Advice and answers from the EPROLO team

How to fix errors when installing EPROLO to WooCommerce store?

1. If the following errors occur after installing the EPROLO WooCommerce Plugin

(1) When importing products or synchronizing orders, the error is reported: Consumer key is invalid.

(2) Orders cannot be synced to EPROLO automatically.

Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click “Disconnect from EPROLO.”

Step 2: And “Connect to EPROLO” again.

2. EPROLO cannot sync the tracking number automatically

Please follow the steps below to fix it.

Step 1: Install “Shipment Tracking”, a third-party plugin for automating order fulfillment. Click here.

Step 2: Download “Shipment-tracking” plugin, upload the woocommerce-shipment-tracking.zip file, and activate the plugin.

Step 3: Successful installation. EPROLO can automatically process orders and synchronize logistics numbers for you.