Aliexpress, one of the biggest international marketplace platform. With millions of product to choose from and extreme low prices for lots of products, it is one of the go-to sites for many drop shippers around the world, especially after it integrated epacket international shipping option.


If you are one of the drop shippers that uses Aliexpress for your online store and getting orders. Congrats, you already have some good experience selling online. But as you also probably have experienced there are a few limitations when using the platform. There are many things you may already be concerned or realize you should be concerned about.


One of the very first things, many drop shippers worried is that if the suppliers they found on Aliexpress are legit and reliable. The short answer is yes, most shops are legit. But they are not necessarily suppliers themselves. In fact, according to our research and experience, about 70% of the sellers on Aliexpress are re-sellers themselves. Only 30% are direct suppliers or branded companies. Does that effect you as a drop shipper? Yes, in different ways. One of the issues is, it is quite competitive on Aliexpress for resellers. For the same product, you can find very different prices and the quality . Low price doesnt come with no cost. Very often, low price means counterfeiter of another product or very different materials are used in making it, such as recycled materials instead of original material. By being a re-seller themselves, your request for quality control is hard to meet simply because they dont want to lose customer because of high price and lead to low customer satisfaction.


Whats worse is when you have to use different suppliers( order with 5 different items, like hat, tshirt and pants, they will be from 3 different suppliers)for one order in your store. Your customer may receive 1 order, in different packages. Each supplier you work with may also put in their own invoices and brand card which shows a much lower price and different businesses. That is a disaster for you!


On the other hand, if you manage to tell all of your suppliers to not add any promotional materials when packing, they usually dont do customized package cause the profit margin is thin. You still have to go through the process of placing each and every order with different re-sellers, and you only have one shipping option-e packet, which average takes about 10 to 30 days. It is going to be close to 30 days if it is during busy season. Your customer may have to wait for more than a month to receive they orders. You still think you have much chance keep them coming back to you?


Those are unavoidable pain points for a lot drop shippers when using Aliexpress. Of course, there is always good and reliable suppliers you can found, but it takes time, effort and patience. But, what if you dont have to worry about all these, and you can just focus on setting up a beautiful store and do marketing and sales. Well, you can.


With us Eprolo, we can solve all the pain points above and we dont charge you anything, it is free to use for anyone.All of the suppliers on our platform are hand picked factories by us. If a supplier dont meet our standards or not a direct factory, we dont pick them. This give us a prices advantage and we can set our standards for products. All of the products you find on our platform are eco-friendly and are made from original materials to ensure quality and safety for your customers. Not only that, we also keep inventories in our warehouses, pack all orders ourselves, customize packages with your logos, business invoices and gift cards. So when your customers receive their package, it will only have all your business information and same price information as you listed on your website. You will presented as a professional branded company to them.


Lastly, we provide you with different shipping options. You can either go with free epacket shipping when it is not busy season, or choose or very own express shipping option for $3 to $5 extra which would only takes 5 to 8 days to deliver orders to your customers, even during busy season! No more delays or need to apologize because of slow shipping, it is fast and stable all year round. Your customers can track their order with our tracking number, which will be shown to them orders are delivered from our US warehouse location instead all the way from China. Thats one extra winning point for you and an important advantage against other drop shippers.


For more about us or simply want to download our app, please visit to sign up or search eprolo in shopify app store!



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