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How to install Inkedjoy APP to your Woocommerce store?

by | Oct 19, 2022

Step 1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New , then search for “inkedjoy POD” , install / activate “Inkedjoy” at wordpress , as shown in the following picture:
EPROLO dropshipping platform
Step 2. Connect to Inkedjoy POD

Please click “Connect to Inkedjoy POD” and authorize.

EPROLO dropshipping platform
EPROLO dropshipping platform

Step 3. One click login Inkedjoy.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

Step 4. Install “Shipment-tracking”, a third-party plugin for automating order fulfillment.

(1) Purchase this plugin:

(2) Download “Shipment-tracking” plugin, upload the file, and activate the plugin.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

(3)Successful installation. Inkedjoy can automatically process orders and synchronize logistics numbers for you.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

After finishing all the steps above, your Woocommerce store has been successfully connected to Inkedjoy.

If you have any issues when installing the App, please feel free to contact us: