If you have been in the drop shipping business for some time. Chances are, you probably have been thinking about building your own brand that keeps customers coming back and increase conversions. There are many things you want to improve. For some, it maybe about adding more items to collections and increase visitors store browsing time or cater to a larger audiences tastes in the same category of product. For others, it maybe providing better customer services and offer customers good shopping experiences and keep them coming back. But whatever it is, finding reliable shipping with competitive delivery time and options for your store are one of many common challenges drop shippers have to face. At the moment, many dont have much options when it comes to shipping products to customers while keep cost low and product prices competitive. Most people go for e-packet.


Dont get me wrong, e-packet would do the job, and many people are satisfied with it. But it is just not as good as we hoped it to be, especially now more and more drop shipper using it within specific platform like Aliexpress, the service quality goes down and problems arise. It becomes more problematic especially during big sales season like Christmas and Black Fridays. Imaging you get tens or even hundreds of orders everyday, the chance of having delaying delivery time (it can takes up to 1 month) increases.


 On top of that, your customers may receive several packages for 1 order, and see they are coming from China, which is pretty much like screaming to them you are a drop shipper instead a branded company. That can ruin your brand image and customers shopping experience in a second. As a result, it lowers your conversion rate and leave you with fewer returning customers.


At Eprolo, we have been working with drop shippers and online retailers for years. We wanted to solve this pain point for our clients. Thats why we decided to develop our own express shipping channel with affordable shipping cost. By using our shopify app Eprolo, our clients still have the option to choose e-packet as a shipping method. We will even cover the shipping cost, so it is free shipping worldwide for all our clients. But our clients can also choose to use our express shipping method, which can deliver orders to their end customers in 5 to 8 days, with tracking information. It is about the same as standard shipping time on Amazon. That gives our clients a big advantage in competing against not only other drop shippers, but also the biggest marketplace---Amazon. As you can probably see how much that can increase your conversion rate.


All orders shipped with our express shipping will only show they are shipped from our US warehouse location. This is a game changer if you are an US based company. lastly, best of all---all items purchased in one order will be packed and shipped out in one whole package!


Want to find out more about us?  Please visit our official site at https;//eprolo.com, more information on how Eprolo works and how you can use it to your advantages will be covered.


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