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How to unlock the Print On Demand feature at EPROLO

by | Nov 5, 2020

This Print on demand feature is unlike other Print on demand App.

This feature can only allow your customer to create their own design of the product.

All design created by your customer will be auto-synced to EPROLO when the order is placed.

You can click this URL to experience the feature:

Learn how to unlock this feature

Step 1:Allow EPROLO to add a few codes to your Shopify Theme;

EPROLO dropshipping platform

Step 2: Click the “Unlock” button once you have granted permission

EPROLO dropshipping platform

Note: If you have changed your theme after unlock the Print on demand feature, you will have to do the unlock process again.

Step3:Add the product to Import List And Push to Shopify for sale.