Why Eprolo app is free and how does Eprolo make profits. Many people are confused and I will try to explain how Eprolo makes profit.

First of all, I would like to introduce Eprolo to everyone. Eprolo was founded in 2011 and is located in Shenzhen, China. Eprolo started to sell all kinds of electronic products through Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon to all over the world because Shenzhen city has the biggest electronic market in China(likely in the wold).

Eprolo has built a strong and reliable relationship with thousands of suppliers and able to source all kinds of products.


Why we create Eprolo App?

In 2015, one of our Aliexpress stores received orders from Shopify seller and we started to learn about dropshipping. Eventually, many of our other stores have received dropshipping orders and some Shopify sellers even placed hundreds of orders per day. It was difficult to place order and process order through Aliexpress for both sides, so we agreed  with our clients to process orders with Excel Sheet outside Aliexpress . But it was not the best solution, because people make mistakes. Thanks to our client's valuable suggestion, Eprolo team started to develop Shopify app and later Eprolo App was published in Shopify Apps store.

What makes Eprolo better than other platforms?

Platform Fees


Aliexpress charges seller 5%-10% sales fees.

Amazon charges seller 8%-20% sales fees.

Now we work with dropshippers through our own App, NO fees.

Supply Cost & Product Range


When more and more sellers join the App and start selling more products, our product cost from  manufacturers gets lower. All manufacturers have a minimum quantity requirement for every product, with more sellers together, product range expands. (Ex, Manufacturer price: 100pcs of product A = $10; 500pcs of product A = $9.5; 1000pcs of product A = $9) 

Shipping Cost


Same rule applies to shipping companies as well, the more they ship, the more discount they will have from logistic company like ePacket and China Post. For example, Eprolo daily shipping weight is 500kg, shipping cost is $20 per kilo. But plus 500kg of dropshipping orders, then is 1000kg per day and the price will be $19 per kilo.

All these benefits will go to Eprolo's pocket?

The answer is No! 
Eprolo is trying to build a decentralized distribution and dropshipping community, so we can get even cheaper price for our users.

How will app users gain these benefits?

Price Discount
Eprolo will reduce  product cost based on the seller's sales.

Custom Packing
Free custom packing with seller's logo or company name on the package when a seller reaches specific sales amount with Eprolo. (Logo can be printed on Tape, Packing Box, Invoice)

Benefits for all sellers
Access to millions of dropshipping products.
Access to experienced sourcing team(10+ years) in China, you sell, we source and ship it for you!

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