The annual Halloween Holiday is coming soon! Witches, zombies, skulls, and ghosts will wander on the street. Two-thirds of Americans plan to join the trick-or-treat. Halloween decorations, costumes, candy, and other relative products are growing to rocket in sales in recent times for this reason.

According to the National Retail Federation’s statistics, the market value of Halloween products up to $10.1 billion in 2021 which raised from $8 billion in 2020. Among them, the consumption of Halloween decor is expected to be 3.4 billion U.S. dollars in the United States in 2022.

halloween data

Home and garden decor is always the vital thing to do at a Halloween party. It is why Halloween decorations are best-selling on every seasonal holiday.

Home decor dropshipping for Halloween can be your best choice if you want to make money this Halloween day. With no inventory requested, you can scale or quit your online Halloween dropshipping business wherever you want.

Start browsing the best Halloween decorations for your home and garden decor. Let’s make your home becomes a prominent ‘haunted house’ in the Halloween parade!

21 Best Halloween Decorations

1. Halloween tombstone decor.

Layout set for a terror atmosphere makes your home more gloomy like ‘Pet Sematary.’

halloween tombstone decor

2. Halloween candlelight decor

Simulation candle wick, place it on the patios and outdoor houses door, and give your friends and neighbors some surprises!

halloween candlelight decor

3. Halloween cupcake wrapper

12 pcs/sets of Halloween cake decor makes your party more engrossing.

halloween cupcake wrapper

4. Halloween silicone mold

Be made of high-quality and food-grade silicone. It is durable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Pumpkin, bat, skull, and ghost shape molds create an extraordinary and festive atmosphere.

halloween silicone mold

5. Halloween garland decoration

Pure handmade. Suitable all year round. Welcome autumn and Halloween day with this beautiful door hanger. This sign is the perfect size for your Front Door, Mantel, gallery wall, leaned on a shelf, entryway, or anywhere throughout your home!

halloween garland decoration

6. Halloween party balloons

12 pcs/sets. Create an atmosphere like ‘Lantern’s Lane.’

halloween party balloons

7. Halloween light-up witcher decor

With waterproof material, the light in the witch’s head will not go out in the rain. It is a brilliant Halloween decoration to brighten your backyard, lawn, roads, yards, or porch. Faceless heads will glow and flicker if you turn on the switch at night.

halloween light-up witcher

8. Halloween stickers decor

3D PVC sticker for Halloween ghost party. It will give an amazing touch to your interior.

halloween stickers decor

9. Halloween blood necklace

It is an adjustable chain of ultra-light silicone with a lobster claw clasp. Ideal decor for Halloween, role-playing, or theater productions.

halloween blood necklace

10. Halloween gnome decor

A Rudolph doll knitted with wool. In traditional folklore, the gnome always serves as a mysterious image. This plush doll will create a more mysterious atmosphere, adding great charm to the Halloween party.

halloween gnome decor

11. Halloween letters table decoration

Made of high-quality plywood material, thickened, not easy to be broken, reusable, classic designs won’t go out of style. An ideal desktop ornament decorative for decorating your table, desk, tea table, and more. Easy for you to enhance the festival atmosphere.

halloween letters table

12. Halloween hanging decoration

Lightweight for easy hanging from ceilings, doorways, etc. An astonishing Halloween party decoration for a home, garden, yard, porch, bar, and haunted house props.

halloween hanging ghost

13. Halloween spider ornament

The fake spider consists of black Plush, red eyes, and metal that looks so realistic. The scary spider can be a gift for Halloween or for houses and outdoor decorations. Great for costume parties, Prankster&toys, and funny props for children.

halloween spider ornament

14. Halloween hanging witch

When the eyes are liting, it will make a terrible noise. Control by music or touch. Realistic, terrible modeling.

halloween hanging witch

15. Halloween pet bat wing

This pet supply is made of cotton and plush.. With lighting texture, your pet will feel no restraint when wearing.

halloween pet bat wing

16. Halloween tablecloth

The primary materials are lace and polyester. Spider Web Table Cover contains classic Halloween elements which can easily spice up your home.

halloween tablecloth

17. Halloween inflatable outdoor decor

Be made of excellent PVC material with environmental print, which is safe for you and your kids. For Halloween festive decor, it is suitable for outdoor or garden decorations.

halloween  inflatable outdoor decor

18. Halloween candlestick ornament

Great Halloween lighting decoration. When the switch is turned on, it can enhance the Halloween atmosphere. It is the best choice for a Halloween background because of its exquisite design. Plastic material is safer and more secure.

halloween candlestick

19. Halloween banner

This banner features a classic Halloween design with delicate craftsmanship. You can hang it on any window, door, shelf, or wall. Add more festive ambiance to your party.

halloween banner

20. Halloween Ghost Wreaths

Be made from good quality fabric. Unique design, appearance with a unique smell of terror, suitable for you on Halloween and other days. Ideal for mantels, doors, front porches, walls, window decorations, and other Halloween decorations.

halloween ghost wreaths

21. Halloween outdoor decoration

Simulation skull flowers are made of PVC. Make your garden fill with more Halloween surprises!

halloween outdoor decoration

Where To Find Halloween Decorations Suppliers?

Halloween dropshipping is one of the best choices to make money during the Halloween season. As the dropshipping business has no MOQ limits, you can scale your business whenever. What’s more, there is no inventory needed and pre-purchase which can make you have less investment risk.

As long as you find a winning product to sell, you can start your dropshipping business whenever you want. Do you want to know where to drop ship a hot selling Halloween decor? Keep reading!

Looking for a trending Halloween product requests you to look at different channels, such as Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Ideally, you can get a supplier with a wide range of Halloween decorations and relative party products. After that, you can constantly add new ornaments for Halloween Day from their catalogs.

Furthermore, you can use Google search or start with global online marketplaces. Evaluating the dropshipping supplier based on the selection of products offered, pricing, shipping services, and so on to find the best option for you.

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As Halloween Day is coming soon, it is no reason to miss the opportunity to profit from the online dropshipping business. Directly resell the trending Halloween decor through a reliable supplier like EPROLO. Scale your Halloween dropshipping hassle-free!