brands to find the perfect supplier that meets your needs. You can also search for many products based on filters and categories, allowing you to pick the perfect solution for your online store.

You can integrate Worldwide Brands with most e-commerce platforms, making it a worthy competitor that ranks number 7 on this list.

8. Dropified

Dropified is somewhat different from other free dropshipping platforms because it is a software application. When used properly, it can easily integrate with your e-commerce stores and handle customer orders automatically.

It has many neat features, such as automated order fulfillment, allowing e-commerce store owners to not worry about their operations. Due to the automated process, store owners can effectively rely on Dropified to manage the order fulfillment process, making it an excellent solution.

9. Modalyst

Modalyst is fairly simple to use for free if you’re looking for a free dropshipping supplier for your business. You can sign up for free and integrate it into most e-commerce stores, allowing you to choose the products you wish to sell.

Once the items have been imported to your store, you can customize them according to your preferences. This feature is a bonus since your store must be properly primed for sales, attracting customers to buy the items in your chosen niche. You can easily find top-selling products from a list of dropshipping suppliers by choosing to work with Modalyst.

10. Footwear US

Footwear US is the perfect free dropship supplier that can help you accelerate your profits. It sells footwear items and does not have a minimum order amount, making it an excellent choice.

One of its major advantages is its free shipping opportunities for customers living in America, incentivizing them to place bigger orders. When sending your customers their products, Footwear US helps you build your brand without taking credit for the order.

Free dropship suppliers usa

11. Nichepik

Nichepik has been in the free dropshipping business for eight years and has established itself in the market. It is a Chinese company that offers global services, allowing e-commerce store owners to work with it. You can expect to benefit from branding opportunities to help your business become more visible in the market.

Its shipping delivery times are also quick, allowing your customers to receive their products within a few days of ordering them. You can easily integrate it with all major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon.

12. Drophippo

Drophippo offers free dropshipping to e-commerce store owners looking to increase their global reach. Its sourcing team ensures you find the best dropshipping products and import them effortlessly to your store. Although they accept payments for premium services, you can sign up for free and begin your dropshipping journey today.

Its warehouses and fulfillment centers ensure customers receive their products as quickly as possible since the items are shipped the day after the order.

13. Chinabrands

Chinabrands offers free dropshipping to e-commerce store owners. It can help you add a modern touch to your dropshipping model due to its automated processes. Utilizing some of the latest API tools, Chinabrands can take your dropshipping business to the next level. It has more than forty warehouses throughout the globe and is highly known for making on-time deliveries.

You can learn more about pricing on their website and benefit from various sales that occur several times a year.

14. Printful

Printful is an excellent free dropshipping supplier specializing in offering print on demand service. You can sync your e-commerce store with Printful in just a few clicks, and it handles everything related to packaging and shipping. Its customer service is top-quality, and it will handle all customer-related queries as quickly as possible.

If you wish to try print on demand as a business venture, Printful offers some of the best designs and products.

free dropshipping suppliers

15. SupplyMeDirect

SupplyMeDirect is a free dropshipping supplier USA that has made it its mission to assist beginners in launching their online businesses. It offers various features that help it stand out from competitors, such as automated order processing, quick product sourcing, etc.

It is a free plugin you can integrate with Shopify and has excellent customer service you can rely on to handle and resolve customer complaints. Its private labeling also help it stand out, and you can expect them to handle shipping within a week for local deliveries.

FAQs on Free Dropshipping suppliers

1. Where to Find Reliable Free Dropshipping Suppliers?

You can refer to the suppliers from this list, such as EPROLO, AliExpress, and Printful. These are the best solutions for your dropshipping needs.

2. Can I Dropship for Free?

Free dropshipping is a solution for beginners not ready to invest in their online business.

3. How Can a Beginner Start Dropshipping?

A beginner can begin dropshipping by picking a product they wish to sell, choosing a dropshipping platform, and finalizing a supplier. Once this is done, they can begin handling customer orders and building their brand over time.

Get Started Dropshipping with Free Dropshipping Suppliers

Free dropshipping is perfect for you if you are unfamiliar with the dropshipping business model. With low investment risk and zero capital to work with, you can begin your dropshipping journey today by choosing some of the best dropshipping suppliers USA to work with. EPROLO stands out as the number one ranked free dropship supplier, making it your best option.