E commerce industry are still growing year after year, with expected high growth rate. Drop shipping as part of e commerce industry attracts many young entrepreneurs, because its low entrance barrier and the advantages of neither having to stock up expensive inventories nor the need to hire people to pack orders and ship to customers on their own. From time to time, we hear someone is making 6 figures a year by running a successful drop shipping business. How cool is that? But the truth is most people enter drop shipping and fail within the first year, or simply run out of patience and resources before they can generate stable income and call it quit.

Here we will talk about some common mistakes drop shipping business owners make.


Out of all mistakes, the very first thing many new drop shippers overlooked is--they think drop shipping is easier than traditional retailing business, because little to no upfront financial investment needed and can start without much physical preparations needed. But the truth is, it may not be the case. It is true that to start an online drop shipping business don’t need a lot capital besides paying for website and get started with ads. But be able to get started isn’t the same as do it well and succeed. Drop shipping business needs good preparation and constant management and improving, although the focuses maybe different than traditional retailing businesses.


In order to run a successful drop shipping store, the website needs to have three basic things, a good them structure and menus that is clear for visitors to navigate, good product pages with good pictures and copy writing free of errors, and a good collection of items in each category. After all, your online store is the only place they can shop. Those content would take a good amount of time to set up and create. If any part of the website is problematic or looks cheap and sketchy, the very first direct result is super low conversion rate and wasted ad budget. So if you don’t want to waste time and money, definitely make an effort to prepare store well or hire professionals to do it if not familiar with how Shopify works before spending big money on ads. A lot drop shippers don’t know well enough how Shopify works, and it can take months just to go through trials and errors.


Second, as many drop shippers know, drop shipping can be a tough, mainly because the competition is high, many people sells the same or similar products. How can one business stand out against so many others? Finding good demanding product to sell take time and experience, it also requires constant updating and catching trends simply because customer demands are changing. A lot times, drop shipping businesses have to also compete against many big marketplace like amazon. If customers can find the same product or see the same product from an ad but with different prices, why would they want to pay more. The margins become thin take into consideration of price competition and ad expenses.


Lastly, many drop shipping businesses are selling internationally, which make already difficult returning process even harder and cost more. Many suppliers that supports drop shipping don’t have a good returning policy or don’t do returns. If they do, it would take them a very long time to process and send an replacement or a new product. This can cost time and money. In fact, online business have a 30% product return rate, for fashion industry is 50%. On the other hand, long replacing time creates bad shopping experience. Many people say they can be patient and answer every single customer complaints, and be communicative with customers. Sure, you can, if you don’t mind the work. At the same time, no one wants to buy a product and just hope they don’t have to wait another 30 days to get a replacement or new product.     


But to every problem, there is a solution. At Eprolo, we are dedicated to help drop shippers succeed. We are a platform that offers thousands of hand selected quality products for drop shippers to import to their store for free. We offer customized packaging for each order for free, and provide express shipping option which shortens delivery time to 5 to 8 days even during busy season, with 3 to 5 usd extra (much faster than ePacket!).


Sounds too good to be true? Check us out for yourself at https://www.eprolo.com for more information.



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